Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes....January 31, 2009


Jumbo - Miss Rand (Philips) LP
Panna Fredda - La Paura (Mayfair) LP
Franco Battiato - Meccanica (Orizzonte) LP
Garybaldi - Moretto Da Brescia (CGD) LP
Osage Tribe - Cerchio di Luce (Amber Soundroom) LP
Hero - Dew Drops (Pan) LP
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - La Citta Sottile (Ricordi) LP
Saint Just - Il Fiume Inondo (Akarma) LP
Delirium - La Battaglia Degli Eterni Piani (Cetra) LP
De De Lind - Fuga E Morte (Mercury) LP
Dalton - Idea Infinito (Music) LP
Showmen 2 - Epitaffio (AMS) LP
Pangea - Miraggi (AMS) LP
Il Balleto Di Bronzo - Ti Risveglierai Con Me / Missione...(Profundo Nero) LP
Osanna - Animale Senza Respiro...excerpt (Fonit) LP

"Fishing With Boston"
"Untitled" (12 String)

Blue Phantom - Psycho-Nebulous (AMS) LP
Biglietto Per L'inferno - Il Tempo Della Semina (Trident) LP
Procession - Un Mondo Di Liberta (Help) LP

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 23, 2009

Grodeck Whipperjenny - Evidence For The Existence Of The Unconcious (People) LP
El Hombre Misterioso - Ellas Se Quedan (Nasoni) LP
Los Flippers - Vivamos Siempre Juntos (Guerssen) LP
Passport - Madhouse Jam (Atlantic) LP
Miles Davis - Maiysha (CBS) LP
Charlie & Esdor - It's All Over Now (Mellotronen) CD
Robert Savage - Save Us From The Cyclops (Skyf Zol) CD
Death - Politicians In My Eyes (Drag City) CD
MV & EE - Anyway (DiCristina) LP
Buffalo Killers - Let It Ride (Alive) CD
Weird Owl - Flying Low In The Air After Thunder (Tee Pee) CD
The Stars - Subway(aka the night walker) (Pedal) LP
White Heaven - Coloured Mind Drops (PSF) LP
Kawabata Makoto - You Are From The Rainbow Over The Sea (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Boris - Death Valley (Quattro UK) CD
Church Of Misery - Hymn Of The Satanic Empire (Kult Of Nihilow) LP
Erkin Koray - Turku (GDR) LP
M.Mucci - Tutto Smasho (Tall House Recording Co.) CD
Fairport Convention - Mr. Lacey (Island) LP
Spriguns - Outlandish Knight (Acme) LP
Marissa Nadler - Box Of Cedar (Eclipse) LP
Six Organs Of Admittance - Eighth Cognition/All You've Left (Drag City) LP
La Otracina - A Drifted Memory (Holy Mountain) LP
Grails - Take Refuge (Important) LP
Amon Duul II - Live In Jericho (Vinyl) LP

Monday, January 19, 2009

After The Gig...

Despite days of arctic like temperatures and pre-February blues kickin' in to high gear a ton of people ventured forth to see 4 new(ish) bands from the solid Ottawa underground music scene. At a point the Dominion Tavern was at capacity!!
Impressive given the aforementioned winter and a very long in the tooth bus strike! I would like to express my thanks to all who came out to witness this annual music event. "the band whose name is a symbol" played a short, slightly off the rails set due to the REALLY late hour and the next show they promise way more bang for the buck! Groovegasm were excellent with vet players from dozens of well known past and present groups and they rendered an awesome set combining a hard early 70's style funk with old skool reggae....sweet! Book em for yer next cottage party! Mothers Of The Lower East Side are evolving into a pretty wicked band who fuse 70's prog and folk with a noisy indie rock guitar squall and some great propulsive drumming. Again an awesome set! The newly named Spaces, kicked off the night in fine form as Matt Oxley from Wax Attic and his new pals on bass and drums from Savage Crimes, busted out a fine sound mixing a little krautrock meets no wave meets punk and it all went down a treat! Thanks again to the bands, the fine folks at the Dominion Tavern and mostly to all the music fans who came and saw.......

