Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Morning Cartunes...December 26, 2008

Vibravoid - Christmas On Earth...+ (Nasoni) 7"
Keiji Heino - A Secret...excerpt (Swordfish) LP
Vibravoid - Save My Soul...+ (Nasoni) 7"
Julian Cope - Psychedelic Odin (Head Heritage) CD
Bert Jansch - The Bright New Year (Earmark) LP
Davey Graham - Black Is The Colour Of My True Loves Hair (Stamford Audio) LP
Headdress - Skydye (Mexican Summer) LP
Howlin' Rain - Wild Life (3 Lobed) LP
Weldon Irvine - Walk That Walk; Talk That Talk (BMG) LP
Blackbirds - Give Me Freedom (Long Hair) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Mexico / El Monte T'ai (N20) LP
Exploding Meet - Mutants (Look For The Flare) CD
Circle - Meronia (Ektro) CD
Dragontears - Masters Of War (Bad Afro) LP
Rod Stewart - Cindy's Lament (Vertigo) LP
Jade - Away From The Family (Lightning Tree) CD
L.A. Getaway - Ole Man Trouble (Atco) LP
Che - The Day The Pirate Retired (Low Desert Punk) LP
Nebula - Carpe Diem (Sweet Nothing) LP
Colour Haze - Lights (Elektrohasch) CD
Wax Attic - Jessie Spano (indie) LP
Mothers Of The Lower East Side - Chores Of Various Design (indie) CD
"the band whose name is a symbol" - Suburst Finish (pre-release) cdr
Acid Mothers Temple - Light My Fireball (Bambalam) CD
Zone Six - Something's Missing (Sulatron) CD
Graveyard - Blue Soul (Tee Pee) CD

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Top Releases 2008

Acid Mothers Temple - Cometary Orbital Drive Bambalam CD
Ancestors - Neptune With Fire North Atlantic Sound LP
Brant Bjork - Punk Rock Guilt Low Desert Punk LP
Black Mountain - Into The Future Jagjaguwar LP
Blood Ceremony - S/T Rise Above LP
Boris - Smile Southern Lord LP
Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers Blood Rock LP
Cloudland Canyon - Lie In Light Kranky LP
Colour Haze - All Elektrohasch LP
Julian Cope - Black Sheep Head Heritage CD
Dragontears - Tambourine Freak Machine Bad Afro LP
Dungen - 4 Subliminal Sounds LP
Earth - Bees Made Honey Inside... Southern Lord LP
Eden Express - Que Amors Que Holy Mountain LP
Endless Boogie - Focus Level No Quarter LP
H.Espvall/M.Batoh - S/T Drag City LP
Josephine Foster - This Coming Gladness(Bo'Weavil) LP
Grails - Take Refuge In The Clean Important LP
Grails - Doomsdayers Holiday Temporary Residence LP
Grand Magus - Iron Will Rise Above LP
Graveyard - S/T Tee Pee LP
Grey - Sisters Of The Wyrd (Kreation) LP
Hellacopters - Head Off Wild Kingdom LP
El Hombre Mysterioso - (Nasoni) LP
Howlin Rain - Magnificent Fiend Birdman LP
Leadfinger - Rich Kids (Bang) CD
Linus Pauling Quartet - All Things Are Light Camera Obscura LP
M.Mucci - Under The Tulip Tree Tall House Recording Co. CD
Nebula - Peel Sessions (Sweet Nothing) LP
Oresund Space Collective - Inside Your Head Sulatron CD
Pack - Funeral Mix Tape Mint LP
Plastic Crimewave Sound - S/T Eclipse LP
Pontiak - Sun On Sun Thrill Jockey LP
Wayne Rogers - Infinite For Now Twisted Village LP
Sienna Root - Far From The Sun Headspin LP
Space Debris - Elephant Moon Indie LP
Sword - Gods Of The Earth Kemado LP
Sunn O)) - Domkirke (Southern Lord) LP
Alexander Tucker - Portal ATP LP
Ufomammut - Idolum Supernatural Cat LP
Vibravoid - The Politics Of Ecstasy Nasoni LP
Zaphire Oktalogue - S/T (Nasoni) LP

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Morning Cartunes...December 19, 2008

Sunn O)) - Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds ? (Southern Lord) LP
Circle - Havuporti (No Quarter) CD
Peter Leopold - Serpentine Lane (Gear Fab) LP
Emmanuelle Parrinen - Topaze (Lion) LP
Dungen - Finns Det Nagon Moulighet (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Crazy Dreams Band - Nightcrawler (Holy Mountain) LP
Josephine Foster - All I Wanted Was The Moon (Bo'Weavil) LP
Spyrogyra - Dangerous Dave / Van Allen's Belt (Timeless) LP
Calliope - California Dreaming (Buddah) LP
Karen Dalton - In A Situation (Light In The Attic) LP
Karen Beth - Something To Believe In (Decca) LP
Anne Briggs - Wishing Well (4Men With Beards) LP
Damon & Naomi - Once More (20 20 20) LP
Serena Maneesh -Sapphire Eyes (Playlouderrecordings) LP
Dragontears - The River (Bad Afro) LP
May Blitz - The 25th Of December, 1969 (Akarma) LP
Graveyard - Blue Soul (Tee Pee) CD
Witchcraft - Queen Of Bees (Rise Above) CD
Nebula - The One (Sweet Nothing) LP
Leadfinger - Bad Penny (Bang) CD
The Bevis Frond - The Wind Blew All Around Me (Flydaddy) CD
Hawkwind - Night Of The Hawks (Flicknife) 12"
Acid Mothers Temple - Brainstorm (Trensmat) 7"
Kinski - Master Of The Universe (Trensmat) 7"
Mudhoney - Urban Guerilla (Trensmat) 7"
Space Ritual - Otherworld (Esoteric) CD
Julian Cope - Come The Revolution (Head Heritage) CD
TK Webb & The Visions - God Bless The Little Angels (Kemado) LP
Earthless - Sonic Prayer...Live (Tee Pee) LP

