Wednesday, April 14, 2021

10 Recommended Rotations From Birdman Sound's Front Desk


Beauty Hunters - Animal Magnetism (The Weird Beard)

Deep kosmische electronic vibes like a darker early Kraftwerk!  Guy Maddison from Mudhoney's side project!

Nolla - S/T  (Spiral Void)

Trio from Finland (ex Seremonia) who play a driving brand of motorik krautrock and hard psych space jams!

PAX - "May God & Your Will..."  (Munster Records)

1972 Peruvian proto-metal sonic hard psych rock MONSTER !  💣💖

Plankton Wat - "Future Times"  (Thrill Jockey)

Dewey Mahood from West Coast US psych gods Eternal Tapestry.  His new album is awesome !  All instrumental electric deep woods, cosmic, improvised psych !  

USA Mexico - "Del Rio"  (Riot Season)

Austin, TX noise rock/psych from Shit & Shine, Butthole Surfers dudes!  3rd powerful outing and smokin' tough! 👽

Terry Gross - "Soft Opening"  (Thrill Jockey)

Driving motorik psch rock lead by the ferocious guitar of Phil Manley of TRANS AM !!!  

Ambrose Slade - Ballzy  (Audio Clarity)

Pre - SLADE !!  from 1969 UK, nice repro of rare debut...awesome psych, hardrock indicating what would soon come from this legendary, long running band !  ✌❤

Barry Walker Jr. - "Shoulda Zenith"  (Holy Mountain)

Cosmic country with deep, dense ambient desert drones and tones. Pedal steel jamz that transport you to an outer realm planet that re-arranges your grey matter...cowboy hats are not safe in outer space!👽 

People - Ceremony-Buddha Meets Rock (Life Goes On)

Fantastic Japanese psych rock from 1971 with godlike guitarist Kimio Mizutani !  Ltd. much anticipated repress 2021.  ❤👽💣

Fire! - "Defeat"  (Rune Grammofon)

7th LP for this awesome Norwegian free jazz/psych power trio...always on their mark and this MONSTER is their new 2021 LP...The unmistakable sax work from the prolific and godlike Mats Gustafsson❤❤👽

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Wow ! The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol -"Unsemble" Reviewed...

From Isolation records UK... Reviews January - March 2021

"Music of the Pandemic. It's going to go down in history as a particular genre and a bloody fascinating one at that. It was so interesting last year to see how the albums being released reflected the times: many of them were downbeat, doomy and pessimistic; some were wildly escapist and fantastic; a few bands even carried on as if nothing was happening. TBWNIAS's Unsemble will undoubtedly come to be considered as one of the more esoteric offerings from the crisis; a collection of sounds that reflect beautifully the destruction wrought on society by the COVID plague, emerging as disjointed and harrowing as would any album recorded in six different locations by different members of the band as they went into hiding between March and April 2020. The first four tracks here (all are titled 'Unsemble') stem from a seven minute drum onslaught recorded by John Westhaver on an Android phone to which each member of the band added their own contributions with whatever recording equipment they could lay their hands on. The resultant 'Unsemble I' was then remixed by guitarist Bill Guerrero into 'Unsemble II', 'Unsemble III' and 'Unsemble IV'. The initial recording and the drum track were then sent to Christopher Laramee (Wasted Cathedral) to be used as a basis for an original piece of work for collaboration, and from this emerged 'Unsemble V'. The result is an intriguing collision of ideas in sound. The opening salvo of 'Unsemble I' is smothered freeform jazz, desperately attempting to emerge into the light and pretty much failing. It's a bloody marvellous eight minutes for those of us who like some disconnection and deconstruction in our listening, and the other four tracks are as gloriously incoherent. 'Unsemble II' is disassembled rock, interpersed with random dialogue that gives it a human face despite all of the voices being overwhelmed by waves of crushing sound. The guitars that howl at the end are particularly effective. 'Unsemble III' beats away blankly until it knocks itself unconcious, while 'Unsemble IV' grinds, rattles and mourns whilst it hammers at your brain. 'Unsemble V' is particularly disturbing as dystopian commentaries are overlaid on music that is twisted into random waves of threatening sound. This is great work. You won't find a better half an hour that serves as a dairy for the year of lockdown. After appearing as a cassette last year on Misophonia, a vinyl version has now been produced by Cardinal Fuzz in a limited run of just 150 in a heavy matt card sleeve. Move heaven and earth to get hold of one."

