Wednesday, December 29, 2021

SIMPLY SAUSAGE... Two TBWNIS Dudes Offer Up A Great New Release !

Electro-Kraut-Synth -Psych, sums up perfectly a new album by Canada's SIMPLY SAUSAGE II !  This duo features 2 founding members of The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol: Mark McIntyre and Bill Guerrero.  "Cylindrical Meats" features 8 original compositions, which were recorded by way of the interwebs with Mark in Victoria, BC and Bill in Ottawa, ON.  It's a right proper tripped out affair with a solid slightly motorik quality, while steeped in a rich Berlin School influence. There's a goodly amount of scratchy, fuzzy guitar explorations as well which go down a real treat. 

Both Bill and Mark are each pretty accomplished on synths, guitars and bass, so it's hard to say who's doing what, which is of little consequence.  The entirety of this ltd. cassette only release is like a soundtrack to a movie which takes place on a planet in some far galaxy, where drug addled friends are trapped in a house of horrors, trying to find they're way out!  If vinyl wasn't so fucking hard to get made in timely fashion these days, there' be wax!!  If yer' into the general gist of what great labels like Polytechnic Youth, Castles In Space etc. release, this DEFO begs your utmost attention...Well done my Brothers!  💕👽 


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Super Tight Grooves @ Birdman Sound

Our grooves are always tight in the shop!  Stellar jazz trips old and new are in and outta sight!  Fresh arrivals this week and we are stoked... Thrilled that the legendary Black Jazz Label has been resuscitated and their sides are simply to die for... 💕

One of our fave labels: International Anthem Recording Company is well represented in our curated selection the last few years!  Jaw dropping, cutting edge music that really just transcends simple jazz.  We think these folks have released some of the greatest sides of 2021 and they ain't foolin' around...👽

Thursday, December 16, 2021

New Arrivals @ Birdman Sound

 Loads of stuff in this week and more coming !  Pictures speak louder than words !  Come check out the selection if your in our hood this coming Sunday, December 19th, 10 am - 4 pm, right beside the old Birdman shop in downtown Ottawa!

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Friday Afternoon Cartunes: 12/11/2021- Playlist and Link to Youtube


The Comet Is Coming - Journey Through The Asteroid Belt (Leaf)

Nova Express - Wave To Each Other (Rocket Recordings)

Autosound - Green Stuff (Rundgang)

Pharaoh Overlord - Revolution (Svart)

Earthless - Untitled (Gravity)

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Untitled # 2 (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube)

Bardo Pond - Tapir Song (Matador)

Alien Mustangs - Darklands (Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud)

Kris Gietkowski - A Visit To Newport Hospital (Strange Fish)

Smote - Drommon Pt. 2 (Rocket Recordings)

*Wasted Cathedral track "H&M Smashmouth" used as segue between each track (Cardinal Fuzz)

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Birdman Sound 12/8/2021



Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Raining Records Again at Birdman Sound

This is a small amount of what's hit the shop this week! Tasty 1st timers, top seller re-stocks and some last of copies of for the moment new stuff on Cardinal Fuzz!  If yer in Ottawa come by our Saturday Pop Ups to see a whole lot of goodness!  Working on a better method to let ya know all that is in and coming to Birdman Sound....

CAN, Warsaw (pre-Joy Division; expanded version), Ben Chasny, Electric Eye, Irreversible Entanglements, pharoah Sanders, Black Holes Are Cannibals, Mirage and Witches Broom

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

December 11th: Pop Up Record Shop


Round and Round and Round It Goes...

So much has changed regarding recorded and released music over the last 4 decades or so.  The serious demand for vinyl LPs coupled with a lack of pressing plants and a 2 year old global pandemic has created  a huge "black hole"...

Yet another article on this issue...worth reading I thought...👽

Monday, December 6, 2021

Choice Cuts From An Underground Culture Bunker II : 2021 we are another year down the road!  Been a somewhat challenging one!  Those of us invested in music in far deeper fashion than just being a casual "listener", have felt a giant ball ache in many ways; some far more than others!  We'll leave that :ranting" though, as you "heads" that may give just enough of a fuck, already well know what I'm talking about!  Suffice to say, planet earth is still super screwed up!  The BRIGHT side however, and as usual, there has been an overwhelming amount of wicked music recorded and released (on many platforms) in 2021.  I've again asked my good friends; Andy Uzzell (Misphonia Records UK), Brett Savage (Dead Sea Apes/The Acid Test Recordings) and Dave Cambridge (Cardinal Fuzz) to tell us what turned their cranks the most in 2021...Let's have at 'er....👽

John goes first....

