Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 29, 2009

Plastic Crimewave Sound - End Of Clouds (Brah) LP
Astroqueen - Out Of This World (Pavement Music) CD
Chrome Locust - New World Disorder (Tee Pee) CD
Hellacopters - I'm Eighteen (Wild Kingdom) 7"
Cheval Sombre - Troubled Mind (Double Feature Records) CD
Life On Earth - There & Then (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Sula Bassana - Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (Nasoni) LP
Helios Creed - The Things They Showed Me (Noisevelle) LP
Lava - Tears Are Goin' Home (Repertoire) CD
Anekdoten - Monolith (Virta) LP
801 - Lagrima T.N.K. (Polydor) LP
James Blackshaw - Cross (Young God) CD
Spindrift - Speak To The Wind (Tee Pee) CD
Euroboys -Scarborough Fair (Virgin) CD
Colour Haze - Aquamaria (Elektrohasch) LP
Witchcraft - Queen Of Bees (Rise Above) CD
Wo Fat - Enter The Riffian (Brainticket) CD
Nebula - I Need Somebody (Sub Pop) LP
Vee Dee - Glimpses Of Another World (Criminal IQ) LP
New Christs - We Have Landed (Citadel) CD
Celibate Rifles - Storm (Oracle) CD
The Heads - Quad (Cargo) CD
the band whose name is a symbol - Proglodyte (pre-release) cdr
Mother's Children - B'n'E (Going Gaga) LP
Botched Suicides - Nuthouse Inn (Going Gaga) LP
Gorilla - Come On Now (Go Down) CD
Stone Axe - Riders Of The Night (Roadburn) CD
Elder - Ghost Head (Meteor City) CD
Suma - Dominator (Sumaamus Recordings) LP

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes....May 22, 2009

Ananda Shankar - Romantic Rhino (EMI) LP
Lonnie Liston Smith - Astral Travelling (Flying Dutchman) LP
Passport - Tarantula (Atco) LP
Waniyetula - Lindis Farne (Garden Of Delights) CD
Guru Guru - Samantha's Rabbit (Brain) LP
Boris - You Were Holding An Umbrella + (live) (Conspiracy) LP
Mahikari - The Fog Peaks Of Nara (Birdman) LP
Warlocks - You Make Me Wait (Tee Pee) LP
Arbouretum - Thin Dominion (Thrill Jockey) LP
Trembling Bells - I Took To You (Like Christ To Wood) (Honest Jons) LP
Babe Ruth - Joker (Harvest) LP
Genya Ravan - I Hate Myself (Columbia) LP
Fraction - Come Out Of Her (Phoenix) LP
Weird Owl - John's Spirit Guide (Tee Pee) LP
"the band whose name is a symbol" - NST (Going Gaga) LP
Desert Dun - Uneasy (Meteor City) CD
Truckfighters - Analougus (Fuzzorama) CD
Lowrider - David William Hughes (Meteor City) CD
Acid Mothers Temple - Vishnu & The Magic Elixir (Alien 8) LP
Hawkwind - Master Of The Universe (United Artists) CD
Suppositories - Wires MKII (Going Gaga) LP
Weedeater - God Luck & God Speed (Southern Lord) LP
Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - Two Stage Rocket / Two Birds (Tee Pee) LP
Baby Woodrose - Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Bad Afro) CD
Wooden Shjips - Down By The Sea (Holy Mountain) LP

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 8m 2009

Lightnin Hopkins - Mighty Crazy (Arhoolie) LP
Mississippi Fred McDowell - Red Cross Store (Capitol) LP
Rock Workshop - Theme For Freedom (Angel Air) CD
Soft Machine - Hope For Happiness (Probe) LP
Woods - Be Still (Troubleman) LP
Michael Yonkers Band - Thunder Speaks (Sub Pop) CD
Flipper - Talk's Cheap (Subterranean) LP
Dharma Warriors - Warriors Of The Dharma (Locust) LP
Ibliss - Margah (Wah Wah) LP
Hawkwind - Greenback Massacre (Dark Peak) CD
Deep Purple - Fireball...instrumental version (Harvest) CD
Blood Ceremony - Into The Coven (Rise Above) LP
Marissa Nadler - The Whole Is Wide (Kemado) LP
Arbouretum - False Spring (Thrill Jockey) LP
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Give My Compliments To The Chef (Vertigo) LP
Kebnekajse - Jag Alskar Sommaren (Silence) CD
Life On Earth - Watching The Shadows (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Eleking The Clay (Alien 8) LP
Serena Maneesh - Montrose Cadaveric (Bad Afro) 7"
Randy Holden - Wild Fire (Captain Trip) CD
Stray - Time Machine (Walhalla) CD
Sun Araw - Hey Mandala (Not Not Fun) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Cryptomnesia (RLP) LP
The Heads - Camden Brain Slurry (Rocket) LP
Miles Davis - Prelude Part 1 (Columbia) LP

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 1, 2009

Weedeater - Gimmie Back My Bullets (Southern Lord) LP
Cozmic Corridors - Daruber (Psi-Fi) CD
Alunah - Spend My Time (Nasoni) 10"
Wooden Shjips - Fallin' (Holy Mountain) LP
Geronimo Black - Low Ridin' Man (UNI) LP
My Solid Ground - The Executioner (Second Battle) CD
Embryo - You Don't Know What's Happening (Materiali Sonori) CD
Amboy Dukes - Prodigal Son (Mainstream) LP
Ax Genrich - Blow Up (Sunhair) CD
Pontiak - Maker (Thrill Jockey) LP
Colour Haze - Get It On (Homegrown) LP
Tlon - La Cuidad Despierta (Nasoni) LP
Almendra - Parvas (Agradecido) LP
Gleemen - Spirit (Vinyl Magic) LP
Richard Bishop - Rasheed (Revenant) Cd
The Pyramids - Aomawa (Ikef) LP
John Surman - Iron Man (Antilles) LP
Black Merda - 18 For 20 Years (Vampi Soul) LP
Nucleaus - Torrid Zone (BGO) CD
Space Debris - Trip Vitesse (indie) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Trilateral Commission As Diner Guests (Stones Throw) LP
Atomic Workers - Third Disaster (Nasoni) LP
Grand Tuner - Commercial (Nasoni) LP
Vibravoid - Fantastic Party (Nasoni) LP
Amon Duul II - Kismet (Vinyl) LP