Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...December 13th, 2013

Bardo Pond - Chance (Fire) LP
Mater Suspiria Vision - Messiah of Evil (Phantasma Disques) LP
Moths & Locusts - Escape From Sector 7 (NoiseAgonyMayhem) 12"
Sisters of Mercy - Gimme Shelter (A Merciful Release) 12"
Jex Thoth - Ehja (I Hate Records) LP
KVB - Dominance/Submission (A Recordings) LP
Lantern - Heart In Your Tongue (Sophomore Lounge) LP
Nick Turner - We Ride The Timewinds (Purple Pyramid) LP
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - The Wizard & the Seven Swines (The Old Noise) LP
Spids Nogenhat - Lolland Falster (Bad Afro) LP

Okta Logue - Judith (Columbia) LP
Chris Forsythe - Solar Motel Part 1 (Paradise of Bachelors) LP
Psicomagia - Simplon (El Paraiso) LP
Salems Pot - Sweeden Part 1 (Easy Rider) LP
20 Guilders - Under The Red Cliff (Nod & Smile) LP
Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff - First Of Spring (Important) LP
St. nic of Detroit aka Nicodemus - Devil's Live Inside My Hair (Toxic Crunch) LP
Les Vampyrettes - Biomutanten (Gronland) 12"
Cosmic Dead - Djamba (The Old Noise) LP
Edgar Froese - Tropic Of Capricorn (Virgin) LP

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...December 6th, 2013

The Thing - Viking (The Thing Records) LP
Teeth Of The Sea - Black Strategy (Rocket Recordings) LP
Transept - Muscle Beach (Dronehenge) LP
Cybotron - Ride To Infinity (Dual Planet) LP
Fire! - Molting Slowly (without noticing) (Rune Grammofon) LP
GR - The Metal Spike (Lesdisques Blasphématoires Du Palatin) LP
Chrome - Looking For Your Door (King of Spades) LP
The Janitors - MSSG (Fuzz Club) LP
The Entrance Band - Temptation (Beyond Beyond Beyond) LP
 Oresund Space Collective - Walking On Clouds (SRP) LP

Samsara Blues Experiment - Don't Belong (Electric Magic) LP
Kyuss - Thumb/Green Machine (Dali) LP
Toner Low - phase 7 (Roadkill) LP
Moths & Locusts - Theme From "The Zombie Ants" (Noiseagonymayhem) LP
Mammatus - Brain Train (Holy Mountain) LP
The Re-Stoned - Sea Monk (Nasoni) LP
Monster Magnet - Strobe Light Beatdown (Napalm) LP
Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid - Black Magic Satori (Safety Meeting) LP
Pharoah Sanders - Sun In Aquarius II (Impulse) LP

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 22, 2013

Cannibal Movie - Mondo Music I (Yerevantapes) LP
Oneida - Antibiotics (Version City) LP
Popol Vuh - Einsjäger & Siebenjäger (Wah Wah) LP
Embryo - Che Mangerai Domani, Vipera (Part Two)  (Mirumir) LP
Teeth of The Sea - Reaper (Rocket Recordings) LP
KVB - Again & Again (A Recordings) LP
Mick Karn - Trust Me (Virgin) LP
The Oscillation - Head Hang Low (D.C Recordings) LP
Timothy Leary - excerpt from Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (ESP - Disk.) LP
Klaus Schulze - Ways Of Changes (Virgin) LP

Jenks Miller - Spirit Signal (Northern Spy) LP
Wall Of Death - Away (Reverberation...) LP
Spids Nogenhat - Jorden Kalder (Bad Afro) LP
Telstar Sound Drone - Evaporation (Bad Afro) LP
Cave - Silver Headband (Drag City) LP
Purling Hiss - Gitar Damage (Richie) LP
G. Rogers & The Capitol Dominion Radiators - Tarantino (Pretty Bad) 7"
Ultravox - The Wild The Beautiful & The Damned (Island) LP
Spacin' - Ego-Go (Richie) LP
Neondian - Neondian (Teldec) LP
Steve Moore - Primitive Neural Pathways (Dangerous Age) LP
Herbie Hancock - Sleeping Giant (Warner) LP

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 15th, 2013

Caudal - Forever In Another World (Oaken Palace) LP
Weird Owl - Stars On A Coffin Lid (A Recordings Ltd.) 10"
Dead Meadow - Beyond The Fields We Know (Xemu) LP
Kikagaku Moyo - Dawn (Cosmic Eye) LP
The New Alchemy - Extra Terrestrial Blues (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Fire! - Would I Whip (Without Noticing) (Rune Grammofon) LP
Annette Peacock - Survival (Tomatoe) LP
Cosmic Trip Machine - Song of Rising Preacher Man (Nasoni) LP
Terminal Lovers - Rising Tide (Static) LP

The KVB - Leaning (Clan Destine) LP
Wooden Shjips - Back To Land (Thrill Jockey) LP
Destruction Unit - Night Loner (Sacred Bones) LP
Lou Champagne System - Propaganda Frustration (Medical) LP
Chrome - Looking For Your Door (King of Spades) LP
Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura - 1999 RE 70 (Deep Distance) LP
Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid - Devil Inside (Safety Meeting) LP
White Manna - Solar Returns (Holy Mountain) LP
Vision Fortune - Drag (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Harsh Toke - Weight Of The Sun (Tee Pee) LP
Amon Duul II - Surrounded By The Stars (UA) LP  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 8th, 2013

Suck - Season of The Witch (Shadoks) LP
Micah - I'm Only One Man (Shadoks) LP
Bump - Boris The Black (Shadoks) LP
Farm - Jungle Song (Shadoks) LP
Joseph - I Ain't Fattenin' No More Frogs For Snakes (Still Looking) LP
Peacepipe - The Day The War Has Ended (Shadoks) LP
Captain Marryat - Blindness (Shadoks) LP
Les Goths - Wake Up (Shadoks) LP
Blues Creation Sorrow (Still Looking) LP
Cerebrum - Seven Days (Shadoks) LP
Climax - Pachacutec... (World In Sound) LP

Dragonwyck - Ideas Within You/Fire Climbs (World In Sound) LP
Akira Ishikawa & the Count Buffaloes - Na Tu Penda Sana (Shadoks) LP
Odmenn - Saga Pjodar (Shadoks) LP
Eugene Carnan - People In The City (Shadoks) LP
Brush - Tomb Stone (Shadoks) LP
Wildfire - Quicksand (Shadoks) LP
Cold Sun - Fall (World In Sound) LP
Moses - Warning (Shadoks) LP

