Friday, October 23, 2020

Incoming Wax From Cardinal Fuzz @ Birdman Sound

Mugstar...UK Space Rockers since 2003...never a dull moment!  Ltd. Edition.

Alien Mustangs...Space-Psych trippers from Greece with a solid 60's influence !  Ltd. Edition

The Janitors...brain melting heavy fuzzed out psych rock from Sweden !  Ltd. Edition

Tambourinen...Multi-Instrumentalist Grant Beyschau from Arizona Desert Psych moguls The Myrrors!  Ltd. Edition

The Left Outsides...latest from brilliant psych folk, husband and wife duo from the UK. Ltd. Edition.

Alison Cotton...UK chanteuse (1/2 of The Lefty Outsides) who purveys a deep, dark and haunting presence with both voice and instrumentation.  Previously a cassette release now 1st time wax.  Ltd. Edition

Spiral Galaxy...Steven Krakow from Chicago's Plastic Crimewave Syndicate and musical accomplice Sara Gossett, with the help of a few friends, have made a record that fits in brilliantly with the sounds of the deepest early 70's Krautrock.  Ltd. Edition

Anthroprophh... UK purveyors of heavy brain bake psych and minimalist experimental flourishes !  Ltd. Edition

Hasta La Vista CKCU-FM

 It is with great sadness and a bit of shock that I announce I am no longer associated with CKCU-FM, after 35 years of being an on-air DJ. The station has chosen to go in a new direction where DJs download music to “record” shows in their homes for re-broadcast on the community airwaves.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about the vinyl, not downloads. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to make a large investment in ensuring that I can spin discs and record a professional quality show in my home for re-broadcast. Nor – to be honest – do I believe that I fit in with the new gang in charge of CKCU. To be sure, I am a “colourful” personality, but then again – a little respect for long-serving DJs would have been nice to have, and there doesn’t seem to be any understanding that “respect” is definitely a two-way street. Nice man Kwende, the new CKCU leader with his own particular vision of the future: he is intelligent and well-spoken, but clearly moving the station down a far more academic path, and IMO he is not really interested in hearing/having real discourse and tolerates no dissent. But purges of DJs are nothing new at CKCU, so I guess my time had simply arrived to feel the flagrant spin out the door, don’t let it hit your ass as it slams shut.

I will no longer be pulling in funding drive money through Friday Morning Cartunes; everyone else can make their own choice about whether or not YOU continue to support the new and definitely very different CKCU of the future.

For all the many music lovers out there who have listened to my shows over the years, and supported the former version of CKCU-FM through your seriously generous donations: thank you again from the bottom of my heart. It was a wild journey we were on, breaking boundaries in every decade. I was proud to associate myself with this venerable community institution. Times change indeed…nuff said on that closed door and smarting arse.

For the thousands of bands that I have spun, pushed and promoted – fear not: I will continue to spin, push and promote you through alternative venues. My whole world revolves around music and inspirational directions, past and present…nothing is going to change there!

And of course, I will continue to sell directly to the discerning ears out there; I have been surprised and pretty humbled with the level of support throughout all this COVID-shit, this world turned upside down-shit, and I am committed to keeping on sourcing and selling the best there is music-wise, past and present, via on-line and in-person encounters.

Everyone be safe out there, take care of yourselves and your family of loved ones, and basically…rock on!


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Hot New Arrivals @ Birdman Sound