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A Baker's Dozen...Highly Recommended LPs: 1st Quarter 2021

Nashville Ambient Ensemble "Cerulean" LP (Centripetal Force Records)

Gerycz / Powers / Rolin "Beacon" LP (Centripetal Force / Cardinal Fuzz)

"Bodkin"  (The Weird Beard)

Tren Go! Sound System "Assessment" (Dirty Filthy)

Sky Furrows  "S/T"  (self released)

Dreamweapon "Rites Of Lunacy" (Cardinal Fuzz / Little Cloud)

Sex Tide "Ohio"  (Feeding Tube)

Jac Berrocal / David Fenech / Vincent Epplay "Exterior Lux" (Akuphone)

The Mirrors "Lost 3rd Album" (Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube)

Mainliner "Dual Myths"  (Riot Season)

Andromelos2 "Electric Reincarnation"  (Bam Balam)

Richard "Heldon" Pinhas "Quentin Compson"  (Bam Balam)

Ambassador Hazy "Glacial Erratics"  (self released)

Monday, March 29, 2021

Easter Weekend Pop Up !


Tons of new arrivals...fully curated for over 3 dull moments! 👽

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Incoming LP from The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

Next week we receive the much anticipated vinyl version of the TBWNIS -"Unsemble" LP which was originally released in spring of 2020 on cassette by UK label Misophonia Records.  The vinyl pressing of 150 copies on Cardinal Fuzz Records UK, sold out on pre-order from source in less than 24 hours !!💕  The LP version was mastered by Chris Hardman and features different cover art by Brett Savage!  Birdman Sound will have 20 copies available for sale and this LP will not be repressed!  Check it out at the link below...TBWNIS as you've never heard them before...👽

Monday, February 15, 2021

Deep Shit @ Birdman Sound

Loads of awesome slabs arriving all the time in the shop....

Matthew Young - Recurring Dreams  LP

Pauline Anna Strom - Angel Tears In Sunlight  LP

Don Cherry - Where Is Brooklyn?  LP

Howard Riley - Flight  LP

Herbie Hancock & Carlos Santana - Live Under Sky 1981 LP

Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson - Anthology: Messages  LP

Anguish - S/T  LP

Richard Pinhas and Stephen O'Malley - Quentin Compson  LP

Spiral Wave Nomads - First Encounters  LP

Spectres - It's Never Going To Happen And this Is Why  LP

Birdman Sound Multi Vendor Indoor Pop Up February 27th, 2021

These are great fun and feature 4 vendors...sadly missing in our landscape due to state of emergency lock down measures for the last 2 months, you don't wanna miss this one !  More killer wax, new and used than one can rationally handle !  10 am - 4 pm , Saturday, February 27th, 2021 @ 591 Bank Street, back alley entrance off Pretoria.  Wear a mask...physical distancing and room capacity regulations in effect. 👽

Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol...dateline January 28th, 2021

Hello from TBWNIS!  Hope that everyone is coping with the ongoing state of things!  Time to bring everyone up to speed in our world.  All members of our collective are well. The current 6 piece (Me, Bill, Nathaniel, Jason, Dave and Scott) are busy with getting by in life and have not played a lick together since end of June, 2020!  Does this really matter?  NO, it does not!  We all miss hanging out together and bangin' out the tuneage as that has been the case for 13 years. 

Above and beyond, we are FRIENDS and enjoy one another's life, that is all that really matters and that is what we miss most here.  Making the music that we do is akin to riding a bike and whenever we get back on that bike, LOOK THE FUCK OUT!

Anyways...there's loads of news (some of you informed folks will know already) !  Brothers Mark Alexander McIntyre and Hesham Attaya (members of TBWNIS collective) have both recently seen the release of new solo projects!!!  Mark's new LP, his 3rd is out on the UK upstart label Vohu Mannah and is a wicked ball of dark, angst ridden electric acid psych/folk rock, fully energized by Mark's excellent guitar skills and acerbic observations.  For good measure a beauty of a Dead Moon song is re-visited and it's awesome!  Our mutual friend Dave Millsop from UK band vert:x did a fantastic book include with drawings accompanying Mark's lyrics and it's sweet, like a little compendium of poetry for kidos on the "darkside" of life with nightmarish pics! 😉

Hesham Attaya's LP has been a labour of love now for 4 years and is a work of art (literally)  "Shammie" has just moved back to Saudi Arabia after being in Germany where "Alphabarius" found completion. The album is a whack combination of middle eastern musings, psychedelic acid freak outs, prog and electronic Krautrock.  The book (20 pages) is fab as well; featuring drawings, words and pictures from Hesham and it's a ltd. wax offering (self released) !  Both myself and Scott from The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol play on it, so we are all proud of this long awaited release! 💕 

Symbol merch has been well received globally with rave reviews from all over the planet!  In the picture are 2 of the most recent releases and are available in various ltd. formats. LP of Berserkir II both pressings (colour variant differentials with insert and dlc, split LP with ours Canadian Brothers Anunnaki (super ltd. gatefold sleeve), CD versions and cassette versions are SUPER LTD but available at this moment in time.  The Berserkir cassettte is both volumes of Berserkir on 1 tape thanks to UK label Misophonia Records.  Both the LPs are on the venerable Cardinal Fuzz label from the UK, Berserkir in conjunction witjh Feeding Tube Rec. and the split with Noisesagonymayhem recs.  

