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January 30, 2022...Multi-Vendor Pop Up Record Shop


Multi Vendor Pop up shop next Sunday at 591 bank street in Ottawa right beside the old Birdman Sound shop!  New, used and collectible LPs for the discerning buyer!  Super "tight" selections which are all curated!  


Also while your here pop next door and check out the vinyl selection at Crosstown Traffic !  They boast a wicked selection of new and used vinyl as well!  

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The Rise of The Compact Disc...


                     Here we go for thought ....  πŸ‘½

                                       Rolling Stone Magazine  January 19, 2022

Some of What's New In The Shop This Week Jan 17-21

Great Ad :  Obscure hard rock/heavy psych from Sweden, mid 1970's.  In yer face and total stoner!

On Subliminal Sounds label.

Bay area late 70's blazing psych rock/metal moves!

Golden Dragon on Subliminal Sounds label

Tim Hecker : The North Water (Original Score)

Composed just before and during the beginning of the pandemic 2020.  Dark ambient befitting the movie , it's subject and the time of composition.  On Invada Records UK.

Deep rhythmic improv and Antelopr's second vinyl outing !  In International Anthem Recording Co. (GREAT Chicago indie label)  This group is a duo with Jamie Branch and Jason Nazary (of Helado Negro fame).

Legendary 1st LP from 1969...Stone Cold Classic!

Tripped out jazz monster from 1973...a cosmic voyage!

1970's space funk from the late great Dr. Smith ! 

BORIS - W  on Sacred Bones label 2022

Phew - S/T  on Japanese label P-Vine...much anticipated of rare 1981 LP made with members of German greats CAN !

PIL original member Jah Wobble !  Ltd. edition double LP set on color wax ! Too cool for school !

Elevator To Hell Parts 1-3  (expanded 2 LP set) Rick White's 1st released LP work Remastered and now on Blue Fog Records.  Ltd. edition and already sold out at source !

Killer Afro Beat from Ghana and Vis A Vis !  The groups 2nd album originally released in 1976!

These dudes all played as well with the legendary K. Frimpong and his Cubano Fiestas !

Monday, January 17, 2022

Cardinal Fuzz Vinyl : Instock @ Birdman Sound

For a number of years now Birdman Sound has worked closely with stalwart UK based record label Cardinal Fuzz.  Together, we have presented here in Canada and particularly the Ottawa region, the opportunity to access one of the world's very best record labels. It's insanely curated and nothing really sounds like either the last LP you heard or purchased for that matter!  That in our books is called exciting!

What's listed here is what is actually instock and much of it is last copies.  There is constantly an inflow of Cardinal Fuzz releases so reach out here if there's something new you want or something to fill a gap as you never know!  All titles even the newest incoming ones are ltd. supply!πŸ‘½

Cardinal Fuzz : Vinyl LP's In Stock

Abronia - The Whole Of Each Eye

Acid Rooster – Irrlichter 

Alien Mustangs – Beat Of The Earth

Angered Wrecks – Bennies, Booze & Rock ‘N’ Roll (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Anunnaki – Martyr Of Alexandria 

Big Blood - Dark Country Magic (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Black Bombaim w/ Jonathan Saldana, Luis Fernandes, Pedro Augusto- S/T (2xLP)

Black Bombaim w/ Isaiah Mitchell, Rodrigo Amada, Shela – Live At Casazul

Stephen Bailey - 9

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Superficial Marks

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Biker Smell

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Punks VS. Twats and Urban Cowboys

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Unsemble

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Ensemble 8/3/2016

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Split w/ Anunnaki

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Berserkir II

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Box Set II

Banshee – Livin’ In The Jungle

Cobra Family Picnic – Magnetic Anomaly (co-release w/ Sky Lantern)

Cotton, Alison – Only Darkness Now (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Dark Bird – Out Of Line

Dead Sea Apes w/ Adam Stone, Black Tempest – Dataland (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Dead Sea Apes – Nightlands (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest – The Sun Behind The Sun (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Diagonal – S/T (The Acid Test/Little Cloud)

Dire Wolves – Paradisiacal Mind (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Dreamtime – Sun (co-release w/ Captcha)

Dreamweapon – Rites Of Lunacy (co-release w/ Little Cloud)

Elkhorn – The Acoustic Storm Sessions (co-release w/ Centripetal Force)

Firefriend – Dead Icons (co-release w/ Little Cloud)

Hawkeyes – Last Light Of Future Failures

The Heads – Reverberations Volume Two

Heavy Lidders - Elixir Of Life

Herbcraft - Trash Heap

The Janitors – 15 Years Of Fuzz And Folkol

The Janitors – Noisolation Sessions Vol. 1

Kohoutek - Jurad

Kungens Man – Tomhetens Furste

Kungens Man – Spelar I Evighet  Amen

Kungens Man – Branna Tid

Kungens Man – Den Nya Skivan

Left Outsides – Are You Sure I Was There?