As I sit here listening to the latest beauty from Gerycz/Powers/Rolin and their LP "Lamplighter" on American Dreams Records a HUGE shout out and thank you must go to Cardinal Fuzz/Centripetal Force for the introduction with the "Beacon" LP from earlier in 2021💕 !  I am as usual overwhelmed by the amount of musical genius, as another year passes into memory. The following is a whole load of stellar moments and works that have seen light this year!  You can check out any link that follows in this piece to check out what I'll stand behind as a few of 2021's shining moments...

                                                              Favourites Here.....

                                                          More Favourites Here... 
            Canadians shone brightly this year offering albums that will stand the tests of time  💕

                                                      And Yet MORE Favourites ! 
                            STELLAR albums which are all in constant rotation !
Spiral Wave Nomads "First Encounter", Adam Stone Dead Sea Apes Black Tempest "dataland" , Plankton Wat "Future Times", Mouth Painter "Tropicale Moon", Kohoutek "Jurad", Upupayama "S/T", Matt Valentine Preserves "Galactic Ooze", Black Tempest "Psyborg", Scientists "Negativity, Great North Star "S/T", Astral Magic "Visions Of Infinity", Jeffrey Alexander and The Heavy Lidders "S/T", Jeffrey Alexander and The Heavy Lidders "Elixir Of Life", Mainliner "Dual Myths", Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO/Perhaps "In Search Of Highs Volume Four", Expo Seventy "Mystic Caravan", Expo Seventy " Evolution", Les Rallizes Denudes "Maximum Psychedelic Blues"Dos Santos "City Of Mirrors", Carlos Nino & Friends "More Energy Fields, Current", Jantar "Sempronia", Zone Six "Psychedelic Scripture", Sula Bassana "CV Sessions", Joseph Allred "Branches & Leaves", Sunburned Hand of The Man "Pick A Good Day To Die", Endless Boogie "Admonitions", Embryo "Auf Auf", Irreversible Entanglements "Open The Gates", Trip Hill "Ain't Trip Ceremony" Senyawa "Alkisah" Telescopes "Songs Of Love And Revolution", Mirage "Telepathic Radio" any of these bands and check out their bandcamp sites !  👽

Brett's 2021 shape's up like this....

Can – Live In Stuttgart
I wasn't entirely sure of this album on approaching it, given that it was recorded just outside of the ‘golden era’ of Can. That uncertainty was definitely unfounded as this album turns out to be an absolute masterclass of upfront, inspirational improvised experimental (I was going to say progressive, which would be accurate – but we know what associations that brings to mind!) music. It almost makes me nostalgic for an era that I never experienced directly (I would have been two years old at the time!). Hearing music taken into all different directions by musicians with with such innate and instinctive talent, live as it happened is really exciting – and suggests endless possibilities. This is the first in a series of planned archival releases of live sessions and its fair to say that its built expectations really high.

Mountain MoversWorld What World/New Jam 2
Ever since taking on the breathtaking talents of guitarist Kryssi Battalene, Mountain Movers have been knocking out a string of pearls albumwise. Each album is usually divided equally into traditionally structured songs and extended jam outs. On World What World, it feels like these two approaches are starting to bleed into each other a little bit more as the whole album flows as a cohesive whole. There is definitely a (not unwelcome) nod towards the blasted territory of Crazy Horse which give Battalene as much room as she needs to reel off her singular, blown out guitar stylings. There is definitely a feeling that they have arrived at wherever they have been reaching for and it makes me excited to hear whatever is coming next from them.

New Jam 2 has been out for a couple of years now (around the time of the great Pink Skies). Why I didn’t pick this up at the time really is beyond me, as it seemed to suggest that this is an EP of the exquisite jams that Mountain Movers excel at (why I never became a detective, I will never know…). I was right to belatedly follow that hunch, as it is indeed the case. However, my detective skills failed me when trying to find out what the correct turntable speed was. Starting on the almost default 33.3RPM, I was met with incredible hypnotic, subaquatic jams that stretched out into infinity. These have truly blown me away. Subsequently, I have found it to be 45RPM release – and the jams are no less stunning, but believe me, if you haven't played this at 33.3RPM, I heartily suggest that you do!