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 1st, 2013

Hawkwind - Orgone Accumulator/Upside Down (UA) LP
Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser(2001) (Fuzzorama) LP
Velvet Underground - Rock 'N' Roll (Cotillion) LP
Mark Carmody - Sweet Jane ( 1981 demo) cdr
Damon - Song of A Gypsy (Guerssen) LP
Help - Dear Lord (Soundvision) LP
High Speed & The Afflicted Man - Sun sun (Guerssen) LP
Mugstar - Bardo Head Finder (Hands In The Dark) LP
Lumerians - Dogone Genesis (Knitting Factory) LP
Dwellings - Wave Propagation (Trensmat) LP
Heldon - Jet Girl (Cobra) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Chinese Flying Saucer (Riot Season) LP

Gonga - Miasma (Tonehenge) LP
Internal Void - War Horse (Svart) LP
Gnod - The Vertical Dead (Tamed) LP
Bardo Pond - Kali Yuga Blues (Fire) LP
Lou Reed - Vicious (RCA) LP
Thirsty Moon - Big City (Long Hair) LP
Miles Davis - Prelude Pt.I (Columbia) LP

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...October 25th, 2013

Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra (A Recordings) LP
Nymph - Beyond (Northern Spy) LP
Agitation Free - we Are Men (MIG) LP
Murphy Blend - Past Is Gone (Missing Vinyl) LP
Pyramidal - Sons Of Light (Krauted Mind) LP
The Machine - Dopo (Elektrohasch) LP
The Janitors - A-Bow (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Montibus Communitas - Semilla (Cosmic Eye) LP
Wolf People - Hesperus (Jagjaguwar) LP
Shooting Guns - Go Blind (TRT) LP
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - It's All Lies (Esoteric) LP
Hot Lunch - Lady of The Lake (Tee Pee) LP

Paul Chain - Roses Of winter (Miotauro) LP
Kloven Hoofs - Bob Seger's Wake (Indie) cdr
The Oscillation - Descent (All Time Low) LP
Bad Guys - My Love Is Disgusting (Riot Season) LP
Josefus - Rock X (Shroomangel) LP
Abe Diddy & The Krautboys - The Score (Kozmik Artifacts) LP
Psicomagia - El Congreso Pt. 1 (El Paraiso) LP
Young Flowers - April '68 (Sonet) LP
Teeth Of The Sea - Responder (Rocket Recordings) LP

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...October 18th, 2013

Bitchin' Bajas - Intervals (Permanent) LP
Anika - Masters Of War (Invada) LP
Meddicine - Night Child (IBB) LP
Mark Cunningham - Magnesia (Feeding Tube) LP
The Oscillation - Telepathic EMP Machine RMX (All Time Low) 12"
WE - 1971 (Black Balloon) LP
Robedoor - Blasted Orb (Hands In The Dark) LP
Residual Echoes - Bush Pij/Sometimes (Holy Mountain) LP
biblical proof of UFOs - Orbitals(I,II,III) (Made In China) LP
The Dead-End Alley Band - It's Too Late (Nasoni) LP Sir Richard Bishop - Subak Tabola (Social Music Record & Tape Club)  LP

Ra.Can.Row - RTZ (Sunday) LP
The Re-Stoned - Green Line (Nasoni) LP
Astral Social Club - Twenty-Four Times Yes (Trensmat) LP
Dead Sea Apes &Black Tempest - Wilder Penfield (Cardinal Fuzz) LP 
Hawklords - Dream A Dream (Indie) LP
Monster Magnet - Last Patrol (Napalm) LP
Blaak Heat Shujaa - Helios (Tee Pee) LP
Rush - 2112 (Anthem) LP

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Upcoming Shows

October 29th...Orange Goblin, Holy Grail, Lazer/Wulf, Collider @Mavericks, Ottawa

November 7th...The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol, Flecton Big Sky and John Akpata ...CKCU-FM Funding Drive Benefit   @ Clocktower Brew Pub in the Glebe

November 9th...Church of Misery, Bloody Hammers, Against The Grain, Muffler Crunch, Ol Time Moonshine, Electric Ruin, Black Bread @ Mavericks

November 30th...Public Animal (T.O.), Mass (T.O.) and Big Dick @ Dominion Tavern

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...October 11th, 2013

Date Palms - Dusted Down (Thrill Jockey) LP
The Cosmic Dead - Anaphora (Cosmic Eye) LP
Tim Blake - Last Ride Of the Boogie Child (Polydor) LP
Cave - Arrow's Myth (Drag City) LP
Carpet - Man Changing The Elements (Elektrohasch) LP
Shooting Guns - Brotherhood Of The Ram (Pre-Rock) LP
Spontaneous Combustion - Pan (Harvest) LP
Pugsley Munion - Trouble (Out-Sider) LP
Sahara - The Mountain King Part 1 & 2 (Ariola) LP
Purson - Sapphire Ward (Rise Above) LP
Age of Taurus - The Bull & The Bear (Rise Above) LP
Earthless - Violence Of The Red Sea (Tee Pee) LP

Wo Fat - Nameless Cults (Totem Cat) LP
Sons of Otis -  Anti - Nauseant (Alone) LP
Psychic Ills - B-1-A (Skrot Up) LP
Plankton Wat - Nightfall (Thrill Jockey) LP
Purling Hiss - Down On The Delaware River (Richie) LP
Destruction Unit - Night Loner (Sacred Bones) LP
MX-80 Sound - Civilised/Demeyes (Superior Viaduct) LP
Lantern -  The Conjurer (Sophomore Lounge) LP
Planet Gong - Opium For The People / Allez Ali Baba Blacksheep Have You Any Bullshit? (Celluloid) LP

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...October 4th, 2013

Don Cherry & Latif Khan - Sangam (Heavenly Sweetness) LP
Embryo &Karnataka College of Percussion - Tala Tarangini (Schneeball) LP
Nymph - Battle Funk (Northern Spy) LP
Lamp Of The Universe - Pantheist (Clostridium) LP
Temples - The Atheist (Mikrofoni) LP
Follakzoid - Pulsar (Sacred Bones) LP
Verma - Wolframite (Trouble In Mind) LP
Cabaret Voltaire - Sly Doubt (Mute) LP
Factrix - Center Of The Doll (Superior Viaduct) LP
Vision Fortune - Drag (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Vespero - Lino (Golen Pavillion) LP

BILL - Miles 2001 (Klangbad) LP
Dead Sea Apes - Knowledge & Conversation (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Ensemble Economique - We Come Spinning Out Of Control (Not Not Fun) LP
Carlton Melton - Keeping On (Agitated) LP
Nik Turner - Fallen Angel STS-51-L (Cleopatra) LP
Abe Diddy & The Krautboys - Sailin'(extended version) (Kozmik Artifacts) LP
Terminal Lovers - Press The Bank / Ion Gate (Public Guilt) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Born Free Stone (Important) LP

