Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Few Favourites from 2011.......

Since I was a kid there has never been a year that a mind boggling amount of stellar albums have not been released. Every genre from around the globe, year in and year out and to date has never stopped. Anyone out there, (and I'm sure we all know someone)who constantly utters the line; "there hasn't been a good album released since______", is clearly a fucking moron who lives with their head firmly up their ass! By and large as I've said before, there is actually an overwhelming amount of mind blowing releases 24-7 and it's virtually impossible to keep up with any of it. My list to the left here is barely touching some of my stellar and repeated listening adventures of the past year. My "tops" lists are always based on records released in the year in question and usually also based on the repeat factor or "go to" categorization. It ain't scientific, it's always from the heart. In all honesty, the vast majority of my listening time this and every year for that matter (which I know is far more than most) has been spent listening to a large variety of music recorded and released prior to 1975. I am not stuck there by any stretch but I will say that although I like a lot of newer artists (look at what I play on the radio) I will say that my criteria for "great" new shit is that it must exhibit for me a reverence and understanding of it's own existence in history and part and parcel, it’s very presentation. Sound strange? Maybe, but always remember, that a person’s tastes in music is nothing but their very own business. There's lots to discover out there, old and new and it seems to never end.....bring it on I say!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 25th, 2011

Second Family Band - Good Blood (alt.vinyl) LP
Annapurna Illusion - Devil's Eyes (Rocket) LP
Sean Smith - Huge Fluid Freedom (SAAH) LP
Ivy Garden Of The Desert - I (Nasoni) LP
Expo 70 - Hypnotic Brain Cloud Float (Aguirre) LP
Helios Creed - Galactic Center (Transparency) LP
Edgar Wappenhalter - Hence I Surmise The Sordid Lights (Morctapes) LP
Umberto - In The Name Of Zuel (Permanent) LP
Dead Meadow - The White Worm (Tolotta) LP
Slussenanalys - Tomma Skallar (Ektro) LP
Circle - Hermes/Styx (Keno) LP

Mugstar - Sunburnt Impedance Machine (Agitated) LP
My Brother The Wind - Death & Beyond (Transubstans) LP
Magic Lantern - Friendship (Not Not Fun) LP
Wayne Rogers - Fire (Twisted Village) LP
King Blood - Sinful Woman (Permanent) LP
Oresund Space Collective - Reintroduce The Snakes To Ireland (SRP) LP
Bong - Onward To Perdondaris (Roadburn) LP

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 18th, 2011

Be Bop Deluxe - Axe Victim (Harvest) LP
Dragonwyck - Ideas Within You/Fire Climbs (World In Sound) LP
Status Quo - Someone's Learning (Pye) LP
Electric Moon - Brain Eaters (Nasoni) LP
Hawkwind - Gimme Shelter (Essential) LP
Cloudland Canyon - Silver Tongued Sisyphus (Holy Mountain) LP
Embryo - Es Ist, Wie's Ist (Schneeball) LP
Orange Sunshine - Demon's Eyes (Motorwolf) LP
Deep Purple - Pictures Of Home (Warner) LP
UFO - Doctor Doctor (Chrysalis) LP
Burning Saviours - Silent Prayer (Svart) LP

Guru Guru - Baby Cake Walk (Brain) LP
Hardal - Bir Yagmur Masali (Shadoks) LP
Erkin Koray - Krallar (Sublime Frequencies) LP
Thin Lizzy - Diddy Levine (Decca) LP
Three Man Army - See What I Took (Pegasus) LP
Nazareth - Empty Arms, Empty Heart (Pegasus) LP
Graveyard - Rss (Stranded) LP
Cosmic Jokers - Galactic Joke (Klimt) LP
Frank Zappa/Beefheart & The Mothers - Advance Romance/
Man With The Woman Head/Muffin Man (Discreet) LP
Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards (Capricorn) LP
Arenna - Receiving The Liquid Writings (Nasoni) LP
Acid Maso Temple - Drug Death Driver (White Noise) LP
Paul Chain Violet Theatre - Voyage To Hell (High Roller) LP
Arabs In Aspic - Megalodon (Panorama) LP

Monday, November 14, 2011

LIVE GIG - "the band whose name is a symbol"

the band whose name is a symbol will perform at Irene's Pub, 885 Bank Street on Saturday December 10th, 2011. The Boogiemen are also on the bill. Tickets are $20.00 advance and it's a Benefit for Prostate Cancer.

