Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Highlights This Week @ Birdman...

Loads of killer wax at Birdman as always...here's some of this week's delights...

Shoes-One In Versailles LP (1976 debut from Illinois power pop greats)

High On Fire-Art Of Self Defence (1999 debut in Deluxe double LP version, heavy wax, new artwork,extra trax)

Troubled Horse-Step Inside LP(debut on Rise Above. Swedish band w/2 ex-Witchcraft members...the raw 60′s garage rock and heavy 70′s psych-doom riffing!)

Simply Saucer-Cyborgs LP (finally repressed! Mid 70's psych-proto punk monster!)

Sensations Fix-Time To Decide LP(70's Italian Prog oufit more closely aligned with krautrock vault material w/ CD version included)

Diagonal-The Second LP (on Rise above this UK outfit combine jazzy prog and space rock..Eloy meets Softmachine...solid!)

Ilyas Ahmed-With Endless Fire LP (an artist who combines psych ragas, drones and folkish touches with legit eastern mystic vibe)

Major Stars-Decibels of Gratitude LP (Wayne Rogers is a godlike guitarist and this 8th album from Twisted Village Records is heavy psych bliss)

Popol Vuh-Affenstunde LP (dark and mysterious... analog moog/hand percussion - 1971 Krautrock mantlepiece)

Lee Fields-Let's Talk It Over LP (raw and gritty funk from the early 70's comes with bonus LP of singles, great cover!)

Umberto-Confrontations LP (3rd LP for Matt Hill ex-Expo '70...excellent synth-tastic horror/psi-fi style instrumental album think Carpenter/Goblin)

Alkana/Welcome To My Paradise LP(70's monster rarity with wicked guitar work...psych meets prog meets metal...smokin! Ltd. 400)

Widowspeak- Almanac ( 2nd LP on Captured Tracks label by U.S. male/female lead outfit...rootsy psych in a Mazzy Starish kinda way!!)

Witchcraft-Witchcraft LP (Ltd. on Rise Above...debut LP from Swedish outfit stolked on 70's doom psych...great shit!)

Brigg - S/T LP ( super rare '73 U.S. private press...Folkish Psychedelic Rock)

German Shepherds-Music For Sick Queers LP+7" (of early 80's Frisco art punk scene...think Suicide/Ubu/Psychic TV bent)

Sleepers-Painless Nights LP (early 80's imprvisational art punk pre-BPeople and Tuxedo Moon again..San Fran orientation)

Goat -World Music LP (awesome debut from Swedes who combine Afro-centricisms with hard psych prog and fuckin kill it start to finish...hands down one of the best records of last year!)

Kluster-Schwarz (Eruption) LP (actually a Conrad Schnitzler release that sounds like Kluster, but more electronic and disturbing...1971 sees a man on his game and forward thinking)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 25th, 2013

Obskuria - Essence Of It's Own (World In Sound) LP
Arzachel - Clean Innocent Fun
Levee Camp Moan - Sweet Little Angel (SL) LP
Arbouretum - All At Once, The Turning Weather (Thrill Jockey) LP
Ghost - Orange Sunshine (Drag City) LP
Embryo - Farid (Schneeball) LP
Drugii Nacin - Carstvo Samoce (SL) LP
Spontaneous Combustion - Speed Of Light (Capitol) LP
Deep Purple - Highway Star...Live (EMI) LP
UFO - Rock Bottom (Chrysalis) LP
Camera - Ausland (Bureau B) LP
The Heads - Sike (Cardinal Fuzz) LP

Causa Sui - Ventura Highway (Nasoni) LP
Wicked Lady - Living On The Edge (Guerssen) LP
Monobrow - Starships Holodecks (Indie) LP
Out Of Focus - Tsajama (Missing Vinyl) LP
I Teoremi -  Mare Della Tranquillità  (AMS) LP
Soho Orange - Nightmare (Huge Belly) LP
Legend - Song For A Soldier (Svart) LP
Electric Moon - Moon Love (Nasoni) LP

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's Hot @ Birdman Sound...

On a personal level I've acquired so many records in the past 4 weeks it's ridiculous...many of them may be heard on "Friday Morning Cartunes" on CKCU-FM (obviously on Friday's!) here's a link to listen on demand http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/117/info.html .  A few standouts already as new releases are new albums by Arbouretum (Thrill Jockey) , Follakzoid (Sacred Bones), Troubled Horse and Diagonal (both Rise Above), Heads (Cardinal Fuzz), Mugstar (Agitated), Sun Dial (Tangerine), Coloured Balls and Sleaze (both Sing Sing), Seremonia (Svart), Bong (Ritual Productions) and a bunch more!

The shop is stacked out with a ton of new stuff already and lots incoming every single week.  you should come by if in the area and buy some new tunes!