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 16, 2009

Damnation Of Adam Blessing - Morning Dew (Akarma) LP
Pete Brown & Piblokto - If They Could Only See Me Now (Harvest) LP
Gong II - Expresso (Virgin) LP
Kebnekaise - Leksands Brudmarsch (Silence) CD
Dungen - Satt Att Se (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Gomorrha - Trauma (Spalax) Cd
Spacebox - Kick Up (Spacebox) LP
Hypnos 69 - Nothing More & Nothing Less (R3) 10"
Mugstar - Subtle Freak (Critical Mass) LP
Zone Six - Hidden World (Sulatron) CD
Silver Summit - The Door (Language Of Stone) LP
Lord Sitar - I Am The Walrus (Silo) LP
Ultra - Mutants (Rockadrome) CD
Jeronimo - Shades (Second Battle) CD
Armaggedon - Oh Man (PAO) CD
Joseph - Trick Bag (Radioactive) CD
Orange Sunshine - Untitled # 1 (Motorwolf) 7"
Funkadelic - Slide On In (Westbound) LP
One Way Ticket - Reason Why (Guerssen) LP
La Otracina - Inner Mind Journey (Holy Mountain) LP
Trippy Wicked - I Wanna Be (Indie) CD
Los Natas - Tufi Meme (Elektrohasch) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Stargate Of The Hell (Important) CD
Conifer - Breathe, Hold (Important) CD
Six Organs Of Admittance - Redifinition Of Being (Drag City) LP

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 9, 2008

Can - Flow Motion (Virgin) LP
Snakefinger - Kill The Great Raven (Ralph) LP
Neu - Super (Brain) LP
Chrome - Eyes In The Center (Beggar's Banquet) LP
Suicide - Touch Me (Ze) LP
Shining Path - Full Throttle Lover (Holy Mountain) LP
Guru Guru - Der Elektrolurch (Brain) LP
Shock Headed Peters - We Breathe The Same Air(retort) (Produkt Korps) LP
David Bowie - She Shook Me Cold (RCA) LP
Josiah - Got This Thing On The Move (Beard Of Stars) 7"
On Trial - Parchment Farm (Freakophonic) 7"
Alabama Thunderpussy - Can't Feel Nothing (Eccentric Man) 7"
Toad - Purple Haze (Akarma) 7"
Fire - Flames (Skyf Zol) CD
Montrose - Rock The Nation (Warner) LP
Judas Priest - One For The Road (Koch) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Phantom Utopia Or... (Important) CD
Stooges - Lost In The Future (Elektra) 7"
Destroy All Monsters - Bored (Get Back) LP
Destroy All Monsters - Fast City (Fan Club) LP
Dark Carnival - Bloody Mary (SFTRI) LP
New Race - Descent Into The Maelstrom (Revenge) 7"
Angered Wrecks - Search & The Destroy (demo) cdr
Frolic Froth - Wick Troglo (Wdabliu)
"the band whose name is a symbol" - Dusty Groove (pre-release) cdr
Mothers Of The Lower East Side - Centrepeace (indie) cdr
Wax Attic - Girl (indie) LP
Plastic Crimewave Sound - Hibiscus Blue/End Of Cloud Part 2 (indie) cdr
Raven - Can't You See (indie) LP
Mugstar - Cxempog Sumultron (Critical Mass) LP
Diagonal - Semi-Permeable Men-Brain (Rise Above) LP
Vaka - Born To Secrecy (Murkhouse) CD

