Wednesday, March 22, 2023



Finally back on track with the 3rd Ottawa Psychfest !  This is the confirmed lineup with the addition of 1 more added shortly.  There will be advance tickets on Sale by June 1st.  The admission to this event will be $30. per night or a 2-Day Pass for $50.  Super stoked for this to happen as the first 2 were so brain meltingly fun !  Thanks to Yogi and the fine staff at House Of Targ for hosting us again.  Co-Presented by Birdman Sound and UK based lrecord label Cardinal Fuzz, this will be a must experience weekend of LIVE music.  So very lucky and honoured to have our friends Dead Sea Apes all the way over from Manchester, UK who will headline the Saturday night portion of the festival.  Also really awesome is to have New York State's Ambassador Hazy on board!  Sterling DeWeese has unleashed 3 of the most perfect LPs since 2020, that in all sincerity define happiness for me throughout the course of this fucking pandemic bullshit!  Kingston' Ontario's The Strange Happenings bring their superb blend of sonic swirling garage psych-punk to the nation's capitol for this , their first voyage here!  Caveman & The Banshee are a duo from Nanaimo, BC with Dave Read at and his life partner Valentina Cardinalli.  Their new LP is a fucking mind blowing acid/psych/punk blast!  Dave keeps himself busy running Noiseagonymayhem Records as well as music projects which include Moths and Locusts, Anunnaki and El Hombre Al Agua !  Slow Dawn, Shoresy, Pallbearer Industry, Day Of The Dreamweapon (Dave Jackson) and The Band Whose Name is A Symbol add the local flavour and represent some of the most creative and musically challengeing artists in Fat Cat City.  The people involved in all these projects are all journeymen and whether you know it or not you've witnessed many of them countless times in countless configurations over many, many years!  Everyone's bandcamp links are listed below...delve in, turn on and fly!  All this stuff in a LIVE setting will be guaranteed to rearrange you grey matter!👽

Dead Sea Apes  Ambassador Hazy  The Strange Happenings Caveman & The Banshee

              Shoresy  Slow Dawn  Day Of The Dreamweapon  Pallbearer Industry C. Ross

                                             * The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol 

* The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol will perform as Ensemble V.  TBWNIS will once again be augmented with past members in good standing; Christoper Laramee (Wasted Cathedral/Shooting Guns/Switching Yard/Runway), Carl Lane (Beld/Resin Scraper) and Dave Cambridge (The Golden Rule/Cardinal Fuzz Records)

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Pop Up Record Shop: Saturday, March 25th, 2023


New Arrivals @ Birdman 2/21/2023


Faust - Momentaufnahme I

unreleased wickedness from early 1970's

Faust - Momentaufnahme II

more unreleased greatness from the early 1970's

Imamu Amiri Baraka - It's Nation Time

1972 Free Jazz Soul in vein of early Last Poets...awesome!

Baligh Hamdi - Instrumental Modal Pop Of 1970s Egypt

A major composer to the stars in Egypt 60's / 70's

Lay Llamas - Goud

Italian psych/experimental weirdos blaze again...

Behaviours - Sad Truth About Happiness

Smokin' off the rails garage rock with hard driving fuzz blasts from Canada.

Cazayoux - S/T

Smoldering Texas Afro Rock..this track is Live from last september and a killer studio version is found on this longplayer!  Wickedly deep shit!

Angel Bat Dawid - Requiem For Jazz

Free Jazz/No Wave brilliance from deep shit composer extraordinaire Angel Bat Dawid...Insanely awesome, spiritual and moving! 💕

Mdou Moctar - Niger EP Vol. 2

Another wicked record from the king of Agadez Desert Rock! 💕

Richard Olsen & The Familiars

Timeless "west coast" pop music inspired by the greats of Laurel Canyon?  Maybe?  From the UK and formerly with the great Eighteenth Day Of May !  On Cardinal Fuzz💕 !

Ancient River - Before Dawn

1st time vinyl issue of great band's 2007 debut recording...oh so goddamn good!  Drifted electric psychedelic rock that will pin you to your seat!

Pure Land Stars (White Manna) - Trembling Under The Spectral Bodies

Deep shit improvised psych creativity from Northern Calif. godz...

Straitjacket - Demented Perverts

70's Swedish punk driller from future LEATHER NUN members!  Fucking sweet kick in the nutz !  

Friday, March 17, 2023


Ottawa Psychfest III finally happening !  Presnted by Birdman Sound and Cardinal Fuzz, it goes down Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th of September.  Final lineup announced shortly !  Advance tix. will be available soon and the event takes place like the first two at House Of Targ here in Ottawa !  💕👽

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

New Release : The Exploding Meet: "Fruitcake" 1992


Collective: The Exploding Meet
Classification : Heavy Ambient
Existence: Formed 1983.... Fredericton, NB. Canada
Official Releases: 13 to date, last in 2012.
Offshoot: Decade Of Dreams (releases-3)
New Release: Fruitcake 1992 (releasing May 2023) on 

                         We, Here & Now !