Left Outsides – A Place To Hide…Live

Mienakunaru – Blood Sun

Mirage –Telepathic Radio

Mouth Painter – Tropicale Moon

MT. Mountain – Golden Rise (co-release w/ Little Cloud)

Mirrors – Lost 3rd Album (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Monoshock – Runnin’ ape-like The Backwards Superman 1989-1995

Mugstar – Graft (co-release w/ Centripetal Force)

Myrrors- Curved Entrances

Myrrors – Invocaciones: Instrumental Singles and Strays (2014-2016)

Prana Crafter – Mind Stream Blessing (co-release w/ Eiderdown)

Prana Crafter - Morphomystic  (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Radiation Flowers – Summer Loop

The Sand Pebbles –Ghost Transmissions

Shooting Guns – Born To Deal In Magic

Switching Yard– Brent (co-release w/ Little Cloud)

Trimdon Grange Explosion – S/T (co-release w/ Feeding Tube)

Upupayama – S/T

Velvet Elevator - Principium

Wasted Cathedral – I’m Gonna Love You ‘Til The End Of Time (co-release w/ Centripetal Force)

Wasted Cathedral / Deadmalls- Split (co-release w/ Noiseagonymayhem/Little Cloud)

White Manna – Ape On Sunday 


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Primitive BLAST : The 14th Wray: Canadian PSYCH PUNK 1991 Ltd. Vinyl LP !


Wowzers !  Who'd have thought!  Kingston, Ontario's only 60's inspired psych-punk band from dayzzz of yore,  now have a VINYL full length!πŸ’•  A super ltd. pressing of 300 only and it's a snarling mess of aggro from start to finish!  Basically a revamped version of their legendary and rare cassette release from 1991 "Wig, Man! Wig!!".  Raw and wailing throughout, there's nothing but fireball aggro on this burner, that fits in a beaut with all yer' Crypt and Pebbles 60's punk thuggery comps!  Super swell to be spinning this on deck here at Birdman this very moment!  Was great to see Gord Mylks (guitarist) drop this by this morning...we had a great gab!  14th Wray also featured my good friends Greg Watson (Mississippi Grover/ Grog/ Orange Alabaster Mushroom) and Ottawa's very own Rock 'N' Roll barber (via Kingston) Patrick Shanks !  The late Alan Wright was the man on the savage skins (R.I.P.)  The LP is a great package with double sided insert and deep see through purple wax!  If psych punk TRASH is your bag babies, wade in on this cuz time's short and this 'ill be gone man, gone when word spreads!  Fucking EH ! πŸ’•πŸ‘½

           The 14th Wray- "Wig, Man! Wig!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

More New Arrivals In The Shop Today !!!

 Some of what arrived today ! L-R / T-B...

Makoto Kubota

Jeff Parker

John Dwyer (and others)

Garcia Peoples

Viletones !!!


Joe McPhee

Herbie Hancock and Carlos Santana

Art Blakey


TBWNIS: A Dark and Stormy Night January 19th, 2019

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol have a rich 14 year history of being somewhat fucked over by weather!  Amongst some of us in the band we call it "the curse".  I could regale you with dates and gigs but suffice to say, weather in Canada can be a bitch!  By all accounts I can think of 4 outdoor gigs that were canned, day of due to rain.  One show, years back, coincidentally the night my Mother actually passed, we had power knocked out in the club by a vicious thunderstorm literally as I was stick counting us in, the joint went black and that was the end of all...kinda spooky now that I think about it... 

Winter is always the most challenging and it's insane how many shows we've played in blizzard conditions over the years!  

On the 19th of January, 2019, we played our 2nd show at Mavericks here in Ottawa (1st show there was 2016 opening for Pere Ubu!πŸ’•).  

We were opening for Yawning Man, and Freedom Hawk and Pisser were also on the bill. That day forecasted weather wise, was temperatures of -30 Celsius and hard driving snow! It certainly was all that and more! BRUTAL! I'll never forget the shock that the fellas in Yawning Man in particular felt that night and for the rest of us although harsh, it was a "what the fuck can you do" kinda night. 