The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Berserkir II (colour wax/dlc/double sided insert) Comet Is Coming - Prophecy
Comet Is Coming, The - Death To The Planet Melt Yourself Down - Last Evenings On Earth
Craven Faults - Erratics & Unconformities
Gunn-Truscinski Duo - Soundkeeper
Rother, Michael - Fernwarme
Czukay, Holger, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - Full Circle
Czukay, Holger - Radio Wave Surfer
Czukay, Holger - On The Way To The Peak Of Normal
Czukay, Holger - Movies
Ball - Like You Are…I Once Was…Like I Am – You Will Never Be
Various Artists - BLACK FIRE Soul Love Now: The Black Fire Records Story 1975-19
Cradle - The History
Lothar And The Hand People - Machines: Amherst 1969
Fields, Lee - Let's Get A Groove On
Harmonia - Live 1974
Harmonia - Documents 1975
Heshoo Beshoo Band - Armitage Road The Budos Band - Long In The Tooth John Dwyer - Bent Arcana Blues Creation - S/T Toho Sara - S/T (Acid Mothers project on Black Editions) Musica Transonica - S/T (Acid Mothers project on Black Editions) Love - Love (Mono 50th anniv. edition) Love - Forever Changes (Mono edition) Douglas Fir - Hard Heartsingin' (hard driving 1970 psych rock) Don Gere - Werewolves On Wheels OST Heat Exchange-Reminiscence (Killer 1972 Canadian heavy psych/prog/funk) Groundhogs - Split (2xLP version on red wax) J Zunz - Hibiscus (killer Krautrock from mexico's Lorelle: From L & Obsolete) Thin Lizzy - S/T (1st LP essential) Thin Lizzy - Shades Of A Blue Orphanage (2nd essential LP) Wildwood - Plastic People (In yer face hard Calif. Psych '68-'70) Nani & Guru - Vovivizm Episode 2 (Kawabata and Satoshima from Acid Mothers) Pugsley Munion - Just Like You (wicked hard rock psych power trio USA 1970) Satisfaction - S/T (1971 UK Jazz Prog ex Artwoods, Unit 4+2 etc) Blind Ravage - S/T (1971 Fuzzed out Hard Rock from Montreal, Que.) Pete Brown & Piblokto - Thousands On A Raft (Killer UK hard rock/jazz and prog '69) Merzbow / Mats Gustafsson / Balazs Pandi - Cuts Open (cutting edge outsider 2020) Paternoster - S/T (1972 Austrian prog-psych masterpiece) Randy Holden - Population II (Killer HEAVY psych rock- ex-Blue Cheer guitarist '70) L-Seven - S/T (Detroit post punk legends 1980 with pre Laughing Hyenas Larissa!) Blues Creation - S/T (Killer Japanese hard rockin' blues psych 1st LP 1969)

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Friday Morning Cartunes...?

This picture represents the last program I hosted on March 13th, 2020.  Lucky 13 be damned eh?  28 weeks of pre-programmed swill (for the most part), has been playing during my time slot from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm. I  have had fuck all to do with the crap that has been airing during my absence!  I opted out from being involved in doing a show remotely and "phoning" it in so to say, as a number of show hosts are doing. I have neither the proper gear, nor any interest at all in throwing down a bunch of downloaded digital junk and spewing that out over the airwaves disguised as a radio program .  I'm pretty old school and that is not what or who I am with regard to programming, so fucking sue me!        

I have hosted programs on Community radio now for 40 years starting at CHSR FM in Fredericton NB and then in 1985 at CKCU-FM here in Ottawa plus 2 years simultaneously at the Algonquin College radio station (pre-FM).  At CKCU I have been Music Director, Program Director as well as Show Host for "No Future Now", Co-Host for both "Meltdown" and "New Revolutions" and several different general music programs.  Since 1988 when I took over Friday mornings and "Friday Morning Cartunes" was born.  In late March my friend Wayne Coulis asked if I'd be into doing FMC on Facebook and I said yes of course!  That has been so much fun despite constant warnings from FB regarding copyright infringement (go fuck yourself fb!).  Wayne and I turned it into a near daytime soap with KILLER visuals (thanks Wayne), live doggos (Hefe and Lebowski), on air drinking of local micro brews ever week with reviews, lots of foul language, political commentary and loads of great records spinning! The audience participation was AWESOME as well{:>))))  This too is coming to an end though, as FB, commencing October 1st, are enforcing very strict rules to curtail such "disrespectful and brash fun!💀  One may be banned for life from FB regarding the spinning of music and ignoring the copyright infringement shit.  Fun killers indeed!  I will figure out another way to program soon I hope, but for now, there will be "radio silence".  

There is NO word at present on when we will get back into the CKCU studios.  The CKCU annual funding drive is coming up at the end of October (seriously??)  Just for the record, FMC listeners in the previous 4 years donated over $ 22, 000. in pledges because of the music they got on the show, week in and week out for decades. Friday Morning Cartunes has also been the # 1 "On Demand" program 7 out of the last 8 years! I find it fucking pathetic that some of us have not been allowed to do our programs (a number of other DJ's feel the same as I do btw!) .  I would have had zero issues doing my program at the station since lockdown started the week after my last show!  Ironically the last 5 years it has been on a rare occasion that there has been anymore than 2-3 of us in the entire station while my show is on and in fact many weeks, I neither saw nor spoke to anyone in person for the duration of the show!  Hand sanitizer was installed in the place after SARS (remember that one)?  Anyway, thanks to Wayne Coulis and his family for hosting me and being a great co-host on Friday Morning Cartunes Facebook version and I'm being honest, way more fun than the conventional method! Will I ever return to the airwaves to physically spin records on Friday mornings ?  Who the fuck knows?  Am I concerned...fuck no...anyways... be well out there!  

