Friday, September 24, 2010

Birdman Recommendation !

Go to Montreal and see this show !!!!

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 24th, 2010

Don "Sugar Cane" Harris - Liz Pineapple Wonderful (MPS) LP
Sigi Busch - Silver Sickle (MPS) LP
Ninni Morgia - Arriving At A Statement (Ultra Marine) LP
Noah Howard - Domiabra (Bo'Weavil) LP
Zoo - Four Strings (Riviera) LP
Group 1850 - Purple Sky (Discofoon) LP
Pan & Regaliz - Today It Is Raining (Wah Wah) LP
The Illusion - Did You See Her Eyes (Dot) LP
Mott The Hoople - Walkin With A Mountain (Island) LP
Ozzie - Walls (S.S.) LP
Oneida - Saturday (Jagjaguwar) LP
the band whose name is a symbol - 6 Cornered (demo) cdr
Dream Syndicate -Halloween (Slash) LP
Nosferatu - Willie The Fox (Long Hair) LP
Quest For Fire - Psychic Seasons (Tee Pee) LP
White Hills - Dead (Thrill Jockey) LP
M.Mucci - Small Triumphs (The Tall House Recording Co.) LP
Gabor Szabo - Mizrab (Light In The Attic) LP
VEO - untitled track #4 (demo 2010) cdr
MV & EE - Drug Buff (Manhand) LP
John Coltrane - Africa (Impulse) LP

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...Sept 17th, 2010

Boris - Rain (Southern Lord) LP
Vibravoid - Mother Sky (Nasoni) LP
Motorpsycho - X-3(A Knucklehead In Space) (Rune Grammofon) 7"
Chrome Locust - New World Order (Tee Pee) CD
Iggy Pop & James Williamson - I Got Nothin' (Bomp) CD
Styrenes - One Fanzine Reader Writes (Drag City) 12"
Troubled Horse - Bring My Horses Home (Crusher) 7"
Alex Soria - River Of Sadness (MPG) LP
Nils - River Of Sadness (Profile) LP
Endless Boogie - Empty Eye (No Quarter) LP
Hairy Chapter - There's A Kind Of Nothing (Second Battle) CD
Epitaph - Autumn (Polydor) CD
Hawkwind - It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous/Space Is Their
Palestine (Castle) CD
Plastic Crimewave Sound - Shockwave Rider (Hozac) 7"
Moon Duo - Catch Can (Agitated) 7"
Les Rallizes Denudes - An Awful Eternity (Phoenix) LP
Alastair Galbraith - Money Is So Sad (Siltbreeze) LP
Deviants - Metamorphosis Exploration (Demon) LP
White Heaven - Fallin' Stars End (PSF) CD
Moolah - Mirror's (Atman) LP
Tokyo Sex Whale - Sleep / Killin' The Kids (Meatlocker) CD
Weathermakers - The Lucky Ones (Indie) CD
the band whose name is a symbol - New Sudan excerpt (demo) CDR
Sons Of Otis - Anti-Nauseant (Man's Ruin) CD
Blood Ceremony - Hymn To Pan (Rise Above) LP
Heads - Coogan's Bluff (Rocket) CD
Pharaoh Overload - Mangrove (Klangbad) LP

Friday, September 10, 2010

the band whose name is a symbol

Our new lp is finished and it sounds great! The new lp will feature 4 new tracks 3 of which feature the new TWBNIS lineup of 6 players and 1 cut featuring the utility version with 9 players!!! Side A features "Sour Kraut" and "Mezcal Temple", side B will accommodate "New Sudan" and "Humidex". "TBWNIS Vs. The Purveyors of Conspicuous Authenticity" clocks in at 44 minutes. The first 50 copies come with a bonus cd that features the 9 piece lineup recorded live in concert back in April at the Dominion Tavern.

TBWNIS will open for Slim Cessna's Auto Club, November 6th at Club Babylon. The new LP will be available at the show or exclusively at Birdman Sound 593 Bank St. in Ottawa.

Friday Morning Cartunes...Sept. 10th, 2010

Wo Fat - Not Of This Earth (Nasoni) LP
Thunderbolt Pagoda - Horizon On Fire (Mutant Music) LP
Man Forever - Part One (St.Ives) LP
the band whose name is a symbol - Mezcal Temple (demo) cdr
Drum Circus-Groove Rock(Garden Of Delights) CD
Stray - All In Your Mind (Transatlantic) LP
Budgie - Nude Disintegrating Parachute Woman (Kapp) LP
Saccharine Trust - Peace Frog (SST) LP
Jason Simon - Let's Begin (Tee Pee) LP
Magnus Pelander - Hope (Svart) Lp
Astralasia - A Coloured In Dream (Tonefloat) LP
Hawkwind - Prometheus (Back On Black) LP
Sungrazer - Mountain Dusk (Elektrohasch) LP
The Linus Pauling Quartet - Alien Abduction (Camera Obscura) LP
Second Life - Hate (Second Battle) CD
Tomorrow's Gift - Riddle In A Swamp (Second Battle) CD
Dark - Wasting Your Time (Acme) LP
Eddie Hazel - Lampoc Boogie (JDC) LP
Mahogany Frog - St. Helga Of Argyle (Indie) CD
Butterflies & Zebras - C Thing (Indie) Cd
Weathermakers - Day One (Indie) CD
Quest For Fire - Strange Vacation (Tee Pee) CD
Acid King - Teen Dusthead (Kreation) LP
UFO - Lights Out/Rock Bottom (Chrysalis) LP

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 3, 2010

Canaxis - Shook Eyes Ammunition (Music Factory) LP
Jerry Granelli - Wait For The Machine (Divorce) LP
Mother-Unit - Birth Death Fate (Stickman) LP
Brainticket - Adventure Part 1 (Cleopatra) LP
Sun Araw - The Stakeout (Not Not Fun) LP
Jarka - Sube La Silla Roja (Wah Wah) LP
Dragon - Crystal Ball (Golden Pavilion) LP
Faust - Kundalini Tremolos (Bureau B) LP
Gnod/White Hills - Drop Out (Rocket) LP
Solace - Six-Year Trainwreck (Heavy Birth) LP
Poobah - Let Me In (Ripple Music) LP
Edgar Broughton Band - Momma's Reward(Keep Them Freaks A Rollin' (Harvest) LP
Solarized - Stab Your Back (PLY) LP
Pontiak - Eyes (Fireproof/Diver City) LP
Silberbart - Brain Brain (Philips) LP
The Psychedelic Shafferson Jetplane - In Margaritas With David Icke (Pastabase) LP
Zoroaster - D.N.R. (E1) LP
Ufomammut - III (Supernatural Cat) LP
Space Debris - Anima/Latrino Mortadella (Breitklang) LP
Rush - The Necromancer... (Mercury) LP