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 27th, 2013

Paul Chain - Steel breath / Anti Christ (Svart) LP
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats - Devil's Work (Rise Above) LP
Wind and Friends - Movements (Syrin) LP
VED - Starokorokas (Adrian) LP
Telstar Sound Drone - Evaporation (Bad Afro) LP
Sun Araw - Conga Mind (Not Not Fun) LP
Sun Dial - Radiation (Tangerine) LP
Kvartetten Som Sprängde - Gånglåt från Valhallavägen (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Thumlock - Ethereal Blue (Kozmik Artifacts) LP
Brutus - Reflections (Svart) LP
Hills - Rise Again (Intergalactic Tactics) LP

Shooting Guns - Public Taser (Indie) LP
Black Pussy - Galaxies (Made In China) LP
M. Geddes Gengras - Untitle # 1 (Umor Rex) LP
Church Of Misery - Cloud Bed (Emetic) LP
Residual Echoes - A Marriage (Holy Mountain) LP
Oresund Space Collective - Finding The Path To Enlightenment (SRP) LP
Archie Shepp - Money Blues (Impulse) LP

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 20th, 2013

Cliffsight - One Sunny Day In The Dunes / Blue Grandma Sun (Long Hair) LP
Numinous Eye - Reduced To Ash (Nod & Smile) LP
Pharaoh Overlord - Octagon (Full Contact) LP
Ensemble Economique - Desir, DESIRE (Sound Of Cobra) LP
Pere Ubu - (Pa) Ubu Dance Party (Chrysalis) LP
Robert Wheeler & Allen Ravenstine - Sunrise In Milan (EML) 12"
Food Pyramid - I Know What I Saw (Moon Glyph) LP
Baltic Fleet - Midnight Train (Blow Up) LP
Astral Social Club - Snow Clouds /Glitterstompf (Trensmat) LP
You - Can You Tell Me Where I Am (Bureau B) LP

Residual Echoes - Bush Pij / Sometimes (Holy Mountain) LP
Desert Heat - Cat Mask At Huggie Temple (MIE) LP
Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest - Heliopause (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Prince Rupert's Drops - Plague Ride (Beyond...) LP
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Arche (Important) LP
Purling Hiss - Down On The Delaware River (Richie) LP
Klaus Schulze - Nowhere - Now Here (Island) LP

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 13th, 2013

ONO - I Been Changed (Monicker) LP
Joakim Skogsberg - Besvarjelse Rota (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Dungen - Hogdalstoppen (Mexican Summer) LP
Orne - Lighthouse (Svart) LP
Grumbling Fur - Eyoresye (Thrill Jockey) LP
Hexvessel - Masks of the Universe (Svart) LP
Alice Cooper - Black Juju (Warner) LP
Public Nuisance - Darlin' (Shadoks) LP
MC5 - Rama-Lama-Fa-Fa-Fa (Munster) LP
Powder Monkeys - Valediction (Munster) LP
Starfuckers - Right Side (Holy Mountain) LP
the band whose name is a symbol - NST (Going Gaga) LP
Flipper - Sex Bomb (Subterranean) LP
Golden Earring - I'm Gonna Send My Pigeons To The Sky (Perception) LP

Grand Magus - The Hunt (Nuclear Blast) LP
Age of Taurus - Rush Of Power (Rise Above) LP
Spirit Caravan - Dreamwheel (People Like You) 10"
Temple Of The Smoke - Street of Shifting Signs (Cosmic Eye) LP
Pere Ubu - My Dark Ages (Rough Trade) LP
Vista Chino - Dragona Dragona (Napalm) LP
Church Of Misery - All Hallow's Eve (Rise Above) LP
Hawkwind - Treadmill (GWR) LP
Tangerine Dream - Tangram Set Two (Virgin) LP

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...September 6th, 2013

Plastic Crimewave Sound - End Of Cloud (Brah) LP
Thee Open Sex - Light Of Love (Magnetic South) LP
Amon Duul II -  Freakout Requiem III (Liberty) LP
ONO - All Tomorrow's Parties (Moniker) LP
Black Sabbath - You Won't Change Me (Warner) LP
Pontiak - Maker (Thrill Jockey) LP
Bushman's Revenge - Iron Bloke (Rune Grammofon) LP
Alpha Omega  - Transdimensional Paradox (Fruits de Mers) 7"
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - Cities of Rust (Esoteric) LP

Hot Lunch - Monks On The Moon (Tee Pee) LP
Tin House - Be Good & Be Kind (0-Music) LP
Brutus - The Witches Remains (Svart) LP
Toad - Life Goes On (Akarma) LP
Dashiell Hedayat -  Eh Mushroom..."Chrysler" (Shandar) LP
Carlton Melton - Personal Space (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Mechanik - Kwangmyongsong... (Fruits de Mer) LP
Wooden Shjips - Ursus Maritimus (Last Bear’s Lament) (Thrill Jockey) 12"
Paul Chain - White Sepulchres (Svart) LP
Gong - Radio Gnome Invisible/Flying Teapot (Virgin) LP

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Incoming...Birdman New Arrivals

Lots of great new wax arriving later today!  Vista Chino, Eddie Gale, Master Musicians Of Bukakke, Hills, Age Of Taurus, Voice Of Seven Thunders, Hawkwind Light Orchestra, Dave Brock, CAN, Food Pyramid, Yawning Man/Fatso Jetson, Pere Ubu, Death, Third Sound, Mark Cunningham, King Khan & The Shrines, Bloodshot Bill, Church Of Misery, Jozef Van Wissem, Sam Sanders
and hours are 10-6 Mon-Sat....We're stocked to the teeth!