Currently at this very moment I am listening to a ZOOM meeting from CKCU regarding funding drive and in my opinion, continuing to do my program, makes no sense any longer...there is NO underground or rebel spirit left...CKCU is now just conforming to fit the times and my skin crawls with the lack of historical perspective...👽


New Arrivals and Restock @ Birdman Sound

A small amount of what's in the shop at the moment...all titles ltd.  Getting lots of  new stuff every week!  Get in touch if something tickles your fancy! 

Elevator - August (expanded, dbl LP set, colour wax, ltd. edition)

CAN - Live 1970 (2xLP set and a top seller, 1st time official release 2020)

Zone Six - Any Noise Is Intended (2xLP) (Acid Test Records)

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol - Berserkir Vol. II (Cardinal Fuzz/colour vinyl 2020) 

Monoshock - Runnin' Ape-like From The Backwards Superman(1989-1995) (2xLP set) Cardinal                                               Fuzz/feeding Tube

Herbcraft - Trash Heap  (Cardinal Fuzz 2020)

The Heads - Reverberations Vol. 2 (Cardinal Fuzz 2020)

Rick Bain & The Genius Position - Keep It Glowing  LP (Little Cloud Records)

Nest Egg - Nothingness Is Not a Curse  LP  (Little Cloud Records)

The Heliocentrics - Telemetric Sounds  (Madlib Invazion Records 2020/top seller)

Randy California - Kapt. Kopter and the Fabulous Twirly Birds (1972) (Beauty repress on MOV)

Elkhorn - The Acoustic Storm Sessions (Cardinal Fuzz 2020)

The Left Outsides - A Place To Hide (Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube 2020)

Korb - Korb II (The Weird Beard 2020 UK Ltd. Edition)

Acid Roulette - Depopulation (Dirty Filthy Records Ltd. Edition 2020)

Ancient River - After The Dawn (2020 The Acid Test/Little Cloud Records)

Prana Crafter - Morphomystic (2020 Cardinal Fuzz.Feeding Tube)

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Loads of great new wax arriving weekly @ Birdman Sound! All the latest releases from Cardinal Fuzz, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Riot Season, The Weird Beard, Dirty Filthy, Little Cloud, Feeding Tube and more!

Still lots of stuff slow to arrive due to shipping from certain places because of the pandemic 

and distros are often challenged by this and then there is a trickle down effect.  Having said that there is mucho to be constantly be excited by.  Tons of killer pre-orders in so some deadly stuff coming when ready to be shipped to us here!  A Mobile pop up will happen on Pretoria at Bank St. this Saturday, October 3rd from 10 am - 11 am.  Loads of wax to check out !  👽 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Records Records Records...


Lots of great wax in @ Birdman Sound!  We got the last copies we will see of new Riot Season releases from Taras Bulba(formerly Earthling Society, Shit & Shine and Sloath (III).  Incoming Riot Season double set from Acid Mothers Temple - The Ripper At The Heaveans Gates Of Dark(in soon ltd. copies available).  

We have the newest stuff and some killer new back catalogue just arrived from Little Cloud Records from Portland, OR.  2 killer Krautrock inspired corkers from Nest Egg, 2 LPs from Rick Bain & The Genius Position and slabs from White Shape, Los Mundos, Ancient River(top 10 LP for 2020!), The Magic Shoppe, The Reverends and Spindrift.

Still holding 1 or 2 copies of new Cardinal Fuzz and The Acid Test releases, however, last ever copies of new wax by The Left Outsides, White Manna, Acid Mothers Temple/PKExperience split LP and Zone Six.  Incoming Cardinal Fuzz releases next week from Prana Crafter, Elkhorn, Herbcraft and a couple of restocks (The Heads and Asteroid No. 4) and just in time for our 3rd Official Indoor Pop Up on Bank Street.  The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol (Berserkir II) should land here 2nd week of October!  Cardinal Fuzz releases November and December coming will blow your mind ! TBWNIS/Anunnaki split LPs on Cardinal Fuzz are soon delivered as well as "Unsemble" vinyl version (re-mastered) and with different artwork altogether by Brett Savage!  New releases anyday now also from The Weird Beard, Dirty Filthy, Black Editions and so much more, it's hard to keep up with!  The Birdman game is tight though, so, round my hood, those keen, are covered. 👽 