Aging & Land Trance – Embassy Nocturnes
In the early days of meeting Dave Cambridge, we bonded over a couple of albums (that he had put in his great playlists in the editorial section of Optical Sounds) that people didn’t seem to talk about too much about at the time. One of those albums was Labradford’s peerless Mi Medea Naranjan. To be fair, that was a few years after its release, but if you haven't heard it, I would recommend that you seek it out immediately. Embassy Nocturnes has a similar vibe, and after speaking to Aging’s David McClean, he confirmed that it has a direct influence on this album. As the title suggests, the album has a noir-ish night time vibe that flirts with dark jazzy longuers, the alienated and minimal post-rock of the same stripe as The For Carnation’s amazing debut, some of the sparse, dark orchestral funk of David Axelrod (and by extension, DJ Shadow) and the experimental repeato gear that Land Trance did so well on their album earlier this year. Although equating instrumental music to that of soundtrack for a film yet to be made is a bit of a tired cliché (bonus pseud points for using the term ‘Lynchian’), there is something in this album that suggests that it might just be appropriate in this instance. One to play late on in the evening.

Wasted Cathedral – I'm Going To Love You Til The End Of Time
Through listening to Wasted Cathedral, I have my own mental vision of Chris Laramee’s home town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Its an aerial view of city lights twinkling in the cold, frigid air. My Own Private Saskatoon. This is in no small part due to the music made by Wasted Cathedral. Side one very much brings to mind the late night grooves of DJ Shadow, filtered through the frosty gauze of Wasted Cathedral. Side two is a more soft focus affair, recalling WC’s previous (and should say here – classic) Atmospheric Hangover, finishing with the extended haze-out, Trees.

Bobby Lee – Origin Myths

Somewhere between JJ Cale, Richard Thompson, Suicide and Harmonia, Bobby Lee plots a dreamy, homespun course with his guitar and drum machine. Stargazing, but with both feet on the ground, Origin Myths is an amazing album that has took an extended residence on my record player this years. It certainly makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Cant wait to hear what is coming next from him.

Sunburned Hand Of Man – Pick A Day To Die

Two absolute belters in consecutive years from good ol' Sunburned. Last year's Headless was so good that it made my end of year list back then. This album sees them on a roll, heading off in lots of different avenues. Although they keep dipping into their archive and the chronology is all over the place, you have to keep your fingers crossed that they keep this streak going and have more to offer.

Smote – Bodkin

Deep earth TgoS/International Harvester/Amon Duul style jams here, puzzlingly performed by one man, Daniel Foggin. The whole album is fantastic taking in as it does krauty repetition, PROGGy grooves and zoned out vocals (their follow up release on Rocket, Drommon –  stalks similar ground). A little intense and creepy but well worth strapping yourself in for the ride. The spirit of Bo haunts these grooves.

Kohoutek – Jurad

On approaching Jurad, I have to say that I didn't think that it was going to do that much for me. How wrong I was. After 8 minutes or so of alienated, spiky ambience, Tidal Displacement coalesces into a beautiful, zoned out inner flight that I wasn't quite prepared for. Mournful and profound in the same way that Planet Caravan, Popol Vuh's Aguirre and Maggot Brain are, it puts me in mind of a genre that only exists in my mind so far – 'cosmic loneliness'.  Cosmic Grease traverses similar territory but with added fuzzed out urgency. Really, really good.

Gnod – Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy

Its probably deeply uncool of me to admit it, but I cant say that Ive really been that into a Gnod album in its entirety since the Chaudelande albums. But having seen Gnod on a number of occasions in the past, I can attest to their visceral live power; they can be both crushing and arresting – and they really are a force to be reckoned with. This comp reaches as far back to Gnod's repetition-heavy but open ended Sunburned-eque jam days, takes in a Drop Out extra track, flies by Chaudelande - but its Inner Z and They Live that really pops here. Two live tracks that cruise along in a mesmerising repeat-o fashion for 10 or so minutes. Bliss.

