Monday, July 27, 2020

Astounding Soundz @ Birdman Sound

Raw instrumen\tal hard underground prog. In the ballpark with Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies! Drug-fueled 70's crunch from the burbs of Chicago..

New project put together by The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen and 2 of our fave's from the UK !  Kosmiche electronic psyched ou spectral emanations of the highest order!  

Vinyl debut of the legendary Sonic’s Rendezvous Band’s “Basement Tapes” from 1976! Smoldering Detroit rock with the late Fred Smith of the MC5 on guitar! 2xLP set and Ltd. of course

Originally released in 1984: on cassette (50 copies) From Washington DC thes cats played mutant psychedelic pop and homemade electronic weirdness which sounds years ahead of its time.  On the Nurse With Wound "list"

UK early 70's hard rock classic with Nicky Moore on vocals who later replaced Bruce Dickinson as lead vocalist in n.w.o.b.h.m. greats Samson when Bruce went to Iron Maiden!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

CHEERS ! 1st Official Birdman Sound Pop Up Huge Success !

Huge thanks to all that came out for the 1st official Birdman Sound Pop Up!  Somebody remarked that they had never seen so many people go through the shop on a Saturday...EVER !  In any event a load of great LPs were to be had and we saw nearly 50 folks pass through the digs and everyone found lots to snag!

Serge Rodrigue and Brian Tierney both had awesome records available aside from mine so the selection was super tight.  This event will be a regular monthly happening on the last Saturday of each month in the same location!  There will also likely be at least 1 or 2 other vendors tba!

 The outdoor patio was busy and provided some relief for those challenged by wearing a mask while indoors!  I must say that all folks who turned out were masked up and there were zero issues regarding safety protocol !  Impressive for sure! 
 The next Birdman Sound Pop Up will be Saturday, August 29th, in the same location at 591 Bank Street.  Major thanks to Arran for allowing us the use of her space at Studio B. !  If you ever need a hair cut Arran is the BEST ! 
Nice to see TBWNIS keys man and former Birdman Sound employee Jason Vaughan pop into the old hood yesterday for a troll through the wax !  Jason used to run the fabulous Artguise Art Gallery just across the street from Studio B and the old Birdman Sound!  Thanks again to everyone who came by and made the day a success!  BTW...Studio B is in the the same spot where the awesome Organized Sound Record Shop run by Linus Booth, Tony Daye and Andy Cant was located!  Solid history in our old block !  👽

Friday, July 24, 2020

Right NOW...BANG @ Birdman Sound...Loads of Hot Wax !

Recent arrivals!  Ltd. quantities available!  Hope to see you at the Pop Up, Saturday July 25th, 10 am - 3 pm.  591 Bank St., alley entrance off Pretoria.  👽

Monday, July 20, 2020

Birdman Pop Up Saturday July 25th, 2020

Birdman Sound Pop Up, Saturday July 25th, 2020. 10 am - 3 pm.

591 Bank Street (alley entrance off  Pretoria at Bank). Mask required and physical distancing practiced.   Serge Rodrigue and Brian Tierney will also have LPs for sale. 

On the spot e-transfers or cash.  Wi-Fi available on site.


Sunday, July 19, 2020

August 2020...HOT New Platters !

Gonna be a Top Shelf month for new releases in August, here in the shop! Very excited to say the least!  Highlights include new wax from Cardinal Fuzz, Riot Season, The Weird Beard and Spiral Void (all UK situated labels)  Here's a pictorial peak at what is incoming...Cracking new platters from The Left Outsides, White Manna, Taras Bulba, Shit and Shine, Damo Suzuki & Mugstar, Vert:X, and 2 different LPs from The Heads !!! Let's get started shall we !

Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Releases Instock From Noiseagonymayhem

Deadmalls - Halt Continental Drift  cassette

V.Vecker Ensemble - Coastal Depression cassette

Anunnaki / TBWNIS - Split cassette

El Hombre Al Agua - Sequences 1-7 cassette

Tremblers Of Sevens - Shadow Houses LP

Latest album "Unsemble" from The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

As global societies were in dramatic change mid March this year, TBWNIS went into hiding. Guitarist Bill Guerrero suggested to me that we remote record, each member of our ensemble on whatever recording devices may be on hand at home during lock down. Bill dubbed the project “Unsemble” and within an hour afterwards, I went into the basement @ Birdman Sound, turned on video on the android phone and laid down a 7.5 minute drum onslaught. I sent it to Bill and the rest of the chaps followed suit over the next few weeks. After sending Brett Savage of Dead Sea Apes the first rough piece and stand alone drum track, it was suggested by him that Christopher Laramee (Wasted Cathedral) be sent the drum track to use as a basis for an original piece of work for collaboration; hence “Unsemble” #5. Bill set about re-mixing tracks 2, 3 and 4 based strictly on track “Unsemble I”. This album marks a new chapter for The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol in our ever changing world. This Cassette version was ltd. to 50 copies on the UK label Misophonia Records 2020 👽

TBT...Tripping With Damo Suzuki and The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

We were more than excited near the tail end of 2011, when our dear late friend "Lady" Mary Mackinnon said she had spoken with legendary CAN vocalist Damo Suzuki and he was very keen to come play some shows including one in Ottawa. It was like a dream come true to actually play behind someone you had been a die hard fan of for many decades !   We organized the show and waited for this day in March the following year to come around.  The Dominion Tavern show was a BLAST and totally sold out!  We had arranged to have the show recorded 2 different ways and a 3rd by TBWNIS guitarist Dave Reford to cassette would be for archival backup.  The 2 board recordings weirdly "shit the bed"...ghost in the machine ?  Luckily Reford's Sony Walkman Pro saved all from being lost! The cassette (s) were given to Bill Guerrero and he and I created this 44 minute document of what would turn out to be our 1st journey of  3 trips with Damo , over the next couple of years !!  We still feel very honoured to have been involved with this truly legendary dude! 

The LP (the 5th from TBWNIS) of this event, was released on Birdman Sound Records as a ltd. pressing of 100 copies and is long sold out.  Seems to be in demand somewhat as of late, as many fans of the Symbol missed out on getting a copy!  The last time it was for sale on discogs it sold for $ 135. Currently there are none listed !

Would be super cool to see this repressed but expanded, as the original LP contains 44 minutes of the set which was 133 minutes in total !!  Who knows if this will happen...? 👽

What's Spinnin' @ Birdman Sound From The Desk of Sunrise Ocean Bender ?

One of the greatest aural stimulation's of 2014 came from the desk of  Sunrise Ocean Bender as a vinyl release by Swedish artist E Gone (Daniel Westerlund).  Impossible to categorize, this album travels through funky middle eastern, beat driven psychedelia , electronic zoned out ambient krautrock and flourishes of rural Americana !  To hear it is to believe!  In stock @ Birdman and ltd availablity !

2015 saw the release on Sunrise Ocean Bender of the fabulous album "Where I've Been Is Places and What I've Seen Is Things" by Pennsylvania's Evening Fires. This outfit have mixed a whacked out blend of rural cosmic deep woods country, experimental psychedelia and spaced out krautrocky jamz. Total improvised gem ! Again, needs to be heard to be felt, believed and understood.  Fab cover art as well!   Apparently I have the last 3 copies available !