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ron Asheton

Man it's been nature calling full on the last little while ! Mitch Mitchell, Eartha Kitt, Freddie Hubbard, Jimmy Carl Black and now Ron Asheton. It reminds us that life is precious and not to mention short. The Stooges are arguably one of the most important rock groups ever if only because they defined the element of putting the aggro and snarl into the rock. I remember hearing them for the first time back in the early 70's and thought they were really wicked. Sadly I think I only heard them after reading about them in Circus magazine and being at that time in '74 on a steady diet of Mountain, Kiss and the New York Dolls among others the appeal of checking out the Stooges based on a bare chested, long haired blood soaked lead singer was not lost on me. I still own and play frequently a white label Elektra promo copy of "Funhouse" and it still boots my ass every time. Afterall, I am the perpetual rebellious teenager at the age of 48!!! Seeing as how I don't need to review or tell ya how awesome the first 3 Stooges are cuz it's been done to death I will say that Ron Asheton and his six stringed implement of destruction will live on in infamy and will continue to influence many future string-smiths for years to come, bank on it! I remember after my band the Curbs fell apart in '79 and we evolved into the first real punk band in Fredericton, New Brunswick's history; the Angered Wrecks, that 3 of the first 5 songs we smoked were "Search & Destroy", "Shake Appeal" and "I Need Somebody". The 4 of us in the Angered Wrecks were sure that the Stooges were "God" and we were out to and definitely proved it. Whenever we played their songs they were show stoppers and crowd pleasers and we were taking the Stooges music to new people (even the cops on numerous occasions!) who were in turn runnin' out and grabbing the real deal! Over almost 30 years in community radio I couldn't even guess how many Stooges songs I've spun either by Asheton and the boys themselves or the tons of killer covers of any of their work.

This Friday on Friday Morning Cartunes I will pay tribute to Ron Asheton and to the greatest rock band of our lives by spinin' some more and not only the Stooges but New Race, Dark Carnival, Destroy All Monsters if yer tuned in you'll even hear Fredericton's Angered Wrecks do 'em justice ! Ron Asheton, may you find peace and thank you for all you gave, RAFR !

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to 2009

Hope everyone had a good year in 2008 ! Me okay I guess and as always we soldier on hoping this year will be good. All my best to everyone I know and care for and you all know who you are. Every year at Birdman Sound we ask customers, friends , band mates and fellow radio comrades to submit top picks from the preceding year. Here's some folks who have thus far complied...FYI at the following link...

Friday Morning Cartunes...January 2, 2009

Elder - White Walls (Meteor City) CD
Sunn O))) - Masks The Aetmoshperes (Southern Lord) LP
Diagonal - Milankovitch Cycles (Rise Above) 7"
Mugstar - Born To Go (Trensmat) 7"
Alexander Tucker - Veins Of The Sky (ATP) LP
Patron Saints - Andrea (Time Lag) LP
Julian Cope - Mother, Where Is My Father? (Head Heritage) 7"
Rodriguez - Inner City Blues (LITA) LP
Relatively Clean Rivers - Babylon (Radioactive) LP
Quatrain - Unforseen Regrets (Sundazed) LP
Funkedelic - Vampy Funky Bernie (Westbound) LP
Cannonball Adderley - Taurus (Capitol) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Sidewalk Fins (N2O) LP
Circle - Tyolaisten Laulu (Klangbad) CD
White Hills - Spirit Of Exile (indie) CD
Rein Sanction - F Train (Sub Pop) LP
Dimi Dero Inc - Warschauer Strasse (Bang) CD
TK Webb & The Visions - God Bless The Little Angels (Kemado) LP
Night Horse - Don't Need You Lovin' (Tee Pee) LP
Leadfinger - Show You I Care (Bang) CD
"the band whose name is a symbol" - GOD II (pre-releases) cdr
Mothers Of The Lower East Side - Old Song From The New Country (indie) cdr
Serpent Cult - Serpent Cult (Rise Above) LP
Cold Sun - Mind Aura (World In Sound) LP
Status Quo - Is It Really Me / Gotta Go Home (Earmark) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Hell Cats Of Outer Space...excerpt (Fractal) LP