Sunday, February 20, 2022

Multi-Vendor Pop Up Record Shop Sunday, February 27th, 2022


At least 6 vinyl vendors on site, 10 am - 4 pm  Sunday, February 27th.

Masks required upon entrance.  Loads of Killer wax !  💕👽

Friday, February 18, 2022

Cancelled: Feb. 19th, Birdman Pop Up

Due to the expansion of the "Red Zone" in Ottawa regarding the protest on parliament hill,  tomorrow's pop up is not happening!  Dave's Drum Shop falls into the zone as you can see by the map below and police have cut off all access to the area by way of any 417 exits headed to this core.

Will let you know details regarding the next pop up over the coming weekend.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

New Arrivals In The Shop...February 9, 2022


Killer Spanish psych/prog from 1970: Maquina

Top shelf U.S. psych/folk/hard rocker from 1973!

Killer UK psych from 1967 featuring the late Peter Dunton on drums (T2) and Bernard Jinks (T2) awesome !  Neon Pearl became Please and then T2!

Superb Krautrock classic from 1974..super group of epic proportion....💕

Another excellent outing from 1974 by Krautrock super group...💕

Wicked modern soul album from U.S. artist Curtis Harding...all 70's edgy influences totally intact !

Ltd. pressing 2022 on Saw-Whet Records (Edmonton Alberta)...Tekarra play a sonic heavy slow brew akin to Sunn O))) with drone and a very slight nod to "melody" (only if you feel it! 😉)  Great stuff  is their LP "Kicking Horse" !

Awesome blast of outsider Texas Jazz from 1971! Bandleader and drummer Bubbha Thomas led his large ensemble through the course of 4 GREAT Lps from 1970-1975...original are rare as hen's teeth, now's a chance to reasonably become enlightened the the then "now sound" in jazz! 💕👽

A fave of ours and a highly recommended UK folk psych mantle piece from 1972...Tony, Caro and John stand so well the tests of time ! 💕👽 

Great late 60's organ driven "dark" acid rock from the U.S.  Psych meets prog touch in excellent fashion with an outside slant...always liked this LP alot!  👽

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Saturday, February 5th...Pop Up Record Shop

Year of the tiger, so happy lunar New Year!!!  Birdman Sound will be at Dave's Drum Shop in Ottawa 271 Catherine Street, this weekend with nothing shy of a FEROCIOUS selection...see ya there!  GGRRRRRR !😽

DEEP SHIT ALERT ! New Wax In The House...just a bit of it !

Los Saicos...wicked Peruvian off the rails garage proto punk, mid 60's !

Hedvig Mollestad - "Tempest Revisited"...deep shit Norwegian jazz guitar goddess's latest on Rune Grammofon !  Her 9th vinyl excursion in 11 years...she's wonderful LIVE as well !


Dharma Quintet...insanely awesome French free spiritual jazz monster from 1971...these dudes just explode...all their shit is killer !

Pedro Santos "Krishnanda"...HOLY GRAIL from 1968 out of Brazil!  Psych, jazz, folk, spiritual and heavy lauds from Madlib, Gilles Petersen, Quantic etc.  "ahead of it's time for sure"...

Killer mid 70's spiritual jazz masterpiece with a band to die for...

French, experimental, free avant jazz legend Areski also partners with French diva Brigitte Fontaine ! This one from 1974...

Another wicked album from Boston's Joseph Allred !  Awesome string bender and this album from 2020...

Brilliant never released at the time LP (1973) from Arthur Lee and LOVE...magnifico from start to finish and superbly presented...pricey but worth the coin trust me ! 

French free jazz god Jef Gilson 1972...soul groove galore !!