Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Fave 60's / 70's Heavy Hitter's At Birdman Sound

Curation is what we have excelled at for 3 decades!  Don't fucking care a wit regarding trends at all!  Every week there are amazing records from by-gone dayz, that are stocked in the shop.  These are all monsters and highly recommended titles that are always in and out of stock.  Life is short, fill yer boots, especially if yer deep shit into the psych sounds from yesteryear! Hard, heavy and spaced out global grooves...links to each in order at end of post...👽

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

This Week At Birdman Sound

As usual a load of great LPs in the shop now!  Ltd. quantities on all titles, some more so than others!  If you see something you want, best act quickly as there are no guarantees that we can get many things back in again, so it's like a first come first served scenario {:>))))

Taras Bulba - Soul Weaver  (Riot Season) UK

Shit and Shine - Goat Yelling Like A Man  (Riot Season) UK

Mummise Guns - S/T  (Riot Season) UK

Black Helium - The Wholly Other  (Riot Season) UK

Zombi - 2020  (Relapse) USA

Kooba Tercu - Proto Tekno (Rocket Recordings) UK

Sex Swing - Type II  (Rocket Recordings) UK

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Viscerals (Rocket Recordings) UK

Stereoboy - Kung Fu (Dirty Filthy) UK

Par Asito - Singularity (Dirty Filthy) UK

Servo Alien - S/T  (Fuzz Club) UK

The Underground Youth - Sadovaya (Fuzz Club) UK

Helicon - This Can Only Lead To Chaos (Fuzz Club) UK

Las Cobras - Selva (Fuzz Club) UK

Elevator - Darkness...Light  (Blue Fog) CAN

Sonic Boom - All Things Being Equal  (Carpark) USA

Vert:X - Hed  (Spiral Void) UK

Mugstar and Damo Suzuki - Invisible Wind Factory (The Weird Beard) LP

Various - Brown Acid: The 10th Trip (Heavy Rock 60's/70's) (Riding Easy) USA

Pretty Lightening - Jangle Bowls (Fuzz Club) UK

Radar Men From The Moon - The Bestial Light (Fuzz Club) UK

Tengger - Nomad (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond) USA

Wax Machine - Earthsong Of Silence (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond) USA

Steve Palmer - Useful Histories (Sunrise Ocean Bender) USA

Airto - Seeds On The Ground (Real Gone Music) USA

and tons more !

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Birdman Sound Pop Up Shop # 2...Saturday August 29th

Hard to believe that we are near the middle of August already !  The first Birdman Sound pop up was fun and great to see so many happy folks scoring great wax ! 👽  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 29th for round 2! Including the Birdman, there will be 3 other vendors on site!  Loads of killer tunes!!  Masks must be worn and physical distancing will be in practice.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Method to Madness At Birdman Sound

Some major heavy hitter top sellers have made their way back into the shop this week.  Alongside a few newer hot platters, here's a chance to get schooled proper and catch up!  You need to connect the dots, it's important! 👽

Maximum Joy/Station M.X.J.Y.

Zombi /2020   

You/Electric Day

Pinhas, Richard/Rhizosphere

Heldon/Electronique Guerilla

Heldon/Agneta Nilsson (Heldon IV)           

Heldon/6 - Interface

Heldon/Stand By


Numan, Gary/Replicas (2LP) the first

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melt/s/t

Eno/Moebius/Roedelius/After The Heat       

Monophonics/It's Only Us    

Holden, Randy/Population II

Eddie Flowers & The Wax-Lip-Swamp-Dub  

Action/Rolled Gold

Baby Grande/1975-77


Autotelia/I (green vinyl)

Euclid/Heavy Equipment (incl. CD)            

Dungen/Dungen Live

Heliocentrics/13 Degrees Of Reality

Heliocentrics/Out There (2LP)

Hector, Karl & The Malcouns/Unstraight Ahead                                                              

Stack Waddy/Bugger Off!

Elevator/Darkness-Light (colour vinyl/remaster)