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Morning Cartunes...December 12, 2008

Amon Duul II - Hawknose Harlequin (UA) LP
Krokodil - Odyssey In Om (Second Battle) CD
Material - Memory Serves (Elektra Musician) LP
Circle - Luikertelevat (No Quarter) CD
"the band whose name is a symbol" - Proglodyte (pre-release) cdr
Triple Burner - Kelvin Says / The Wherewithal (Madrona) LP
The Green Mist - Black Louie's Ambergris (Bang) CD
TK Webb & The Visions - Dreen Drone Death / 1000 Horns (Kemado) LP
Jane - Daytime (Brain) CD
Vibravoid - The Politics Of Ecstasy / Doris Delay (Nasoni) LP
El Hombre Misterioso - Lo Solido Se Desvanece (Nasoni) LP
Zaphire Oktalogue - Data Burst Over Bradford (Nasoni) LP
White Hills - Walking Uphill Against The Wind (indie) LP
Grails - Origin-ing (Temporary Residence) LP
Tom Carter - Royal Bel Air (Important) LP
Big Jeezus Truck - Rock 'N' Roll Bruises (advance) cdr
Elias Hulk - Rock 'N' Roll Life (Indie) CD
Earthless - Godspeed (Tee Pee) LP
Julian Cope - The Subtle Energies Commission (Island) CD
Crawlspace - Dancing In Your Head (Theme from a Symphony by Ornette Coleman) (Behemoth) 10"
Cold Sun - Fall (World In Sound) LP

Monday, December 8, 2008

Elias Hulk "Unfinished Business"

In October of 2007 I received an email of thanks For airing a piece of music from a gentleman by the name of Bernie James, drummer for a great and long gone English quintet called Elias Hulk. I thought this was pretty cool as I have been a fan of the groups lone 1970 release for quite sometime. I first ran across Elias Hulk as an aficionado of early 70's hard rock on a comp tape in the early 80's that a friend had made for me. Re-issued 1st in the 80's it wasn't until 4 years ago that I finally tracked down a euro vinyl issue on Astrozombie from some dude in Greece I think. BGO records in the UK released an official re-mastered cd version in 2007 which I have been carrying in the shop since and still spin and sell regularly. Elias Hulk were a very short lived band but their album "Unchained" from back in the day is a testament to the many young bands influenced by others and their surroundings who made their mark willingly and presumably for themselves without too many expectations. Their music was a raw combination of fairly blistering progressive-hard rock-blues and you can name drop the comparisons to Sabbath, Leaf Hound, Groundhogs, Ten Years After etc if you need too. Bernie and I struck up a dialogue and lo and behold, 38 years later, I hold a newly released official 3-song cd by Elias Hulk. Now a 4-piece with 3 album period Hulks and guitarist/singer Phil Clough (Elias Hulk '71 post LP), Bernie and the boys kick it old school all these years later with some pretty solid gusto. "Unfinished Business" leads off with "Beneath My Disguise" a great little number with some funky keys and snaking guitar interplay, solid blues leads and a pumping rhythm section. "Rock 'N' Roll Life" has a lazy rocking lope which makes me think a little of Creedence, Stones circa "Exile" and all things R&R! A perfect in the pub, beer drinkin' nugget. The eps closer, a cut entitled "Heroes" has a sadness too it from the opening progression of keys and vocals and the anthemic soaring guitar chords. The song deals with the subject of fallen comrades in arms in music and hits all the rights chords in all respects. Congrats guys and welcome to the new millennium!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Morning Cartunes...December 5, 2008

Jack Rose - Cathedral et Chartres (3 Lobed) LP
M. Mucci - Eramosa (Tall House Recording Co.) CD
Mark Carmody - Birds Of Grey (demo) cdr
Plastic Crimewave Sound -The Pasture (Eclipse) LP
Beld - Silver Slide (demo) cdr
Snakefinger - Golden Goat (Ralph) LP
Alexander Tucker - You Are Many (ATP) LP
Six Organs Of Admittance - It Was Written (Durtro) 7"
Julian Cope - Safesurfer (Island) CD
Mighty Baby - Jug Of Love (Sunbeam) LP
Jade -Bad Magic (Lightning Tree) CD
Anne Briggs - The Snow It Melts The Soonest (4Men) LP
Spirit - Aren't You Glad (Columbia) LP
Circle - Tuhat (Ektro) CD
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - City Dreams Inside A Truck (Infrasonic) LP
Scientists - A Place Called Bad (Sub Pop) CD
Nebula - Cosmic Egg (Sweet Nothing) 7"
JT IV - Destructo Rock (Galactic Zoo Disk) LP
Arbouretum - Time Doesn't Lie (Thrill Jockey) LP
Edgar Broughton Band - Smokestack Lightning (Harvest) CD
The Uncooperatives - Pressure Cooker (Indie) CD
Big Jeezus Truck - Its Not Me (It's You) (Retox) CD
Che - Sounds Of Liberation (Man's Ruin) CD
Magnolia - Tag dig sjalv i kragen (Transubstans) CD
Gas Giant - Too Stoned (Loudsprecher) CD
Oresund Space Collective - Fornix (Sulatron) CD
ST Mikael -Higher (Subliminal Sounds) LP