Stone Coal White – S/T

A  few Christmases back, Dave Cambridge kindly bought me the incredible Function Underground compilation on the ever reliable Now Again label as festive gift. The album is amazing throughout, as it compiles a groovy collection of 'Black and Brown rock sound from 69-74'. This is a heady period as bands with soul/funk instincts started to use louder amplification, and the influence of Hendrix is clear throughout. The one track that really stood out was Stone Coal White's self titled song - that channels the freaky guitar funk of prime time Funkadelic (first 3 albums) – but is so deliciously lo-fi and warped that it seems to exist in a space of its own. This lead me to seek out the album – a comp put together by DJ Shadow, I believe. And man, am I glad that I did. More freak flag funk than you can shake a stick at. Right up my street! Their version of Curtis's '(If There's A) Hell Below' is stellar. Seek it out!

Andy's 2021 touches down this way...

Rural Tapes – Rural Tapes (Rural Tapes/Smugglers Records) – Rural Tapes is the working moniker of Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen. This album really hit home for me this year, it is “a trippy, largely instrumental odyssey which draws inspiration from jazz, electronica, dub, 1970s krautrock, film music, classical music such as Chopin and instrumental bands like Tortoise” (label’s words). It is a truly stunning piece of work.

Badge Epoch – Scroll (Telephone Explosion) – A vast, meandering album that is impossible to get a handle on – but no handle necessary, just immerse yourself in this multi-layered, multi-faceted masterpiece….jazz, funk (the funkiest of funk), experimental noodlings, electronica….what’s not to love?

Paul Leary – Born Stupid (Shimmy Disc): As you would imagine from a Butthole Surfer this album is a long way from the mainstream. Taking in twangy spaghetti western soundtracks, chamber pop, horrorscapes and a world weary revisiting of the Surfers “The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey’s Grave” (“The Shah Revisited”), ‘Born Stupid’ is a cornucopia of off-kilter goodness.

Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders – Elixor of Life (Cardinal Fuzz, Centripetal Force): A trance-inducing album of free flowing jams from the erstwhile Dire Wolf and friends…simply bliss!

Ambassador Hazy Glacial Erratics (Self Released) – Homespun, outsider psych that bewitches and bedazzles. Hopefully more to come in the future.

Adam Stone/Dead Sea Apes/Black Tempest – Dataland (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube) – should need no explanation. DSA are, as we know, one of the finest bands going. Add to that the coruscating polemic of Adam Stone and synth wizardry of Stephen (Black Tempest) Bradbury and you have an album that is a true tour de force.

Les Rallizes Denudes – Double Heads Boxset – One of those ‘considered’ purchases that required less than a minute to actually consider. As bootlegs discussed in hushed whispers the contents of this boxset gained cult status – and now available in a lush 7lp set….woah! Gloriously noisy, deliciously fuzzy and puts today’s pretenders firmly in their place.

Joseph Allred – Branches and Leaves (Feeding Tube) – Joseph Allred, in my eyes, is the natural successor to Robbie Basho; not just the lilting primitivism in the guitar work but the whole atmosphere that he seems to evoke. Genuine ‘outsider’ stuff that can be deeply melancholic only to give lift the heart a minute later. A joyous record that adds to his already impressive canon.

Heard first this year: Intersystems - #IV (Waveshaper). Intersystems were an experimental band from Canada plying their trade in the late 60s – spoken word poetry (courtesy of Blake Parker, alas now departed) and the electronic machinary of John Mills-Cockell (plus Michael Hayden & Dik Zander). Deep shit! ‘#IV’ was given a re-issue this year and so, somewhat inevitably, Discogs became my friend in tracking down the full discography…..I just can’t help myself sometimes!

Rediscovered Love: After watching the brilliant ‘Zappa’ film, this year saw me re-discover my love of Zappa after many years. Shocked and yet happy to find out just how much I had up in the loft!

Mentioned in Dispatches – pretty much everyone; musicians and labels, who have put out music (except fuck Spotify and the majors) and made 2021 bearable. Special mentions to Cardinal Fuzz (Dave Cambridge), Woodford Halse (Mat Handley), Castles in Space (Colin Morrison), Polytechnic Youth (Dom Martin) and Up In Her Room (Dan Norrington & Denholm Ellis)

Dave's turn on his 2021....