All that said, all 4 bands kicked ass and it was pretty awesome to see 100 good souls brave the elements to get their noggin's cleaned out with some very heavy music that evening! 

If you click on the link here you can hear our set which is "up" for the very first time on our band camp as I just discovered I had it in the archives...It was a dark and stormy night...πŸ‘½

photos here by Andrew Carver

LIVE AT MAVERICKS + bonus track

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

We Got The Beat ! New Arrivals In The Shop


Loads of new arrivals as always in the shop...some cherry top selling restock and more LPs arriving later in the week... all titles in limited quantities...stay tuned !  πŸ‘½

Feeding Tube Records Part 1 @ Birdman Sound

A longtime favourite record label in the shop is Feeding Tube Records. Based in Massachusetts and curated by Byron Coley and Ted Lee, it's a label that has ridden on the fringes of obscurity since forever.  There are no specific genres really and everything bears one's attention especially if like me, you possess even the slightest amount of alien DNA!  Many Feeding Tube releases can challenge every definition of something you think you have a grip on and reappoint your puny existence, effortlessly.  This is what I've come to love about the label over these many years and this keeps discovery exciting!  I carry and restock frequently many titles on the label and investigate everything that is available old or new.  The focus here is brief overview of what is instock in the shop at the moment, but not nearly all of it as there's a lot of it!

Many of these to the left are in constant rotation and are all available at the moment.  Working L-R and T-B...

"My Pharaoh, My King" is from a duo featuring guitarist Tony Pasquarosa and drummer John Moloney (Sunburned Hand of The Man) who offer up a scintillating excursion into free jazz territory in the spirit of Pharaoh Sanders...deep shit!

Maco Sika/Hamid Drake featuring Tatsu Aoki and Thymme Jones "Ourania" is an album of spaced out freak prog/free jazz folk moves and psych improv that keeps one guessing at every turn!  It's got some trumpet action which just naturally makes it a winner! 

Rob Noyes and Joseph Allred with "Avoidance Languages" offers up a tripped out landscape, dense with the influence of the two's guitar soli forefathers.  A mesmerising excursion into the now sound of psych folk and what a wonderful trip it is !

Monocot are an American duo with Jason Gerycz on drums and Rosali Middleman on guitar.  These two bust out a ragged ass free psych instrumental onslaught that ebbs and flows with some intense electric guitar wailing and busy drumming.  The whole of "Direction We Know"(4 tracks) is a pretty swell acidic trip and well worth repeated doses!

Loren Connors - "Unaccompanied Acoustic Guitar Vol. 1" is the left field blues guitarist captured in 1979 and originally a cassette only release.  2 volumes in stock of  9 so far, all being released by Feeding Tube. Dark blues magic as always on the sad side of emotion.

Joseph Allred's "Branches and Leaves" features Allred on guitars, banjo, harmonium, piano, vocal and other bits and bobs.  A truly folk sounding album in that traditional, spiritual old English style.  The whole album is uplifting despite it's sombre qualities. Thoroughly beautiful one way or another!

"The Incandescent Switch" from Old Million Eye is a great new album from Brian Lucas of Dire Wolves fame !  Brian is aided by several friends on a couple of tracks but primarily it is all down to him.  An excellent spaced out, dreamy voyage, and as some have said, in a kosmiche vein particularly on the keyboard side of things. There is an unmistakable acidic quality at work throughout and the vocal utterances barely heard in many cases, give the tracks an ethereal quality.  Superb.

The Itarod - The Ghost, the Elf, the Cat and the Angel is from a duo who were from Rhode Island and did their thing from 1996-2003.  Carin Wagner and Jeffrey Alexander (Dire Wolves) tread ground in that English electric folk psych vein of the late 60's and early 70's, but decidedly more whacked out. 

Jantar's "Sempronia" is one of my fave LPs of 2021!  A heady combination of bent prog and psych in the very best tradition of early 70's Canterbury style but made in modern fashion, it's a rock record on a higher plain than most!  These fol;ks must be killer LIVE !

There will be a 2nd and maybe 3rd and 4th part put up on the blog shortly, as I wasn't kidding about the depth and love for Feeding Tube Records...Have a listen to the above and revel in the glorious soundsπŸ‘½


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Record Shop Pop Up : January 15th


                               At Dave's Drum Shop...271 Catherine Street Ottawa....10 a.m.