Birdman Sound August 2013 Top Sellers

White Hills – So You Are…So You’ll Be (Thrill Jockey)
Kandodo – K2O (Thrill Jockey)
Causa Sui – Europie Tide (El Paraiso)
Mark Cunningham – Blood River Dusk (Feeding Tube)
Tunnels – The Blackout (Thrill Jockey)
Eddie Gale – Ghetto Music (4 Men With Beards)
Michael Chapman – Wrecked Again (Light In The Attic)
Food Pyramid – Ecstasy & Refreshment (Holy Mountain)
Loop – Fade Out (Reactor)
Devo – Hardcore Volumes 1 & 2 (Superior Viaduct)

Steve Gunn – Time Off (Three Lobed) 

All of these titles are stocked at the shop...if out, they'll be back in.
All titles on vinyl format although CD copies of these have and can be obtained by special order if needed!  Just ask!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 30th, 2013

Pharoah Sanders - Elevation (Impulse) - LP
Montibus Communitas - Quilla (Trouble In Mind) LP
Group 1850 - A Point In This Life/Refound (Music On Vinyl) LP
The Ophelias - In America The Other Day (Strange Weekend) LP
Pulse Emitter - Spaceship (Zorn/Aguirre) LP
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Waitin' For The Orange Sunshine (Captcha) LP
Da Captain Trips - Leaving The Mainland Again (Vincebus Eruptum) LP
Electric Orange - Mischwesen (Studio Fleisch) LP
You - Passing Landscapes (Bureau B) LP

Eddie Gale - Fulton Street (Blue Note) LP
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Lake Acid (Rune Grammofon) LP
Norm Howard & Johannes Weisch - Voodoo Supreme (indie) cdr
Ya Ho Wa 13 - Ho (Tee Pee) LP
Earthless - Sonic Prayer (Tee Pee) LP
Kingdom Shore - Here My Hand -  III (Black Bough) LP
Pere Ubu - Heart Of Darkness (Rough Trade) LP
the band whose name is a symbol - Brass Balls of Daedalus (Birdman Sound) LP
Prince Rupert's Drops - Run Slow (BBIBR) cdr
Buddah Sentenza - Time Wave Zero (World In Sound +) LP
Taipuva Luotisuora -  Volantum Machina (Nordic Notes) LP
Helios Creed - Weekends (Lilith) LP

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 23rd, 2013

Stereolab - Crest (1972) LP
The Third Sound - Re-elevation (P&C) LP
Grumbling Fur - Dancing Light (Thrill Jockey) LP
S/T -  Heilandsbachle (Pure Pop For Now People) LP
Verma - Nobium (Trouble In Mind) LP
Orne - A Beginning (Svart) LP
DRCARLSONALBION - Reynardine (Latitudes) LP
Mark Cunningham - Night Tripper (Feeding Tube) LP
Causa Sui - Mireille (El Paraiso) LP
Kandodo - Swim Into The Sun (Thrill Jockey) LP
Grandloom - Paula's Voodoo Groove (Rockzilla) LP
Saint Vitus - Dark World (Buried By Time & Dust) LP
Vidunder - Your Ghost (Crusher) LP

Captain Crimson - River (White Dwarf Rock) LP
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Devil's Island (Rise Above) LP
Oresund Space Collective - 4:30 AM (Space Rock Productions) LP
White Hills - Forever In Space (Enlightened) (Thrill Jockey) LP
Hawkwind - The War I Survived (GWR) LP
Circle - Day Four (Full Contact) LP
Grand General - The Fall Of Troy (Rune Grammofon) LP
Steve Hillage - Random /Lunar Musick Suite/Meditation Of The Dragon (Virgin) LP

Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 16th, 2013

Al Cisneros - Ark Procession (Drag City) 10"
Toner Low - Phase 6 (Roadkill) LP
Mark Cunningham - Magnesia (Feeding Tube) LP
Al Doum & The Faryds - Elephant (indie) LP
Zaphire Oktalogue - Data Burst Over Bradford (Nasoni) LP
M. Mucci - Dangerous Summer (The Tall House Recording Co.) LP
Giobia - Kharmabomb (Sulatron) LP
Ensemble Economique - I Light My Cigarette, I See You There (Sound of Cobra) LP
The 15 Dead Minutes - Children Of The 303 (Trensmat) LP
Church Of Misery - B.T.K. / Lambs To The Slaughter (Rise Above) LP

Dead Sea Apes - Wilder Penfield (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Numinous Eye - Building Dreams (Nod & Smile) LP
Follakzoid - 9 (Psychic Ills RMX) (BYM) 12"
Mater Dronic - Endless (Discos Juana Gr) LP
Hellvette - G-365 (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Circle - And Far Away (Full Contact) LP
Hills - Frigorande Musik (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin - Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord (Columbia LP

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Museum Hours and Recent Acquisitions.....

On display this week the following new platters from Steve Gunn, Ty Segall, Wobbler, You, Mark Cunningham(Mars), Causa Sui, Hookworms, Urinals, Au Pairs, Motorpsycho, M. Mucci, Superchunk, Al Cisneros, Group 1850, Medecine, Pop 1280, Minks, Church Of Misery, Dethscalator, Verma, Bloodshot Bill, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Bevis Frond, Toody, Human Expression, Loop, Bitchin' Bajas, Naam, Food Pyramid, Thomas Dinger, Savages, Marisa Anderson, Barrence Whitfield, Terry Riley, Nico, Boyd Rivers and a ton more...with a stroke of luck the new White Hills and Kandodo should arrive as well...

The dog days of summer are upon us! The procurement of new exhibits for the "museum" (Birdman Sound), continues. 

Open for viewing between 10 am and 6 pm daily (excluding Sundays), this carefully curated adventure in an ongoing struggle forsurvival can always use some support

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 9th, 2013

Don Juan Matos - Bajo La Somra.../ Kadath... (Clostridium) LP
Dead Skeletons - Dead Is God (Sound Of Cobra) LP
Cult Of Dom Keller - Black Pullet Blues (Mannequin) LP
Gnod - Untitled (Pariah Child) LP
Wizard Prison - A Successful Mission (Feeding Tube) LP
John Cale & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax (CBS) LP
Harvey Bainbridge - The Changing (Flicknife) LP
Sun Araw - Thrasher (Monofonus Press) 12"
Koolaid(Global Tyranny) - Intercity Firm (Agitated) LP

Blaak Heat Shujaa - The Revenge Of The Feathered Pheasant (Tee Pee) LP
Death Trip - Chainsaw Goddess (Full Contact) LP
Dethscalator - Midnight Feast (Riot Season) LP
Stoned Jesus - Black Woods (Nasoni) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Electric Death Mantra (Riot Season) LP
Verma - Tantalite (Trouble In Mind) LP
Beak - 0898 (Invada) 10"
Electric Moon - The Inner Part (Sulatron) 10"
Dean Allen Foyd - Insects (Crusher) 10"
Vibravoid - The Golden Escalator (Krauted Mind) LP
Amon Duul II - Live In Jericho (Vinyl) LP

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

M. Mucci...Dangerous Summer...

Our friend M. Mucci from Guelph, finally has his second vinyl LP "Dangerous Summer" in existence. This LP is ltd. to 150 copies and a bunch are enroute to Birdman as I write the meantime check him out, he's worth your time.......

