Saturday, November 6, 2021

Friday Afternoon Cartunes : 11/5/2021- Play Sheet and Youtube Link


Los Saicos
- Demolicion (Munster)

Forbidden Dimension - Martian Death Saucer / Ghosts Run Wild (Wasted Wax)

Janitors - Trojan Ghost (Cardinal Fuzz)

Adam Stone Dead Sea Apes Black Tempest - Skull Pilot (Misophonia)

Pallbearer Industry - Astral Pollution (Misophonia)

Droids - Shanti Dance Pt. 1 (Because)

Expo 70 - Solar Barque Voyage (Sonic Meditations / Burial / Unseen Creatures)

Sienna Root - Trippin' (Nasoni)

Al Hombre Al Agua - Jungle Dread (Fuzzed Up/Astromoon)

Trip Hill - Reflexion (Psych Out)

Telstar Sound Drone - Drugs Help (Bad Afro)

Brick Road - Dronesong For the Master Donald Eugene Cherry (Saw-Whet)

Juju - Not This Time (Weird Beard)

Zendik Communal Arts - Superman Is Paralyzed (Nasoni)


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