On that night in honor of Frank Zappa, TBWNIS will render their 20 minute interpretation of "Willie The Pimp" (to date their only cover). Hope too see you there! Tickets are available at Irene's Pub.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 11th, 2011

Anekdoten - Sad Rain (Virta) 12"
Brian Davison - Bed Ain't What It Used To Be (Longhair) LP
Jungle - House Of Rooms (RD) LP
Dream Syndicate - John Coltrane Stereo Blues (A&M) LP
Primordial Undermind - I Am Afraid Of You (SAAH) LP
Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Night Revelation (Conspiracy) LP
High Wolf - Kenya Sunset (Holy Mountain) LP
Space Debris - Long Distance Voyageur (indie) LP
Hawkwind - Images (GWR) LP
Dragontears - Masters Of War (Bad Afro) LP
Robert Calvert - The Aerospaceage Inferno (U.A) LP
Been Obscene - Endless Scheme (Elektrohasch) LP

Bob Theil - Yesterdays (Golden Pavilion) LP
Parzival - Empty Land (Sireena) LP
The Amazing - Gentle Stream (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Carleton Melton - Full Moon Revisited (Mid-To-Late) LP
Causa Sui - Garden Of Forking Paths (El Paraiso) LP
Frank Zappa - Willie The Pimp (Reprise) LP
Garaga - Maybe (indie) cdr
Danava - I Am The Skull (Kemado) LP
Premonition 13 - Clay Pigeons (Volcom) LP
Guru Guru - Ooga Booga Spezial (Think Progressive) LP
Peacepipe - The Day The War Has Ended (Shadoks) LP

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Morning Cartunes...November 4th, 2011

Status Quo - I Saw The Light (Vertigo) LP
Five Horse Johnson - It Ain't Easy (Vinyl Matters) LP
Plan 9 - Opium Night (Pink Dust) LP
Julian Cope - Out Of My Mind On Dope & Speed (Zippo) LP
Soft Machine - Slightly All The Time (Columbia) LP
CAN - Butterfly (Spoon) LP
Pere Ubu - Go (Rough Trade) LP
Snakefinger - Golden Goat (Ralph) LP
Steve Hillage - Hurdy Gurdy Man (Virgin) LP
Black Angels - The Sniper At The Gates Of Heaven (LITA) LP
Roky Erickson - Cold Night For Alligators (CBS) LP
Blue Oyster Cult - Harvester Of Eyes (Columbia) LP
Thin Lizzy - Genocide (Mercury) LP
Ten Years After - Bad Scene (Deram) LP
Scientists - Set It On Fire (Big Time) LP
Open Mind - Magic Potion (Sunbeam) LP
Pretty Things - Stone-Hearted Mama (Harvest) LP
Plasticland - Alexander (Pink Dust) LP
UIC - Strange Sin (Fringe) LP
Resin Scraper - Duh Factor (Mag Wheel/test pressing) LP
Status Quo - Down Down (Vertigo) LP
Hellacopters - Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial (Sweet Nothing) LP
Alice Cooper - Long Way To Go (Warner) LP
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Mantra Slider (Stickman) LP
Clearlight - Symphony excerpt (Virgin) LP
Slim Cessna's Autoclub - Unto The Day (Alt. Tent.) CD
Garaga - Spiderwolf (Indie) cdr
Motorpsycho - California (Stickman) LP
Monster Magnet - Gods & Punks (Napalm) LP
Black Sabbath - Wheels Of Confusion (Earmark) LP
Deep Purple - Strange Kind Of Woman (Warner) LP

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