Watch for an upcoming show in Ottawa this coming fall.......

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 2nd, 2013

Public Image Ltd. - Four Enclosed Walls (Warner) LP
Oneida - 10:30 At The Oasis (Jagjaguwar) LP
Complicated Universal Cum - Sondag (Q&A) LP
Kohn - Gandavum II (Deep Distance) LP
Julian Cope - Doctor Know (Invada) LP
Good Morning - House Carpenter (Kommun2) LP
Haino / O'Rourke /Ambarchi - A New Radiance Spring Forth... (Black Truffle) LP
Loop - Burning World (Beggars Banquet) LP
Ra Can Row - Things Beyond Our Control (Sunday) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez & Lydia Lunch - The End Of The White Man's Revolution (Willie Anderson) LP

Pere Ubu - One Less Worry (Get Back) LP
Robedoor -  Blasted Orb (Hands In The Dark) LP
Ayahuasca Dark Trip - Astral Sunset (Cosmic Eye) LP
Garden Sound - Beast Of Burden (Digitalis) LP
Circle - Empire (Riot Season) LP
Oresund Space Collective - Consumed By The Goblin (SRP) LP
Tangerine Dream - Moonlight (Virgin) LP 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cake Anyone?

Today,  August 1st... Birdman Sound's birthday...we stare in the face, year 23...what a long strange trip it's been!  I need cake!

Pere Ubu...September 16th, Ottawa...TBWNIS on board!

Cleveland legends Pere Ubu bring their game to Ottawa on Monday, September 16th @ Maveriks on Rideau Street.  On tour with them from London England is electronic practitioner Gagarin. Opening this show @ precisely 8:45 PM will be the band whose name is a symbol... we are very excited regarding being put on this bill!!  Advance tickets are on sale at the usual outlets and will be available @ Birdman Sound by this weekend....hope you can come to the show!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 26th, 2013

Bitchin' Bajas - Sun City / Turiya (Drag City) LP
Ruth White - Litanies Of Satan (Black Mass Rising) LP
VED - Starokorokas (Adrian) 12"
Kohn - The Aids of Space (Kraak) LP
Eat Lights Become Lights - Queen of Maybe (Deep Distance) 12"
Tunnels - Red Road (Thrill Jockey) LP
Robedoor - Flannel Shroud (Hands In The Dark) LP
Cult Of Dom Keller - Worlds (Mannequin) LP
Sun Dial - In Every Dream Home A Heartache (Tangerine) LP
Steve Gunn - Trailways Ramble (Paradise Of Bachelors) LP
High Wolf - An Empire Upon An Empire ( Not Not Fun) LP

Grumbling Fur - Dancing Light (Thrill Jockey) LP
Agitation Free - Laila II (MIG) LP
The Cosmic Dead - Anatta (Cosmic Eye) LP
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - Instant Predictions (Esoteric) LP
TBWNIS - Circus Of Disharmony (Birdman Sound) LP
Glorious MoonRockets - Down On Their Luck (indie) cdr
Phased - His Sordid Past (Space Rock Productions) LP
Alice Coltrane - Om Namah Sivaya (Warner) LP

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 19th, 2013

Embryo - Strasse Nach Asien (Schneeball) LP
Al Doum & The Faryds - Thirst (Black Sweat) LP
Xoul - Schaukel (Ohr) LP
Roy Brooks Aboriginal Percussion Choir - Kujichaglia (Sagittarious-A-Star) LP
The Pyramids - Aomawa (Ikef) LP
the Exploding Meet - New Tangier (Birdman Sound) LP
Steamboat Switzerland - Zeitschrei #II (Trost) LP
Grand General - Red Eye (Rune Grammofon) LP
Tetragon - Snowstorm (Garden Of Delights) LP

Colour Haze - Weltraummantra (Nasoni) LP
Zolle - Moongitruce (Supernatural Cat) LP
Ufomammut - Odio (Supernatural Cat) LP
The Cosmic Dead - The Exalted King Pt. I (Cosmic Eye) LP
the band whose name is a symbol - Berlin (Birdman Sound) LP
Shooting Guns - Cheater's Justice (Indie) LP
The Sword -  Arcane Montane (Razor & Tie) LP
Hawkwind - Song Of The Swords (Flicknife) LP
Electric Wizard - The Outsider (TMC) LP
Bardo Pond - Silver Pavilion (3 Lobed) LP
Chick Corea - Is (Blue Note) LP


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

TBWNIS & Glorious MoonRockets FREE SHOW !

One wild night of music to get your ears filled with... And it's FREE!!!  Saturday, July 27 at Atomic Rooster Ottawa. Psych rock legends TBWNIS play a free show along with trashy upstarts Glorious MoonRockets!!   No cover! No Tan lines! No problem!!


Glorious MoonRockets 9:30pm

Summer Blues

MX - 80, Komodina, James Brown, Verma, Hidden Masters, Fairfield Ski, Hawkwind Light Orchestra, Michael Chapman, The Kills, Majic Ship, Penetrators, George Brigman, The Sword, Bardo Pond, Steve Gunn, Acid Mothers Temple, Sun Dial, Derdiyoklar Ikilisi, Shooting Guns, Fraction, Mudhoney, Sons Of Otis, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Sleep, Titus Groan, Slobber Pup,  and tons more new releases and later...the museum is usually open from 10 am to 6 pm Mon-Sat.  There are no guided tours...Birdman Sound values your patronage and needs your continued support...we have thee best selection of new wax in the city, most of which you may not know...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 12th. 2013

CAN - Future Days (UA) LP
Herbcraft - A Knock At The Door Of Your Mind (Woodsist) LP
Verma - Cassiterite (Trouble In Mind) LP
Bitchin Bajas - Inclusion (Drag City) LP
Patrick Vian - Sphere (Staubgold) LP
Warhammer48K - Untitled A #1 (Permanent) LP
Mammatus - The Righteous Path Through The Forest Of Old (Rocket Recordings) LP 
Shooting Guns - Public Taser (Indie) LP
Tracker - Window Shopping (Sulatron)
Dead Skeleton - Kundalini Eyes(Dirty Artist Version) (Fuzz Club) LP

Pharoah Overlord - Octagon (Fuzz Club) LP
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - Stellar Perspective (Esoteric) LP
Electric Orange - Raumschaf (MPL) LP
Mainliner - New Sun (Riot Season) LP
Tjutjuna - Riseset (Firetalk) LP
Fontanelle - The Adjacent Possible (Southern Lord) LP
Whirling Hall Of Knives - 9XReal (Trensmat) LP
Slobber Pup - Accuser (RareNoise) LP
John Coltrane - Kulu Se Mama (Impulse) LP

