Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Knee Deep In Wax @ Birdman Sound...

Picked up a huge collection of LPs this week!  A wide ranging collection of literally near mint 1-2 play LPs spanning a number of decades, majority of which are out of print and 1st editions.  A fair amount of it came out of the Birdman shop over the years.

There are of course some rare LPs within the collection and are as with everything else we do priced based on reality, not fucking discogs or other over inflated opinion oriented, bullshit platforms.  

there's a substantial amount of in yer face heaviness, again covering the decades...from Captain Beyond and Bang and Electric Wizard to 11 Paranoias...loads of awesomness and pummeling await your lobes...

And of course another batch of superb NEW LPs as arrivals are frequent at Birdman Sound.  There are NO DULL MOMENTS week in and week out for over 3 decades.  Expertly curated new or 2nd hand as I could not live with myself otherwise!  Come see us sometime.  This Sunday on Oct. 31st Birdman will be at 591 Bank Street in downtown Ottawa for and all day pop up shop...


Monday, October 25, 2021

SUNDAY, October 31st: Birdman Sound Multi-Vendor Record Shop Pop Up !!

Last weekend of each month the Birdman Sound pops up moving forward will be held on Sundays !  This coming weekend on Halloween is our first Sunday voyage.  this may be more convenient for folks?  There is no admission of course and doors open at 10:00 am and we go until 4 pm.  We are located on Sundays at 591 Bank Street in the Glebe, right beside the old Birdman shop!  This is always a multi vendor event and we have several new folks who will be participating....the selection is always deep....hope to see you there! 


Friday, October 22, 2021

Bowling Stone Review: Shooting Guns 2017: Live In Ottawa

No barefooted Ayahuasca trip to the south american rain forest augmented by sitars and tambourines here folks!   Canada's Shooting Guns come off in spades like an over adrenalized Hawkwind (I don't think they really get psychπŸ˜…)? 

Lester Bings 10/22/2021


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

New Wax This Week At Birdman Sound

Peppermint Trolley Company, Mustafa Ozkent, Zarpa, Solyst, Bill Gage & Cheater Slicks, Old Millian Eye, MF Doom, John Carpenter, 94 East...  

and more just arrived.....................................πŸ‘½

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol...New Release November 2021

In November, The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol unleash a 42 minute epic improvisational (8/3/2016) slab of heavy sonic space rock compliments of  Cardinal Fuzz Records UK and Feeding Tube Records USA !  This recording features an expanded lineup of 8 players including 3 guitarists!  This is a wild trip! πŸ‘½  Cover art features photos by group member Dave Reford.  The album was recorded by Bill Guerrero, Mastered by Chris Hardman and the LP/CD jacket designed by John Westhaver.  The CDR version is super ltd. and sports a beautiful hand crafted Sam Giles LP replica sleeve.  Watch here for exact LP release and availability as it's coming really soon ...RAFR !  

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Rocktober 16th: Birdman Sound Pop Up Record Shop

Awesome selection of wax for your consideration!  10 a.m. , Saturday, October 16th, 270 Catherine Street in Ottawa (parking lot in front of Dave's Drum Shop and if it's raining, just inside...)  πŸ‘½


The Angered Wrecks- "Bennies, Booze & R&R 1981" Archival Release


This is Rock 'N' Roll...

Exactly 40 years ago one drunken, speed fuelled evening in eastern Canada, The Angered Wrecks were born.  We existed for somewhere between 12-18 months. We played a number of house shows and a couple of bigger venue gigs. We lived the life of Riley and I'm shocked in many ways we survived the intake of legal and illegal substances upon reflection. There are only a couple of people who might read this post that were present during this heady time. The Wrecks (not by any stretch the first band I was in), were the group that would be the foundational jumping point for my continued participation in bands to this very day. There is nothing new or radical here by today's standards, or even then for that matter. The Angered Wrecks in that moment though, were like the brightest and most dangerous flame that had ever been lit in our tiny nearly non-existent scene.

This is taken from the insert included with the vinyl version which releases in early November 2021 on Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records...