Mobile Pop Ups this Saturday, Sept 19th Pretoria @ Bank in angled parking  10 am - 11am and Kanata North Noon - 4 pm...maybe see ya, there!  Cheers...JW


Saturday  September 19th, 2020  10am - 11am

Saturday  September 19th, 2020  12 pm - 4 pm

Saturday September 26th, 21020   4 Vinyl Vendors  10 am - 4 pm 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Stuff @ Birdman Sound

Another awesome record from Heliocentrics!  A deep shit combination of Jazz-centric leanings, psychedelia and fluid improvisational moves!  Top selling band for us, since day #1 👽

A Stooge and a Radio Birdman guy make a sizzling RAWK album that will kick your ass!  Would you expect anything less?  Yeah Hup! 💣

New vinyl from overlooked Portland, OR band around for several decades!  An excellent blend of neo psych, shoegaze, pure pop and rootsy flourishes. I do hear a nod to Pink Floyd a bit as well, as that's what I read{:>)))) On Little Cloud Records.  A great listen this one!💗

Godlike and prolific (25+albums!) Norwegian space sprog dynamos Motorpsycho hand our noggins a  new double LP set to digest in 2020.  No dull moments with these fellas...ever!  💪

8 albums of innovative psych influenced music from these California lads since 2012. White Manna offer once again on their latest, a deep shit, improvised, hard krautrock influenced palette of tuneage that gives you something different with every listen!  Recommended ! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Pop Up # 2 on Saturday September 5th

The afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 5th sees Birdman Sound mobile popping up at Small Pony  Barrel Works in Kanata North, 101m Schneider outdoors in the parking lot!  Will have a load of fine vinyl for sale, new & Used {:>))))  Our friends from the old neighbourhood; Meow! That's Hot and House Of Targ will be on hand with bottled hot sauces and Perogies (cooked while you wait) !  Weather is supposed to be great so if you can make it out, see you there...mighty fine micro breweries on site as well !  👽  

Birdman Mobile POP UP Saturday, September 5th.


Saturday, Sept. 5th  I will do a mobile pop up with a load of new wax in the angled parking across from the Clocktower brew pub on Pretoria @ Bank!  10 a.m - 11:00 p.m for pick up of special orders and browsing !  Hope to see you there !👽 

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Fave 60's / 70's Heavy Hitter's At Birdman Sound

Curation is what we have excelled at for 3 decades!  Don't fucking care a wit regarding trends at all!  Every week there are amazing records from by-gone dayz, that are stocked in the shop.  These are all monsters and highly recommended titles that are always in and out of stock.  Life is short, fill yer boots, especially if yer deep shit into the psych sounds from yesteryear! Hard, heavy and spaced out global grooves...links to each in order at end of post...👽

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

This Week At Birdman Sound

As usual a load of great LPs in the shop now!  Ltd. quantities on all titles, some more so than others!  If you see something you want, best act quickly as there are no guarantees that we can get many things back in again, so it's like a first come first served scenario {:>))))

Taras Bulba - Soul Weaver  (Riot Season) UK

Shit and Shine - Goat Yelling Like A Man  (Riot Season) UK

Mummise Guns - S/T  (Riot Season) UK

Black Helium - The Wholly Other  (Riot Season) UK

Zombi - 2020  (Relapse) USA

Kooba Tercu - Proto Tekno (Rocket Recordings) UK

Sex Swing - Type II  (Rocket Recordings) UK

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Viscerals (Rocket Recordings) UK

Stereoboy - Kung Fu (Dirty Filthy) UK

Par Asito - Singularity (Dirty Filthy) UK

Servo Alien - S/T  (Fuzz Club) UK

The Underground Youth - Sadovaya (Fuzz Club) UK

Helicon - This Can Only Lead To Chaos (Fuzz Club) UK

Las Cobras - Selva (Fuzz Club) UK

Elevator - Darkness...Light  (Blue Fog) CAN

Sonic Boom - All Things Being Equal  (Carpark) USA

Vert:X - Hed  (Spiral Void) UK

Mugstar and Damo Suzuki - Invisible Wind Factory (The Weird Beard) LP

Various - Brown Acid: The 10th Trip (Heavy Rock 60's/70's) (Riding Easy) USA

Pretty Lightening - Jangle Bowls (Fuzz Club) UK

Radar Men From The Moon - The Bestial Light (Fuzz Club) UK

Tengger - Nomad (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond) USA

Wax Machine - Earthsong Of Silence (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond) USA

Steve Palmer - Useful Histories (Sunrise Ocean Bender) USA

Airto - Seeds On The Ground (Real Gone Music) USA

and tons more !

