Friday, May 19, 2023

Incomig Wax : Birdman Sound


Natural Information Society - Since Time Is Gravity

Blood Ceremony - The Old Ways Remain

Les Rallizes Denudes

Les Rallizes Denudes

Kanaan - Downpour

Telescopes - Of Tomorrow

Milford Graves, Arthur Doyle & Hugh Glover

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

New Arrivals: 5/16/2023


Don Cherry - Live In Ankara

Gabor Szabo - The Sorcerer

Archie Shepp - Kwanza

Sam Apple Pie - Second Helping

Andromeda - S/T

Jade Warrior - S/T

Walter Wemuller - Tarot

Aunt Sally - S/T

Bought a large collection of great LPs last week.  Majority of these are 1-2 plays so near mint.  Most are imports.  Most are out of print editions.  60's, 70's etc.  Metal, Stoner, Prog, Pyche, Punk, Classic Rock etc....Exciter, Fu Manchu, Brant Bjork, Acid King, Blue Oyster Cult, Earthride, Saint Vitus, Buffalo, Husker Du, Gates Of Slumber, Blood Ceremony...

Mystery boxes at Birdman Sound weekly pop ups at 270 Catherine Street in Ottawa. 👽

Birdman Sound in Montreal, May 28th, 2023

 Will have a table at this in 2 weeks...Hope to see you there!  My buddy Serge in tow ! 👽

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Birdman Pop Up Shop 5/13/2023


Saturday May 13th , 10 a.m. 270 Catherine St. Ottawa

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Jeff Dahl...What Goes Around, Comes Around


In the late 80's I scored new 7" singles by Jeff Dahl released on Sympathy For the Record Industry.  I knew Jeff’s name by way of Vox Pop, Angry Samoans and Powertrip.  These 2 singles blew my head off with the hard rock of the early 70's and the power of late 70's punk, a perfect marriage!  Jeff's 1st solo LP on Triple X- "I Kill Me", kicked my ass!  Jeff Dahl was part of the reason I started Resin Scraper in 1992. 


That year I sent Jeff our first cassette only album (we were covering "Lisa's World" and he wrote me back a thank you note. 


Jim Bryson saw Jeff somewhere in the USA when Punchbuggy were on tour, went to the show, bought me a 7" and asked Jeff to sign it (one of my most cherished record gifts ever) !  👉

In 1999 the honor of sharing a stage with Jeff became a reality and in my mind, one of the most sizzling double bills I ever booked at the Dominion Tavern!  What a night!  We have stayed in touch off and on over these many years and Jeff continues to put out album after album of relentless power, energy and in yer’  face R&R greatness !

Not more than a month or so back out of the blue, I got a message from Jeff simply saying, that he'd been thinking on what a wonderful show that one was back in 1999...24 years later!  

Me and Jeff @ The Dominion Tavern 1999 👉

2 weeks later Jeff’s latest album "All My Friends Are Crows" arrives in the mail ! Absolute ass kicking R&R beast of the highest order!❤

Jeff Dahl "All My Friends Are Crows"

Saturday at the Ottawa Record Fair I snagged a copy of The Jeff Dahl Group – “Pussyfart K.O. Live" (fanclub LP) from a dude who originally bought it from me 30 years ago at Birdman Sound!  What goes around comes around!  Love ya Jeff and thanks for the album dude, YOU RAWK! ❤

Jeff Dahl - 1970 (Stooges cover-LIVE) 👉