Mountain Movers - What World What (Trouble In Mind)

Boy oh boy do I love this LP. A quick heads up to the New Jam 12” – When at Brett’s he played that at 33rpm and it blew our minds (it’s supposed to be 45rpm). But Brett has wrote more on that so Ill dig into the new LP. First I need to admit that Kryssi Battalene is a guitar player who like, say Paul  Allen, MikePolizze,  and Brett Savage just knows how to DIAL IN THEE PERFECT TONES!  As we drop straight into ‘I Wanna See The Sun’ It’s all there – think Neil Young and Crazy Horse on the PSF label –  If I could have a 20 minute version please if this track please – unedited. Dan Greens vocals float and the whole band seems to play with such dynamic interplay that it’s a joy to listen to from start to finish. NOW someone please send me an unedited cut of ‘I Wanna See the Sun’. Hoping one day that I may get to see them live.

Sex Tide – Ohio (Feeding Tube Records)

A throbbing crunching grind that fits somewhere between The Gories (in search of the essence of primal, raw rock n roll) The Cramps / Link Wray. Where your favourite 60s tunes (Real Cool Time/I Want You) are deconstructed and ripped apart with Wailing Sax and a whole load of THROB. Freaked out blues for the unhinged.

Jantar – Sempronia (Feeding Tube Records)

You just gotta love Feeding Tube – you just never know what the fuck to expect and that Is what makes a label great. This was a total curve ball when I first put it on but boy oh boy did it hit home. Lands somewhere between prime Oneida (it’s the woody keys) and high levels of repetition BUT with a sugary sweet dose of harmonies layed on as well. There is some cinematic stereoscope vision added in too. Apparently Jantar wanted to create an LP of 'experimental easy listening music' – all I can say is more please!

Birds Of Maya – Valdez (Drag City) and Live NYC (nyc taper)

Back to the primal throb I so love – Get a riff – play it as raw as you possible can – do not deviate from the riff EVER – Get 3 members who understand the mantra of never swaying from the mantra of 1 riff and one chord – Just grind that fucker away until there is nothing left. Many try and only the talented few succeed – Worship Birds Of Maya.

Mirage – Telepathic Radio (Misophonia) – A cheat – I know. But people – There is music that would love to be psychedelic and then there is music that just IS PSYCHO – FUCKING – DELIC -   ill eave you to guess which cat this one belongs too. Cluster and Ash Ra Temple may be touch stones but this baby also rawks – A picture of what might be Miles Davis blowing into a Datura Flower? may tell you more than I ever can! Vinyl is ready – apologies on cheating here

Mount Maxwell – The People’s Forest and Only Children (Hotham Sound)

For those of you who dig Craven Faults and that sweet analog feel of music – Please introduce your ears to Mount Maxwell. 2 wonderous releases that take in the Berlin School and Boards Of Canada but at times the minimalist feel brings to mind the vibe of Labradford too and but  that fucking wonderful drift and feel you only get ever from analog keys and recordings. (and yeah both are coming on LP via Cardinal Fuzz)

Muun Bato – ParaphonicVapors (Little Cloud Records) Again – I know this came out via myself too BUT it was down to Mike Nesbitt that this acid soaked stunner came to the attention of myself. It took over my spring and summer listening and still even now I heard nothing that could better it when wanting that neo psychedelic kick I so love (Much love to the Diagonal Lp that Mike also tuned my ears into)

The Oscillation - Untold Futures (All Time Low)

Just WOW – Dark and relentless – Music for altered states indeed. Nods to Loop and Spacemen 3 but make no mistake with Untold Futures Demian may well have unleashed the best Oscillation LP. Take note to hear the ‘Ambient’ mixes too which are a multi layered assault on your senses that need to be heard.

Djinn – Transmission (Rocket Recordings)

Spiritual Cosmic Jazz that like the Old Million Eye releases works as the perfect lift off for a spiritual trip for open minded explorers. For those that love Pharoah Sanders – Karma or Don Cherry ‘Eternal Rhythm’ – you will find much to love and to lose yourself in these intoxicating epiphanies created. There is no doubt that this is music for far-reaching explorations.

Old Million Eye – The Incandescent Switch (Feeding Tube)  & Set & Drift (Misophonia)

Well maybe the titles give it away a little but Brian Lucas has created 2 releases in 2021 that every psychonaut should use as their guide for exploring outer and inner space. Swirls of kosmiche keys that ripple and breathe to create a mind bending soundscape that will ease your body into a state of euphoric bliss.