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 5th, 2013

John Coltrane - Saturn (Impulse) LP
Fire! Orchestra - Exit! Part One (Rune Grammofon) LP
Univerzals - Jealoux & Envious (SRP) LP
Morte Macabre - Threats Of Stark Reality/Sequenza Ritmica E Tema (Mellotronen) LP
Stark Reality - Sunday's Song (Now-Again) LP
Miles Davis - Vote For Miles (Columbia) LP
Spacin' - Empty Mind (Richie) LP
GR & Full-Blown Expansion - The Intercessor Speaks    (Les disques Blasphematoire) LP
Tjutjuna - Desert Song (Fire Talk) LP
Lumerians - Winter Song (Knitting Factory) LP

Sendelica -  80% Neon Bridge Of Sighs (Fruits de Mer) LP
The Pancakes - Man On The Moon (Kerntonschall) LP
Vespero - Red Machine (Fruits de Mer) LP
Karl Bartos - Rhythmus (Bureau B) LP
Goat - Goathead (Rocket Recordings) LP
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Circles (Now-Again) LP
Baxamaxam - Diber Ngon (Black Sweat)
Salty Dog - Fast (Strawberry Rain) LP
Space Debris - Supernova 1604 (Green Brain) LP
Damo Suzuki& Cuzo - Tempo Que No Tiene... (Alone) LP
TBWNIS - Circus Of Disharmony (Birdman Sound) LP
Black Heat Shujaa - Land of The Freaks, Home of The Brave (Tee Pee) LP
Grateful Dead - Dark Star (Warner) LP

Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...June 28th, 2013

Herbcraft - Outward Journey (Hello Sunshine) LP
High Wolf - Alvarado (Not Not Fun) LP
Ta Naixn ia Toy H ioy - side 2, track 1 (indie) LP
Rodion G.A. - Cantec Fulger (Strut) LP
Julian Cope - Elegant Chaos (Mercury) LP
Karl Bartos - Musica Ex Machina (Bureau B) LP
Martin Rev - Temptation (Superior Viaduct) LP
Scorch Trio - Kjole Hole (Rune Grammofon) LP
Fontanelle - Vitamin F (Southern Lord) LP
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Lake Acid (Rune Grammofon) LP
Slobber Pup - Black Aces (Rare Noise) LP
Roland P. Young - Rolling (EM) LP

Teeth Of The Sea - Sentimental Journey (Rocket Recordings) LP
Radar Men From The Moon - Atomic Mother (Fuzz Club) LP
Singapore Sling - Nothing Inside (Fuzz Club) LP
Mars Red Sky & Year Of No Light - Green Rune White Totem (Headspin) LP
Ivy Garden Of The Desert  - Hang Glider (Nasoni) LP
Victor Griffin - Late For An Early Grave (Svart) LP
High Priest Of Saturn -Kraken Mare (Svart) LP
Dethscalator - World War Two Hitler Youth Dagger (Riot Season) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - In Search of the Lost Divine Arc (Important) LP
Electric Eye - 6a.m. (Fuzz Club) LP

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...June 21st, 2013

Ben Nash - The Mineral Victim (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Cluster - im suden (Brain) LP
Whirling Hall Of Knives - Alternate Devil (Trensmat) LP
Mugstar - European Nihilism (Rocket Recordings) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Space Speed Suicide (Important) LP
Ghost - Giver's Chant (Drag City) LP
Damo Suzuki w/TBWNIS - Brass Buddha (Birdman Sound) LP
Lard Free - Petit Tripou Du Matin (Wah Wah) LP
Date Palms - Yuba Reprise (Thrill Jockey) LP
Purple Overdose - The Gemineye Suite(Pts. 1-4) LP (Anazitisi) LP

Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Harvest) LP
Carlton Melton - Smoke Drip (Agitated) LP
Hawklords - Event Horizon (Hawklords) LP
Naam - Midnight Glow (Tee Pee) LP
Oresund Space Collective - Rising Tides & Floating Nebulas (Kommun2) LP
The Univerzals -  Tell Me About It (Space Rock Productions) LP
People Of The North - Sub Contra 1 (Thrill Jockey) LP
Bushman's Revenge - No More Dead Bodies For Daddy Tonight (Rune Grammofon) LP 
Grand General - The Fall Of Troy (Rune Grammofon) LP
Mothers Of Invention - The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet (Verve) LP

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Action is Now.....Damo Suzuki Returns and more....

Advance tickets now on sale for Damo Suzuki with his sound carriers; the band whose name is a symbol.....This show happens at Pressed Cafe on Gladstone, Thursday, July 11th....Only 80 advance tickets are available, they are on sale at Birdman for $15.

Many great platters at headquarters this week..
Fire Orchestra!, Godflesh, Hawkwind, Naam, People Of The North, Anonymous, Benny Soebardja, BONG, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Blaak Heat Shujaa, Syd Barrett, Twink, Rodan, Deniz Tek, Colin Stetson, Date Palms, Chrome, BLO, Keiji Haino, Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo, Sons Of Otis, Howlin Wolf, Lee Fields, Shoes, Parliament, Blitz...and tons more!  
Stocked to the teeth with only the cream!!  Birdman Sound is open 10 A.M. -  6 P.M. Mon-Sat.......


Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...June 14th, 2013

Bitchin Bajas - Krausened (Permanent) LP
Joakim Skogsberg - Offer Rota (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Herbcraft - Get Esoteric (Hello Sunshine) LP
Joakim Skogsberg - Jola Frain Leksand (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Klaus Schulze - Weird Caravan (Brain) LP
Strange Forces - Temple Rider (Magic Mushrooms Shop) LP
Expo Seventy - Figures In Black Turn Night Back Into Day (Sonic Meditations) LP
People Of The North - Drama Class (Thrill Jockey) LP
Kylesa - Spiral Shadow (Season Of Mist) LP
Hawklords - We Are One (Hawklords) LP

Anthroproph - Hermit (Rocket Recordings) LP
Rich Ristagno - Eye Of Love (Drag City) LP
Date Palms - Dusted Down (Thrill Jockey) LP
Blaak Heat Shujaa -  Society Of Barricades (Tee Pee) LP
Gosta Berlings Saga - Sorterargatan 3 (Icosahedron) LP
White Hills - Drift Away (Thrill Jockey) LP
Craig Pedersen and Joel Kerr - Blood On The Saddle (Indie) CD
Purple - Where Will You Stay (demo) cdr
Rangda - Sancticallist (Ba Da Bing!) LP
Naam - Beyond (Tee Pee) LP
Dreamtime -  Art Of Invisibility (Indie) LP
Cave - Brigitte's Trip (Drag City (12")
Tim Blake - Synthese Intemporel (Barclay) LP

Monday, June 10, 2013

This Week...Right Now

Finally out on vinyl !  The first album from the great UK outfit; Teeth of the Sea!  "Orphaned by the Ocean". Mariachi sludge rock combined with euro 70's avant-psych, will take you to a different dimension.  This arrived @ Birdman Sound Friday alongside Don Cherry's 1973 spiritual winner "Relativity Sweet".  The most excellent new heavy psych burn LP from Blaak Heat Shujaa is also here with other delightful platters by Deniz Tek, Hot Lunch, Bitchin Bajas and many more!  Let's Rock!  Also got some really sweet trade ins...Butthole Surfers, Neu, Throbbing Gristle.....