Coming Soon...TBWNIS LP # 7

the band whose name is a symbol - "scrappy little jaw" vinyl LP is our latest musical adventure.  We recorded as always in the basement here at Birdman Sound during October and November 2012.  This LP is our first not done "off the floor".  The sonic clarity on this record is crazy and the music can be described as "in yer face heavy".  As usual this record (BS #14) will be exclusively available through Birdman Sound, so if you want one, send an email to reserve.  "Scrappy" will be an edition of 100 and will be $20. + applicable destination fees if mailing is required.

-Side A- 
The Circus Has Left Town
-Side B- 
Blues in GodDamn
Brass Balls of Daedelus
Neu Sudan
Wooden Soldier

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 18th, 2013

Hannibal Marvin Peterson - The Voyage (MPS) LP
Ebo Taylor - Peace On Earth (Superfly)
The Semi-Colon - Ndia Egbuo Ndia (Comb & Razor) LP
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Akoko Ba (Academy) LP
BLO - Whole Lot Of Shit (Strawberry Rain) LP
Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra - UFO (Art Yard) LP
Roots Tonic - Akademikus Du Umbeigu (Roir) LP
Jah Wobble & Keith Levene - Back On The Block (Pressure) 12"
Complicated Universal Cum - Futeuro (Questions & Answers) LP
Follakzoid - Pulsar (Sacred Bones) LP

CAN - Red Hot Indians (Virgin) LP
Spaceship Landing - Still Hanging (World In Sound) LP
Seremonia -  Amuruskon Kaupunki (Svart) LP
Bong - Dreams Of Mana-Yood-Sushai (Ritual Productions) LP
Joe Volk - Call To Sun (Invada) LP
Sun Dial - Mind Control (Tangerine) LP
Monobrow - Communing With The Infinite (Indie) LP
Black Cowgirl - Weight Of Oblivion (Bilocation) LP
Alkana - Paradise (Acid Nightmare) LP
Asterix - Broken Home (Decca) LP
Budgie - You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk (WOW) LP
Cosmic Dealer - Sinners Confession (World In Sound) LP
Burnt Hills - Lights Out (8MM) LP

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 11th, 2013

The Spacious Mind - Space Blues-Diary Of The Sun (Gates Of Dawn) LP
Popol Vuh - Affenstunde (Klimt) LP
Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck (B13) LP
Eat Lights Become Lights - Runners (Great Pop Supplement) LP
Helios Creed - Superior Catholic Finger (Lilith) LP
Diagonal -  Capsizing (Rise Above) LP
Vespero - Nüllus (Transubstans) LP
Hellbender - Supergiant (Otherness) LP
Eidetic Seeing - It's Not Blood It's Gamelan (ESR) LP
The Holydrug Couple - Ancient Land (Sacred Bones) 12"
Alien Ballroom - The Banks Of The Dee/Hogs Are Coming (Agitated) LP

Unmanned Ship - Musky Tusk (Rotted Tooth) LP
Dead Elephant - Destrudo (Riot Season) LP
Jon Porras - Your Sleeping Ghost (Immune) LP
High Wolf - Fire In My Bones (Not Not Fun) LP
Williams/Nilssen-Love/Kessler - Hostilities In Progress ((Trost) LP
Mats Gustafsson/Paal Nilssen-Love - When You Snore (Weird Forest) LP 
Earthling Society - Zodiak( A) The Silver & The Black (B) The Million Headed Cobra Of Eternity (Nasoni) LP

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 4th, 2013

Sabbath Assembly - Let Us All Give Praise & Validation/We Come From The One (Svart) LP
Place Of Skulls - Darkest Hour (Bilocation) LP
Temple Of L.I.B. _ Rose Petal (September Gurls) LP
Vas Deferns Organization - Quicksand (Pure Pop For Now People) LP
the exploding meet - Birds Of Grey (Birdman Sound) LP
Personable - Untitled #3  (Peak Oil) LP
Hidria Spacefolk - Cycloop (Hidria) LP
Rush - Circumstances (Anthem) LP
Squadra Omega - Murder In The Mountains (Holidays) LP
(sic!) - Airbag In My Head (Get Happy) LP

S/T - The Sad Skinhead (Go To Gate Records) LP
Witchcraft - I Know You Killed Someone (Rise Above) 7"
Troubled Horse - Shirleen (Crusher) 7"
Alabama Thunderpussy - Can't Feel Nothing (Eccentric Man) 7"
Stone Axe - Swalrb (Roadburn) 7"
Circle - Kylmaketju /Reaktio (Svart) 7"
Arkhamin Kirjasto - The Cult Of No Return (Full Contact/Ektro) LP
Split Cranium - Blossoms From Boils (Hydra Head) LP
Steel Mammoth - Endless Wolf (Full Contact) LP
Pharoah Overlord - Devastator (Svart) LP
Lamp Of The Universe - Freedom In Your Mind (Clostridium)
Datura - Happiness Grows (Krated Mind) LP
Arc Of Ascent - Absolution In Light (Krauted Mind) LP
White Hills - Midnight In America (Immune) LP
TBWNIS - Muldow (Birdman Sound pre-release) cdr
Majutsu No Niwa - Turn To Flames (New Vague) LP
Warpig - Tough Nuts (London) LP