Once described as "Surrealist-Ethno-Underworld-Fusion", the Exploding Meet led by composer Mark Carmody, were equipped with standard rock instrumentation but with modified tuning and a broad palate of percussion voices which opened up a somewhat unique and mesmerizing sonic range. Rhythms and harmonic structures reflect the group’s interest in the exotic soaring dance modes of Psychedelic Rock, Jazz and Ju Ju Music. The power and freedom of Coltrane and Coleman mix with the meditative pulses of afro-centric music, Middle Eastern modes and the always present, expansive, influential body of accurately referenced material. Environmental sights and sounds from the weathered cities and diverse rural landscapes of Eastern Canada offer the greatest contribution. This atmosphere furnishes a dreamscape from which the whole identity of the music evolves.

On July 13th, 1985, the exploding meet performed "Inaugural Address" @ Memorial Hall on the U.N.B. campus and thus embarked on a long journey that always focused on developing live performance potential. The intention always being to discover ways of expressing thoughts and feelings in a musical language tapped at its source. Performances over the next few years included "the Pineapple Analogy", "Slugfest ' 86", "Scream", Wolverine", "Lola Palooza ' 88", "Bard Mongrel", "Gatineau Rebellion", "Circus Of Disharmony" and many others. The collective performed many shows and released a number of albums in various formats over the course of several decades which garnered global praise from the underground and great support from Canadian community based radio. The exploding Meet performed primarily in Fredericton although a number of shows took place in Ontario and Quebec. The collective performed a number of times in their home base at "First Night", "Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival" and also at the first ever "Maritime Independent Music Festival".

The exploding meet also had a “pop” side as well, which manifested itself within the division known as Decade of Dreams. Under this banner several vinyl LP’s and CDs were also released and were generally well received once again by the aforementioned recipients of recorded material. Mark Carmody also saw the release of what is truly a magical vinyl only LP which provided the soundtrack to NFB film called “Tuesday Wednesday” released under his own name.

track taken from DTK LP release 1987

Decade Of Dreams - Wild Colloquial LP '87 and Parochial Zoo LP '88 both on DTK Records.  "Lifetime Of Vacations" CD 1992.

unreleased cover of legendary F'ton punk band Guilt Parade ! 💕💣

Those involved in the exploding meet collective collided through the mutually felt isolation of their existence with a desire to expand the mind. On retrospect, this appears to have been coupled with a born internal need to self discover through the channeling of music and art. Pretty much everyone to this day practices their craft in many forms and we all have extremely fond memories of our times together as “the meet”, touching the universe as one single entity whenever we played. Enjoy this experience and always remember to look for the flare!

Live At Shed Sessions 1995

tracks appears on the album "Circus Of Disharmony" released 1993 on Look For The Flare label.

Live In Ottawa @ Club Saw 1992

track appears on the album "Circus Of Disharmony" 
released 1993 on Look For The Flare label.

If the lord is willing and the creek don't rise, there will be more EXPLODING MEET releases down the road!  Take the trip on the spaceship and remember to always look for the flare...

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Up-Tight "Sweet Sister" ...All That Can Get Heavy...

All That Can Get Heavy...

I first heard Up-Tight by way of Steven Krakow's Galactic Zoo Disk label in 2005 because of my obsession with Kawabata Makoto.  A CD only release at the time sporting a VU's tribute cover art scenario happily entered my world , how can you go wrong...?

Always vigilant for pending releases by Up-Tight (pre-order here) after that was a given and what I have, has been slowly acquired.  UP-Tight are a slow burner psychedelic rock band, at it since 1992, the group have a handful of predominately ltd. self released, cds, cdrs and a cassette or two and very few records.  Up-Tight play a largely drone oriented, improv style of music which draws on some of the early sounds of Guru Guru , the heaviest acidic jamz of say the Velvet Underground as well as the influence of Japanese Psych forefather Godz Les Rallizes Dénudés.💕  It's all very wild and so fucking wonderful! 💣💕👽 

This 1st time waxing comes at the behest and hawkeyed Cardinal Fuzz headmaster Dave Cambridge.   Dave obsessively dwells on and knows always,  what's best for you and I with regard to the proper musical diet.  Previously only a self released CDR "Sweet Sister" exemplifies perhaps what Up-Tight do best;  they slow roast that fucking grey matter until the juices flow correctly and you trip the light fantastic on the way to suffonsification ! This newly minted first time vinyl is one 45 minute track, split over two sides and builds to perfectly cooked! You are served the Wagyu Filet Mignon of psych right here people!!  When you hit side two, you are into the heaviest part of the dish that relentlessly sports the syncopated, heavy, downer drone of unwaivering tribal drum propulsion framed by snarling, snakey heavy guitar histrionics.  It's like the greatest loop from a God whose acid fueled intention leaves no leftovers on a plate.  Pull the trigger on this record from Up-Tight, you owe yourself a bonafide top dish every so often.  "Sweet Sister"  is on pre-order in the UK at Cardinal Fuzz Friday, March 3rd and in the USA at Feeding Tube Records through Forced Exposure.       JW.👽

                                                 Listen here.....Up-Tight - "Sweet Sister"