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...June 7th, 2013

Justin Greaves - Business Is Good (Death Waltz) LP
CAN - Tony Wanna Go (Strange Fruit) LP
Van Der Graaf Generator - Dronus (Esoteric) LP
Flowers Must Die - Mot Andra (Kommun2) LP
Stygian Stride - Taiga (Thrill Jockey) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Cometary Orbital Drive To 2200 (Nod & Smile) LP
Lifecoach - Mind's Eye (Thrill Jockey) LP
Sendelica - Magical Ninin (VE) LP
Herbcraft - No Land (Woodsist) LP
White Hills - Red Sun (Thrill Jockey) LP
Blood Ceremony - Return To Forever (Rise Above) LP
Black Widow - In Ancient Days (CBS) LP

Motorpsycho - August (Rune Grammofon) LP
The Modern Art - Beautiful Place (Acme) LP
Vibravoid - Listen, Can't You Hear  (Go Down) LP
Rodion G.A. - Disco Mania (Strut) LP
Suma - War On Drugs (Throne) LP
Mamont - Satans Fasoner (Bilocation) LP
La Otracina - Lost In The Sunrise (Sound Of Cobra) LP
Wolf People - Hesperus (Jagjaguwar) LP
Mugstar - Centralia (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Electric Orange - Sunaut (MPL) LP

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Arrivals....

It's an endless influx week after week of the very best platters that money can buy...Arriving today at Birdman...Nkengas, Mx-80 Sound, Bill Fay, Baris Manco, Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, Akiro Ito, Sainte Anthony's Fyre, Ensemble Pearl, Rodion G.A., Electric Wizard, Source Family, Peter Brotzmann, Faust, Daniel Higgs, Wire, Goat, Spiritual Beggars, Rich Ristagno, Chris Darrow and loads more!

Birdman Sound is open 10 AM - 6 PM, Mon-Sat.  We are always looking to purchase high quality used LPs, top dollar paid.  Shop Independent and shop often, we need and value the support!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 31st, 2013

Miles Davis - For Dave (Sinner Lady Gloria) LP
Roland P. Young - Myst (EM) LP
Bear Bones, Lay Low - Lavande Apaisante (Kraak) LP
Annette Peacock - Real & Defined Androgens (Tomato) LP
Funkadelic - Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts (Westbound) LP
Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make A Better You (Phoenix) LP
Decoy w/ Joe Mcphee - 17:45 (Otoroku) LP
Baris Manco - Vur Ha Vur (Guerssen) LP
Goat - Dreambuilding (Stranded) 12"
Wolf People - Thief (Jagjaguwar) LP
Purson - Sapphire Ward (Rise Above) LP
Einstellung -  Ungeeignt (Capsule) LP

Union Carbide Productions - High Speed Energy (Radium) LP
Guru Guru - UFO (Ohr) LP
Kawabata Makoto's Mainliner - Taitan (Riot Season) LP
Flower Traveling Band - Otoko (Apex) LP
Dzjengis Khan - Last Exit (Motorwolf) LP
Patrick Vian - Oreknock (Staubgold) LP
The Shining Path -  I Think I'm Becoming God (Holy Mountain) LP
Deep Purple - Space Truckin'(Live '72) (EMI) LP
Tobias - Lynsgryta (Kommun2) LP

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 24th, 2013

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High (Polydor) LP
Cargo - Cross Talking (Psuedonym) LP
Faust - Livin' Tokyo (Klangbad) 10"
OM - Garden Of Gethsemane (Drag City) Dubplate #2...12"
ONO - Danger (Priority Male) LP
Jesu - Heart Ache (Avalanche) 12"
CAN - Paperhouse (UA) LP
Friedman & Liebezeit -130-9 (Nonplace) LP
Control Unit - The Fugitives (Backwards) LP
Church Of Misery - The Golden Dawn (Game Two) LP
Paul Chain - Sign From Space #4 (Beard Of Stars) LP
Sienna Root - The Road To Agartha (Headspin) LP

Los Natas - Humo De Marihuana (Nasoni) LP
Sky Saxon & the Vibravoid - I See Your Face (Anazitise) LP
Pyramidion - The Gargle Decree (At War With False Noise) LP
Miles Davis - Ife (Columbia) LP

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Heavy Rotation in the Birdman's Ear...

Currently in heavy rotation...on the table at Birdman Sound

Second Family Band - Family Album double LP
Control Unit - The Fugitives LP
YaHoWa 13 - Live at the Velvet Lounge LP
Moonrises - Frozen Altars LP
MOTORPSYCHO - Still Life with Eggplant LP
Bong/Pyramidian - split  LP
Golden Gunn - S/T  LP
Lifecoach - Alphawaves LP

Hawkwind - Leave No Star Unturned LP
Sainte Anthony's Fyre - S/T LP
Guapo - History Of The Visitation  LP
Gosta Berlings Saga - Detta Har Hänt
HELIOCENTRICS - 13 Degrees of Reality LP
STARK REALITY - Acting, Thinking, Feeling (box) LP
Kadavar - Abra Kadavar LP
Burnt Friedman/Jaki Liebezeit - Secret Rhythms 5 LP

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 17th, 2013

Ilyas Ahmed - Now Sleeps (Immune) LP
Cloudland Canyon-  Holy Canyon(Vanquish)  (Tee Pee) LP
Pontiak - Comecrudos Pt. III (Thrill Jockey) LP
Golden Gunn - From A Lincoln Continental (Three Lobed) LP
Mind! - Sundrun Hreyfingarlaus (Private) LP
Camera - Meteor (Bureau B) LP
Lumerians - Dogon Genesis (Knitting Factory) LP
Mother-Unit  - Brain-Fate-Death (Stickman) LP
Wolf People - When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate (Jagjaguawar) LP
Kama Loka - Ojesten (Kommun2) LP
Farflung - The Day Of St. Anthony's Fire (Alone) LP
Carlton Melton - When You're In (Convoluted) LP

