Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the band whose name is a symbol... in action

TBWNIS have been recording this summer with a new long play close at hand! The last 2 vinyl only LPs are nearly gone and the next album entitled; "TBWNIS VS. The Purveyors of Conspicuous Authenticity" may be out as early as 10/10/10. On October the 4th the group play to a silent film at the Mayfair Theatre and October 13th perform with Geulph instrumental guitar virtuoso Mike Mucci(w/drummer) at the Clocktower Pub on Bank Street. Admission for this show will be $5.00 at the door. Show starts at 9 PM sharp!

Slim Cessna's Auto Club Celebrate CKCU-FM's 35th Birthday

Birdman Sound and the Babylon Nightclub are pleased to welcome the return of one of America's best live acts and a favorite in Ottawa...Slim Cessna's Auto Club !!!!
Saturday November 6th is the date to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Canada's oldest and best loved community radio station ! Advance tickets will be $15.00 and available mid-September. Special guest opener to be announced. Tune into the mighty 93.1 FM for Friday Morning Cartunes, Friday's from 9:30AM-1:00PM locally or http://www.ckcufm.com/. More info coming soon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 27th, 2010

Brain Donor - Gates Of Skagerrak (Invada) CD
The Nomen - Mother NoMan (Topplers) CD
the band whose name is a symbol - Talk Back Fatherland (demo) cdr
Evan Caminiti - Glowing Sky (3 Lobed) LP
Gila - Braintwist (Second Battle) LP
Freddie Lindquist - Sundae Sellers (Pan) LP
Morse Code Transmission - Funky Alley (RCA) LP
Freedom - Dusty Track (Polydor) LP
Circuit Rider - Limousine Ride (indie) LP
Quest For Fire - The Greatest Hits By God (Tee Pee) CD
Iron Bong - The Ship (World Wide) LP
My Solid Ground - The Executioner (Second Battle) CD
Roy Harper - Forget Me Not (Chrysalis) LP
Tony, Caro & John - Eclipse Of The Moon (Gaarden) LP
Friendsound - Joyride (RCA) LP
Steve Tibbetts - Your Cat (ECM) LP
Mark Carmody - Birds Of Grey (demo) cdr
SKL - Visalde vara hemman (Kommun) LP
Cosmic Jokers - Kinder Des Alls (Spalax) CD
Butterflies & Zebras - Mind Mapping (indie) CD
Mahogany Frog - The Third Machine (Indie) CD
M.Mucci - The View From Here (The Tall House Recording Co.) LP
Sons Of Otis - The Truth/Sidebar/Clowns (Man's Ruin) CD
Miles Davis - Pharoah's Dance (Columbia) LP

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 20, 2010

Yahowa 13 - Traveling Ohm (Prophase) LP
Kraftwerk - Heavy Metal Kids (no label) cdr
Sonny Sharrock - Peanut (4Men With Beards) LP
Chillum - Too Many Bananas/Yes! We Have No Pajamas (Sunbeam) LP
Ax Genrich - Go! Lemgo (Sunhair) CD
Bruce Palmer - Oxo (Akarma) LP
the band whose name is a symbol - Sanctimonium (demo) cdr
Gunter Schickert-Apricot Brandy(Wah Wah)LP
International Hello - Someone's Coming (Holy Mountain) LP
Zone Six - Sod Waterways (Nasoni) LP
The Stars - Double Sider (Pedal) LP
Sweet Honey - White Lightnin' Boogie (Now Sound) LP
Wo Fat - Psychodelonaut (Brainticket) CD
Sons Of Otis - The Pusher (TMC) 10"
Monobrow - Buried In The Backyard (demo) cdr
Poobah - Mr. Destroyer (Ripple) LP
JPT Scare Band - I've Been Waiting (Ripple) LP
Litmus - Beyond The Sun (Rise Above) LP
Oneida - Preeteen Weaponry (Jagjaguwar) LP

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 13th, 2010

Cosmic Invention - Blue Link (The Now Sound) CD
Exploding Meet - Mutants(prototype) (Coffee Table Editions) CD
Muslimgauze - Fagwara Jagoo (Staalplaat) LP
Golem - Orion Awakes (Caroline) CD
Heldon - Cors de Cachalot a la Psylocybine (Wah Wah) LP
Tricks Of The Sun - Pa (Indie) LP
Butterflies & Zebras - India Minor (Indie) CD
Black Pyramid - Illumination (Serpent) LP
Mammatus - The Righteous Path Through The Forest Of Old (Rocket) LP
Hawklords - Flying Doctor (Charisma) LP
Heads - Spliff Riff (Man's Ruin) CD
Oresund Space Collective - Isle Of Mogens (Transubstans) CD
CAN - Outside My Door/Pnoom(h) 2/Greyhounds Greyhound (Indie) LP
Trad Gras Och Stenar - Treacherously Icy (Silence) CD
Electric Orange - Wald (Sulatron) CD
The Corporation - India (Capitol) LP
Dollhaus -Panic Dementia (Indie) CD
Thorr's Hammer - Norge (Southern Lord) LP
Sons Of Otis - Mile High (Man's Ruin) CD
Acid Mothers Temple - In O (Important) LP

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 6th, 2010

Circle - Tuhatsata (Full Contact) LP
Guru Guru - Der Elektrolurch (Brain) LP
My Cat Is An Alien - Goodbye Earth (Eclipse) LP
Aethenor - I (VHF) LP
Pere Ubu - Go (Rough Trade) LP
CAN - 15' 40" (Tago Mago) LP
The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane - No Return Blues (Pastabase) Lp
Dream Syndicate - John Coltrane Stereo Blues (A&M) LP
Doronco Gumo - Borutachi No AAkuen (Holy Mountain) LP
Bushman's Revenge - While My Guitar Gently Breaks (Rune Grammofon) LP
Shining Path - Hadliku Ner (Holy Mountain) LP
Faust - Feed The Greed (Klangbad) LP
Acid King - Full Reverse (Kreation) LP
Michael Yonkers & GR - The News (Burka For Everybody) LP
Eternal Tapestry - Prism Light Traveller (3 Lobed) LP
Sons Of Otis - Vitus (Man's Ruin) CD
Sons Of Otis - Big Muff (Man's Ruin) CD
Endless Boogie - Pack Your Bags (No Quarter) LP
La Otracina - Crystal Wizards Of The Cosmic Weird (Colour Sounds) LP
Deep Purple - Space Truckin...Live (Warner) LP