Ben Chasny–The Intimate Landscape (Drag City)

Asked to record for the legendary KPM library series Ben Chasny created these blissful and reflective solo acoustic guitar pieces. A joy to listen too as you feel the anxiety / stress just lift from your body as you get absorbed into the intimacy of a master at work

Maxine Funke – Séance (A Colourful Storm)

After been lucky enough to hear Maxine Funke via Feeding Tube Records – Her latest LP is every bit as good – The intimacy of the recordings of Maxine’s voice / playing display a fragilty that transports you  into the nocturnal ether. Touchstones of Bridget St John / Sibylle Baier may seem obvious though Maxine likes to experiment with soundscapes and drum machines too. Let Maxine Funke warp a blanket around you with Séance.

Joseph Allred – Branches and Leaves (Feeding Tube Records)

Branches and Leaves just glows with a incredible uplifting spiritual hymn like quality that embraces you and says Hallelujah as Harmonium / Banjos /Clarinet and more are used to full effect across the whole LP. Branches and Leaves goes from sombre to joyous and uplifting across the whole LP. A joy to not only listen too but too lose yourself in too.

Matthew J Rolin - The Dreaming Bridge (Feeding Tube Records)

Sublime Guitar Soli from Matthew J Rolin on this double LP. Always neigh impossible to escape the twin influences of Fahey and Basho but Matthew J Rolinis able to put easily enough of his own style be that on ‘Hallucination’ that features Patrick Shiroishi on saxophone and ends with some sweet reverbed 12 string or on the side long title track where Rolinkicks out some glorious fuzz.

Les Rallizes Denudes - Maximum Psychedelic Blues - Double Heads Box Set

Many times after listening to this set (3 shows spanning over 6 hours) – 99% of all other music can feel pointless and insipid... 

Birdman Sound 2022 Expansion !

Commencing January 1st 2022,  Birdman Sound is launching their "Rent A Sealed Record Collection"  offshoot!  Be a dumb fuck and impress your dumb fuck trendy friends!  Fun for all ages and a HUGE hit at parties and family gatherings (masked or NOT!)  

BirdmanThinksYourAsDumbAs will give you instant access (as seen in picture, to a sealed record collection and a spiffy Crosley turntable! You simply book the date and pay and we deliver !  For a limited time and introductory offer,  it's available just prior to the most bogus celebratory night of the year New Year's Eve,  for just $99.99 !!!  BOOK NOW !  It's easy and soon to become the  "BIGGEST THING" !  Get in on the ground floor so you can brag on social media about how you were the first to "go there"!   👽

What the stars have to say about the current situation in 2021....


Saturday, December 4, 2021

Friday Afternoon Cartunes: 12/3/2021: Playlist and Youtube Link



Tuxedomoon - I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Everything You Want/waterfront Seat (Ralph)

Pallbearer Industry - Open Season (Misophonia)

Circle - Kidulgos (Ektro)

Octopus Ride - Things'll Never Be The Same (Sound Effect)

Charlie Butler - Wooly Neptune (Weird Beard)

Dead Sea Apes - Pale Anxieties (Cardinal Fuzz)

Kaos Karma - Blue Haze (Bam Balam)

Wasted Cathedral - Bellvue Nights (Misophonia)

Rodion G.A. - Cante Fulger (Strut)

Dreamweapon -Odum (Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud)

Residual Echoes - Red Hills (

Wipers - Land Of The Lost (Jackpot)

Exploding Meet - Baba Ganoush (Look For The Flare)

Ashra - Screamer (Virgin)

Thursday, December 2, 2021

New Arrivals @ Birdman Sound

Maleem Mahmoud & Pharoah Sanders



Howlin' Rain

Bardo Pond

Konsrtukt & Thurston Moore

Sauveur Mallia (French Library Recordings)

Bernard Estardy (French Library Recordings)

The Dents

The Angered Wrecks -  1981 obscure Fredericton, NB group who fused booze, and drugs into a hard rock/trashed out punk sound...Stooges meet the Pistols,,, 

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol...2 sidelong journies into improv psych oblivion recorded LIVE with tbwnis as an 8 piece ensemble!

Both LPs co-released by Cardinal Fuzz (UK) and Feeding Tube Records (USA)

Some of the GREAT LPs in 2021 from Cardinal Fuzz!

Witches Broom

Black Holes Are Cannibals


Acid Rooster


Wasted Cathedral



Heavy Lidders