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Birdman Sound Pop Up Shop # 2...Saturday August 29th

Hard to believe that we are near the middle of August already !  The first Birdman Sound pop up was fun and great to see so many happy folks scoring great wax ! 👽  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 29th for round 2! Including the Birdman, there will be 3 other vendors on site!  Loads of killer tunes!!  Masks must be worn and physical distancing will be in practice.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Method to Madness At Birdman Sound

Some major heavy hitter top sellers have made their way back into the shop this week.  Alongside a few newer hot platters, here's a chance to get schooled proper and catch up!  You need to connect the dots, it's important! 👽

Maximum Joy/Station M.X.J.Y.

Zombi /2020   

You/Electric Day

Pinhas, Richard/Rhizosphere

Heldon/Electronique Guerilla

Heldon/Agneta Nilsson (Heldon IV)           

Heldon/6 - Interface

Heldon/Stand By


Numan, Gary/Replicas (2LP) the first

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melt/s/t

Eno/Moebius/Roedelius/After The Heat       

Monophonics/It's Only Us    

Holden, Randy/Population II

Eddie Flowers & The Wax-Lip-Swamp-Dub  

Action/Rolled Gold

Baby Grande/1975-77


Autotelia/I (green vinyl)

Euclid/Heavy Equipment (incl. CD)            

Dungen/Dungen Live

Heliocentrics/13 Degrees Of Reality

Heliocentrics/Out There (2LP)

Hector, Karl & The Malcouns/Unstraight Ahead                                                              

Stack Waddy/Bugger Off!

Elevator/Darkness-Light (colour vinyl/remaster)

Monday, July 27, 2020

Astounding Soundz @ Birdman Sound

Raw instrumen\tal hard underground prog. In the ballpark with Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies! Drug-fueled 70's crunch from the burbs of Chicago..

New project put together by The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen and 2 of our fave's from the UK !  Kosmiche electronic psyched ou spectral emanations of the highest order!  

Vinyl debut of the legendary Sonic’s Rendezvous Band’s “Basement Tapes” from 1976! Smoldering Detroit rock with the late Fred Smith of the MC5 on guitar! 2xLP set and Ltd. of course

Originally released in 1984: on cassette (50 copies) From Washington DC thes cats played mutant psychedelic pop and homemade electronic weirdness which sounds years ahead of its time.  On the Nurse With Wound "list"

UK early 70's hard rock classic with Nicky Moore on vocals who later replaced Bruce Dickinson as lead vocalist in n.w.o.b.h.m. greats Samson when Bruce went to Iron Maiden!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

CHEERS ! 1st Official Birdman Sound Pop Up Huge Success !

Huge thanks to all that came out for the 1st official Birdman Sound Pop Up!  Somebody remarked that they had never seen so many people go through the shop on a Saturday...EVER !  In any event a load of great LPs were to be had and we saw nearly 50 folks pass through the digs and everyone found lots to snag!

Serge Rodrigue and Brian Tierney both had awesome records available aside from mine so the selection was super tight.  This event will be a regular monthly happening on the last Saturday of each month in the same location!  There will also likely be at least 1 or 2 other vendors tba!

 The outdoor patio was busy and provided some relief for those challenged by wearing a mask while indoors!  I must say that all folks who turned out were masked up and there were zero issues regarding safety protocol !  Impressive for sure! 
 The next Birdman Sound Pop Up will be Saturday, August 29th, in the same location at 591 Bank Street.  Major thanks to Arran for allowing us the use of her space at Studio B. !  If you ever need a hair cut Arran is the BEST ! 
Nice to see TBWNIS keys man and former Birdman Sound employee Jason Vaughan pop into the old hood yesterday for a troll through the wax !  Jason used to run the fabulous Artguise Art Gallery just across the street from Studio B and the old Birdman Sound!  Thanks again to everyone who came by and made the day a success!  BTW...Studio B is in the the same spot where the awesome Organized Sound Record Shop run by Linus Booth, Tony Daye and Andy Cant was located!  Solid history in our old block !  👽

Friday, July 24, 2020

Right NOW...BANG @ Birdman Sound...Loads of Hot Wax !

Recent arrivals!  Ltd. quantities available!  Hope to see you at the Pop Up, Saturday July 25th, 10 am - 3 pm.  591 Bank St., alley entrance off Pretoria.  👽