Coming physical in February is our 4-CD set entitled "Shedding The Albatross"  (all music previously unreleased and FANTASTIC covert art by Brett savage of Dead Sea Apes fame ! 💕 Also scheduled to arrive from Cardinal Fuzz is the vinyl version of our pandemic recorded in isolation album "Unsemble" with new artwork by Brett again and mastered by Chris Hardman!  Our most fuk'd up engaging album to date, in my opinion!  As of yesterday and a chat with our studio engineer David Sarazin (Elevator, Dronverdose and Berserkir LPs), we are talking about going into the studio to put some new TBWNIS thoughts to tape !  Stay tuned, check it all out, be well, stay safe and all our heartfelt thanks and love to all!👽

you want a shot at any stuff physical...msg., facebook, messenger, email etc!  



Tuesday, January 26, 2021

2 Great LP's To Kick Off 2021 !

The ripe nostalgic emotions I feel upon hearing this finished project from Dead Sea Apes, Adam Stone and Black Tempest are hard to describe. From a distance, it's like hearing the dystopic quasi dub/krautrock record that was never made in 1981. If you were standing in THAT record shop when this was playing loudly in the background while being overwhelmed by 5 miscellaneous rows of "D" section vinyl releases, each 2 feet deep; it would give you pause! A teenager with a throbbing gristle tee on, some cash in pocket and visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in your head, you make your way to the counter; glancing at a Linton Kwesi Johnson LP in a rack to your left, as you screw up the courage to ask the clearly "cool" fucker at the counter, "what's playing"? As the curmudgeon snorts offhandedly, "new Dead Sea Apes", you say thanks and retreat back to the "D" section. As the LP appears to get flipped you rummage and find "Dataland". You look in your pocket, do quick math and tuck it under your arm. You also nab Palais Schaumberg, that LKJ "Forces Of Victory" you spied earlier and yer off ! Once home, "Dataland" gets it's inaugural voyage with an ice cold brew and a hit off the pipe. After "Empty Streets" dies out at end of side 2, you are feeling the inspiration and the follow spin becomes"Hamburger Lady" from "D.O.A The Third And Final Report"... Thank You to all involved in this new offering...I love timeless records...they are the bee's knees... 

So Zeus is outside going off like a rocket while I'm having a smoke and my postie Chris zooms up the snowy driveway. I see through the slats in the cedar fence the telltale sign of an exciting delivery! Being a white cardboard 13 x 13 inch record mailer it can only mean one thing! Like a kid in a candy shop; despite being 60, I'm tingling (this feeling never gets tired) ! This is a record by an obscure underground band from New York state who are called
Ambassador Hazy
and this is their FANTASTIC debut entitled "Glacial Erratics". It immediately got "cracked" and spun and I was sold after the first track! You can check out, if inclined, the links I post in my first comments, but suffice to say, my aforementioned "tingling at 60" above has proven an accurate thermometer as usual. I get very few free LPs, and feel super honoured when I do. I would never be so presumptuous to EVER ask for "free" anything...especially records, cuz I fucking get it!
Ambassador Hazy has unleashed a small run release which embodies for me, all that is right about why one is in a band, makes music and bothers to release in physical format. I suspect based on personal experience, that upon hearing the finished session, that all involved sat around, listened and said to one another..."fuck this is great, we should release this"... that is the way it works! This album encompasses a shitload of influences and time spans and is not simply put in a box! There is a psych of now, but also psych of yore, that spans 5 decades, I hear it. I hear Sebadoh (who i never listen to anymore: o.d.'d in the 90's but still love what they tabled). I hear a variety of obscure 60's psych influences (weird Pink Floyd), but others, too many to mention and it's mixed with a lopey, lazy funkiness (Circuit Rider scuzzy biker thingy) saddled right against warped west coast pop sensibilities. All influences are brought up to the "NOW". To these old ears I guarantee, this is not an accidental album! The playfulness throughout the entire record, is arguably it's most endearing quality and coupled with a sense of an understated heaviness is super appealing as well. The pieces are short and indicate to me that $10. says Ambassador Hazy can jam out and stretch shit to endless mind bending extremes in a live setting with ease! I have to thank
for being a conduit here, otherwise I may never have had the privilege of experiencing this really fucking excellent record...please give it a listen!

by John Westhaver