Rarely not on the table the last few week's is a second outing for Minneapolis, Minnesota's Steve Palmer! A truly trance inducing trip that with each investigation, concludes by taking you on different journies! A truly kaleidoscopic mind blowing affair which effortlessly weaves a tapestry of American Primitive and acid drenched guitar looped experimental kraut-psych! Out there in the very best ways and will easily be one of this years best albums! Just re-stocked @ Birdman Sound and of course directly at SOB! Hope Kevin has some more up his sleeve!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Birdman Sound Pandemic Top Sellers March 24th - July 11th 2020

The Band Whose Name is A Symbol - Berserkir Vol. I (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube)  LP / CD
Dream Syndicate - The Universe Inside (Anti) LP
Heliocentrics - Infinity Of Now (Madlib Invazion)  LP
CAN - Live 1970 (Inner Space)  LP
Shabaka & The Ancestors - We Were Sent Here By History (Verve)  LP
The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol - Codicil (Birdman Sound)  LP
White Heaven - Out (Black Editions) LP
High Rise - II (Black Editions) LP
Holy Drone Travellers - Birth (saw-whet Records) LP
Nebular Wave - Chicxulub (saw-whet Records) LP
Ethan Bokma - Ray The Lucky Runt(saw-whet Records) LP
Sunwatchers -Oh Yeah? (Trouble In Mind) LP
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Non Ex Orbis (Now-Again) LP
Tony Price - Interview (Telephone Explosion) LP
Slow Dawn - Experimental Farm (self released) LP
Mass / Wasted Cathedral - Split  (self released) LP (Adansonia) Cass.
Switching Yard - Brent (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Chosen Star Child's Confession (Riot Season) LP/CD
Anunnaki / The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Split  (Noiseagonymayhem) Cass. (Cardinal Fuzz)  LP
Wax Machine - Earthsong Of Silence (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)  LP
Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs - Viscerals  (Rocket Recordings) LP/CD

Monday, July 13, 2020

New Arrivals

A small amount of what's in @ Birdman Sound ! Large list to follow via Mail Chimp this week !  Current 93, Black Helium, Mummies Guns, Goatman, Wire, Radar Men From The Moon, Ethan Bokma (Holy Drone Travellers), Nebular Wave ...!  👽

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Birdman Sound Official Pop Up

Birdman Sound Pop Up, Saturday, July 25th, 2020. 
591 Bank Street by appointment only.  Mask required and physical distancing practiced.  More details to follow.  👽

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Birdman Sound : Animation by Ian Jeans

A Brief Biography: Canada's Best Kept Secret...The Exploding Meet

The exploding meet was formed in Fredericton, New Brunswick in the autumn of 1983 as a songwriting workshop and experimental recording project. Throughout subsequent years the loose collective vastly improved production techniques and expanded early lyrical and compositional ideas. 

Once described as "Surrealist-Ethno-Underworld-Fusion", the Exploding Meet led by composer Mark Carmody, were equipped with standard rock instrumentation but with modified tuning and a broad palate of percussion voices which opened up a somewhat unique and mesmerizing sonic range. Rhythms and harmonic structures reflect the group’s interest in the exotic soaring dance modes of Psychedelic Rock, Jazz and Ju Ju Music.  The power and freedom of Coltrane and Coleman mix with the meditative pulses of afro-centric music, Middle Eastern modes and the always present, expansive, influential body of accurately referenced material.  Environmental sights and sounds from the weathered cities and diverse rural landscapes of Eastern Canada offer the greatest contribution. This atmosphere furnishes a dreamscape from which the whole identity of the music evolves.

On July 13th, 1985, the exploding meet performed "Inaugural Address" @ Memorial Hall on the U.N.B. campus and thus embarked on a long journey that always focused on developing live performance potential.  The intention always being to discover ways of expressing thoughts and feelings in a musical language tapped at its source.  Performances over the next few years included "the Pineapple Analogy", "Slugfest ' 86", "Scream", Wolverine", "Lola Palooza ' 88", "Bard Mongrel", "Gatineau Rebellion", "Circus Of Disharmony" and many others.  The collective performed many shows and released a number of albums in various formats over the course of several decades which garnered global praise from the underground and great support from Canadian community based radio.  The exploding Meet performed primarily in Fredericton although a number of shows took place in Ontario and Quebec.  The collective performed a number of times in their home base at "First Night", "Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival" and also at the first ever "Maritime Independent Music Festival".