Chickencage Experience - Homesick Tours (Nasoni) LP
DRCARLSONALBION - Wicked Annabella (Latitudes) LP
Hedvig Mollestad Trio - Take Acid (Rune Grammofon) LP
Motorpsycho -  Hell,  Part 1-3 (Rune Grammofon) LP
Walrus - Spitsbergen / Static (Electricity) LP
Radio Birdman - Man With Golden Helmet (Sire) LP
Visitors - Journey By Sledge (Citadel) LP
New Race - Crying Sun (WEA) LP
Wo Fat - Sleep Of The Black Lotus (Small Stone) LP
Deep Purple - You Fool No One (Warner) LP



Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 10th, 2013

Kraftwerk - Stratovarious (B 13) LP
Haino/O'Rourke/Ambarchi - A New Radiance Springing Forth From Inside The Light (Black Truffle) LP
Bardo Pond - The Creator Has A Master Plan (Fire) LP
In Zaire - Moon (Tannen/Sound Of Cobra) LP
Heliocentrics - Freeness Pt. 2 / Wrecking Ball (Now-Again) LP
Roland P. Young -  Montage (EM) LP
Fontanelle - The Adjacent Possible (Southern Lord) LP
Umberto - The Puzzle (Rock Action) LP
Expo 70 - Figures In Black Turn Night Into Day (Sonic Meditations) LP

Strange Forces -  Castle Castle (Magic Mushroom Shop) LP
Sungrazer -  Dopo (Elektrohasch) LP
Uncle Acid - Death Valley Blues (Rise Above) LP
Second Family Band - Goodbye Asphodel (SAS) LP
Walrus - Tromso III (Electricity) LP
Bushman's Revenge - Iron Bloke (Rune Grammofon) LP
Grand General - Antics (Rune Grammofon) LP
Kadavar - Eye Of The Storm (Nuclear Blast) LP
Crowned In Earth - World Spins Out Of Key (Black Widow) LP
Colosseum - Skelington (Warner) LP

Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 3rd, 2013

Linus Pauling Quartet - Improvise Now (September Gurls) LP
Boris with Merzbow - Walrus (Hydra Head) 12"
Endless Boogie - The Savagist  (No Quarter) LP 
Tony Allen with Afrika 70 - Progress (Kindred Spirits) LP
Ginger Baker - Satou (Celluloid) LP
Baxamaxam  - Nabi Blues (Black Sweat) LP
Bombino - Amidinine (Nonesuch) LP
Al Doum & the Faryds - Earth (Black Sweat) LP
Erkin Koray - Turku (GDR) LP
Pere Ubu - Small Was Fast (Get Back) LP
Solyst - Pierbourg (Bureau B) LP

Cloudland Canyon - Closer (Great Pop Supplement) LP
Friedman & Liebezeit - 125-05 (Nonplace) LP
Bong - Side A (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Ya Ho Wa 13 - Untitled #3  (Sagittarius A-Star) LP
the band whose name is a symbol - Neu Sudan (Birdman Sound) LP
Residual Echoes - California (Holy Mountain) LP
Moonrises - Lorelei's Grasp (Captcha) LP
Papir - III - IIII (El Paraiso) LP
Edgar Froese - Metropolis (Virgin) LP

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 26th, 2013

Captain Beefheart - Captain Beefheart (Simply Vinyl) LP
Edgar Broughton Band - Falling Away (Harvest) LP
Kingdom Come - No Time (Polydor) LP
Goat - Run To Your Mama(High Wolf-Run Duo Mix) (Rocket Recordings) 12"
Beak - Welcome To The Machine (Invada) 10"
Anika - Yang Yang (Invada) LP
Psychic Ills - See You There (Sacred Bones) LP
Bardo Pond - Maggot Brain (Fire) LP
One St. Stephen -  November Edgar (Anazitisi) LP
Ax Genrich & Band - A Trip To Paradise (Kerntonschall) LP
Electric Moon - No Escape From Now (Sulatron) 10"
Bear Bones,Lay Low - Valleee de Dith (Kraak) LP

Moon Rises - Vanya (Captcha) LP
Fire! - You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago (Rune Grammofon) LP
Scorch Trio - Snækje Rojnd Nævinj (Rune Grammofon) LP
Gosta Berlings Saga -  Innegur/Vasterbron 05:30 (Icosahedron Music) LP
White Hills - Left Behind (Immune) LP
Hawkwind - You Shouldn't Do That  (Dirter) LP
Alice Coltrane - Mantra (Impulse) LP

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Pressed at 750 Gladstone sets the stage for a double bill on Saturday, May 4th as Ottawa groups Eat Crow and the band whose name is a symbol perform...doors at 9: 00 pm...admission is $ 4.00.....

photo of Aardvark on the skins in Eat Crow.....

Radio Birdman founder Deniz Tek...

Tickets are now available for the Deniz Tek & the Golden Breed show with guests Voice Mail.  $12.00 now...$ 15.00 @ the door .  Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, Saturday May 18th...

His new album "Detroit" will be available at Birdman Sound shortly.
Come see this show it's a must the flesh Detroit Rock Power.  Yeah Hup!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 19th, 2013

Barn Owl - The Opulent Decline (Thrill Jockey) LP
Verma - From Thunder (Indie) LP
Mirel Wagner - Despair (Svart) LP
Antony Milton & Anla Courtis - Eyes Eat Stars/Polka Dot Window (Gold Soundz) LP
Maurizio Abate - Untitled ...excerpt (Holidays) LP
Umberto - The Invasion (Not Not Fun) LP
Moon Duo - Vile Cranian(Circles) Sun Araw Remix (Sacred Bones) LP
Al Doum & The Faryds - Sinai/Earth (Black Sweat) LP
Kama Loka - Ganglat till Floalt (Kommun2) LP
Mind! - Time To Fly (Not On Label) LP

Life Coach - Sunrise/Alphawaves (Thrill Jockey) LP
Nick Edwards - Chance Meets Causality Uptown (Editions Mego) LP
Helios Creed - Kurt Zombie (Am Rep) LP
Propane Propane - Aquatic (Clostridium) LP
Lamp Of The Universe - Universe Within (Clostridium) LP
Bardo Pond - Moonshine (Fire) LP
Darxtar - In A Time (Transubstans) LP
The Re-Stoned - Faces Of Earth (Nasoni) LP
Voice Of The Seven Thunders - Open Lighted Doorway (Holy Mountain) LP
Hawkwind - Seeing It As You Really Are (Sunset) LP