"Just after high school in 1978, I played in what was likely Fredericton, New Brunswick’s 1st new wave/punk band called The Curbs.  We were playing all raved up covers of shit by Robert Palmer, Judas Priest, Max Webster, The Ramones, The Cars etc.  We played a handful of gigs over a two year period as I recall and had a lot of fun.  The Curbs consisted of myself on vocals, childhood friend, Geoff Graser on guitar, Dan Fleming on bass and Rick Thompson on drums.  Sadly we never recorded anything.  In late 1980 we played a gig called “The Sid Vicious Memorial Concert” At Memorial Hall on the campus of The University Of New Brunswick.  A band called The Vogons opened for us that evening.  I would a year or so later become for a short period of time the Vogons vocalist, but that’s another story.  This gig at MEM Hall would prove to be the last Curbs gig ever.  We ended the night with a 20 + minute rendition of the Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” and were joined on stage by Vogon’s leader Danny Silk and audience member Mark Carmody.  At a point the stage became a wresting ring with guitars being used playfully as “weapons” and I think Silk even bled after being crowned with an axe as the concert came to a tumultuous end. Carmody, Silk and I decided to form The Angered Wrecks a week later and drafted Curbs drummer Rick Thompson.

We began rehearsing at an old “salt box” style house on Westmorland Street (later dubbed “The Bug Shack”)  in the fall of 1980 across from the old St. Anne’s Anglican Church (where pr-teen me served as an Alter boy, sung in the only male choir in New Brunswick at the time and went to sea scouts).  We partied pretty hard there over the winter and rehearsed in the front room ground floor with zero heat in the winter.  I recall vividly dressed for the outdoors while blasting away, in a cloud of constant icy breath. Somebody coming to hear us rehearse, a sort of audition to for a potential gig thought we were insane playing in sub zero temperatures! The only source of heat in the entire house was from a pottery kiln at the very back ground floor which was engaged to heat the 2nd level space where we all hung out when not playing.  A large circle was cut in the floor so that the rising heat would get up top faster…kind of surreal, but pretty guerrilla style for our small punk rock scene at the time, so it was cool by the same token.

In early spring of ’81, Mark, Danny and I moved into an old Victorian style house on Charlotte Street in the downtown area.  I was freshly unemployed and drawing U.I. after Sam the Record Man closed doors, Danny worked on the north side of town as a bread baker and Carmody  repaired and refurbished guitars at Tony’s Music Box.  We set up a permanent rehearsal space on the main floor taking up the dining room and living room area with a full P.A. system.  A long party began.  We rehearsed a few nights every week and the house became a hangout for friends and acquaintances, many of whom would just show up often unannounced.  Canadian jazz vocalists Holly Cole was a regular fixture in our digs.  We often had strippers hanging out and partying as they resided across the street when on tour and would come over after their gigs finished at the strip club up on Prospect Street. The choice house “poison” became Purple Jesus; a righteous concoction of Alcool (94%) and Allen’s grape juice!  We always had beer, weed and often speed, which on occasion we’d get from trucker’s up the TransCanada highway a truck stops.  Stereos were always blasting from the upstairs bedrooms, The Doors, Pistols, Zappa, Sir Lord Baltimore, DK’s, Damnation Of Adam Blessing and everything else under the sun…and it was like a nonstop party coupled visits by local law enforcement.    We existed on hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches , pizza and takeout burgers and fries from the legendary BBQ Barn just on the east side of Magic Forest a few blocks away.  Gigs would happen mainly at 2 different locations, which we dubbed as punk parties: Horsnell’s Foundry on King St. and at The Bug Shack. These shows were loads of fun.  All of our recordings were done live off the floor with one cardioid mic taped to the ceiling to capture the entire room sound and straight into a cheap Alpine cassette deck.  We did a bunch of sessions to tape and sadly lost an entire 90 minutes worth of material that we recorded shortly before we broke up.  That last session had crazy re-workings of Pink Floyd songs, Stones, AC DC, etc.  I have anguished over the loss of that one master since discovering it missing in 1983.  I last saw it in my drawer at Magic Forest Music Store I think!   

The last show we ever played was in the fall of ’81 at the Bug Shack after the household was served an eviction noticed with the house to be entirely demolished.  We got a gig together the weekend before demolition, packed the bottom floor and played a blazing set.  At the very end, walls were kicked apart, old cans of paint strewn about, general wanton destruction to furniture, doors, windows etc…insane.  The bug shack had come to an end and shortly thereafter, The Angered Wrecks.  Our own rented house split up and I moved back in with my folks for the winter.  I began singing with the Vogons which was Danny’s band with Dave Maskill and Chris Saad.  Carmody went off on his own and in reality, I think, plotting the earliest incarnation of what would become the long running collective known as The Exploding Meet. This too is another chapter…"


John Westhaver  May 2021

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Rocktober 9th, Record Shop Pop Up !


Insane amount of new slabs...

             come check it out !