The exploding meet also had a “pop” side as well, which manifested itself within the division known as Decade of Dreams.  Under this banner several vinyl LP’s and CDs were also released and were generally well received once again by the aforementioned recipients of recorded material.  Mark Carmody also saw the release of what is truly a magical vinyl only LP which provided the soundtrack to NFB film called “Tuesday Wednesday” released under his own name.

Those involved in the exploding meet collective collided through the mutually felt isolation of their existence with a desire to expand the mind.  On retrospect, this appears to have been coupled with a born internal need to self discover through the channeling of music and art.  Pretty much everyone to this day practices their craft in many forms and we all have extremely fond memories of our times together as “the meet”, touching the universe as one single entity whenever we played.  Enjoy this experience and always remember to look for the flare!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Endorsed and Instock @ Birdman Sound...Essential Classics !

Trad, Gras Och Stenar - Mors Mors (1973), Trad, Gras Och Stenar - Djungelns Lag (1972), Tamam Shud - Evolution (1969), Flower Trellin' Band - Satori (1971),  Deviants - Ptoof ! (1968) and  Stackwaddy - Bugger Off ! (1972).....whatever the pressing and or format, some of these have been available through Birdman Sound since we originally opened.  The 6 are top sellers and when not in stock are always re-orderered!   Words do not describe how crucial these albums are!  Proof is LISTENING 👽💖💣

Monday, July 6, 2020

Constant Rotations At Birdman Sound...

Wicked post hardcore/noise rock from Ottawa's Dark Plains, stellar american primitive, instrumental psych folk from Brooklyn's Elkhorn, London, England's Sex Swing on Rocket Recordings featuring members of Mug Star, Dethscalator and Earth.  Loviatar's 2nd LP for Prosthetic is a joyous wallop of metal, doom and sonic experimentation. All of these fine slabs are currently in stock at Birdman Sound.

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol 2020

Although 2020 has proven itself to be super strange due to the global pandemic we have had some cracking releases on various formats and more coming !  Two versions of "BerserkirVol.I" on wax either with or without a bonus 60 minute LIVE exclusive improv CD.  Clearly also available on CD (LP and CD versions on Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube Records.  The LP "Codicil" is super Ltd. to 15 copies with silk screened cover and inc. insert and dlc. All material here was improv jamz and only on wax (100 copies total) self released on Birdman Sound Records.  Anunnaki/TBWNIS split album is both bands turning in a half hour improvised sonic assault and is available super ltd. CD on Cardinal Fuzz and ltd cassette by Noiseagonymayhem.  I'm holding ltd. quantities of all of these but act quick and message me if inclined for prices and postage rates. Our latest album is called "Unsemble" (recorded during the initial 1st weeks of the pandemic !!!) is at this point a ltd. cassette only release on the UK label Misophonia...should have a few of these available this week!

Platter Matters @ Birdman Sound...

HOT sellers, recent arrivals and incoming this week @ Birdman Sound : Shabaka & The Ancients, Steve Palmer, Dark Fog,Tengger, Mummise Guns, Black Helium, Switching Yard, White Heaven, Tony Price and tons more....more complete listing to follow...see something you fancy, get in touch ! 👽

Stock Availability and Shipping These Dayz...

Moments ago I got off the phone with distro.  According to them, and they defo know,  shipping too and from anywhere is a coin toss.  What used to take in some cases, a few days to receive goods from the UK,  has been taking up to 2 months now!!!  This has been ongoing since March!  Due to the global pandemic, many things taken for granted, have now been tossed out the window!  I and many others find this very frustrating , but there is little anyone can do to rectify this situation. We all need to exercise more patience and believe in the saying; "all things come to those who wait".  Having said that, anything you may need, whether new release or back catalogue stuff let me know!👽