Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 30, 2010

Moolah - The Hard Hit (Atman) LP
Aron - Six Brides Of The Forest (Orpheus) LP
Index - You Keep Me Hanging On (Valord/DC) LP
Mirrors - Living Without You (Violet Times) LP
Brigitte Fontaine/Areski - Ragilia (BYG) LP
Eskaton - Eskaton (Musique Post-Atomique) LP
CAN - Up The Bakerloo Line With Anne (Marcon Path) LP
Moon Duo - Set It On Fire (Agitated) 7"
Michael Rother - Feuerland (4Men W.Beards) LP
Human Beast - Mystic Man (Akarma) LP
Puma - Gaberdine Lingerie/Innamoati Osculati (Rune Grammofon) LP
Aluk Todolo - Troisieme Contact (Riot Season) LP
Conan - Satsumo (Throne) LP
Sonny Sharrock - Soon (BYG) LP
Voice Of The Seven Thunders -Open Lighted Doorway (Holy Mountain) LP
Magnus Pelander - Hope (Svart) LP
Siloah - Krishna's Golden Dope Shop (Garden Of Delights) CD
Okta Logue - Mr. Zoot Suit (Nasoni) LP
Goatsnake - Flower Of Disease (Southern Lord) LP
Butterflies & Zebras - Tapedeck/Nine Minutes/Mind Mapping (Indie) CD
Hangmen - Ain't Easy (Indie) CD
John Coltrane - Crescent(Live In Japan '66) Impulse CD

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 23rd, 2010

Dead Meadow - Drifting Down Streams (Tolotta) LP
Mondo Drag - True Visions/Apple/Black River (Alive) LP
Far East Family Band - Entering-Times (Phoenix) LP
Jane - Hangman (Brain) LP
Colour Haze - Fall (Elektrohasch) LP
Faust - Steinbrand (Klangbad) LP
Circle - Saturnus Reality (No Quarter) LP
Sunn O)) - Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself In Clouds (Southern Lord) LP
Electric Wizard - Burnout (Bad Acid) LP
Coconuts - When She Smiles (No Quarter) LP
TWBNIS - Sour Kraut(Live 2010) (demo) cdr
Hawkwind - Inner Visions (Back On Black) LP
Endless Boogie - Mighty Fine Pie (No Quarter) LP
Place Of Skulls - With Vision (Southern Lord) LP
Gnod/White Hills - The Secret Society Of Ants/Spaced Man (Rocket Recordings) LP
Ufomammut - III/IV (Supernatural Cat) LP
Sabbath Assembly - Glory To Gods In The Highest (Ajna) LP
Aron - Testament (Orpheus) LP
The Smell Of Incense - Tread Softly On My Dreams (September Gurls) LP
Motorpsycho - She Left On The Sun Ship (Rune Grammofon) LP
Gong - Flying Teapot (Virgin) LP

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 16th, 2010

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High (Polydor) LP
Haikara - Jälleen on meidän (Mayfair) LP
Iceburn Collective - Five (Southern Lord) LP
Embryo - Calcutta Rag (Trikont) CD
Heldon - Ouais Marchais (Wah Wah) LP
Magma- "ISS" Lansei Doia (Universal) LP
Aethenor - IV (VHF) LP
Sabbath Assembly - And The Phoenix Is Reborn (Ajna) LP
Hawkwind -Seahawks (Back On Black) LP
Space Debris - We Were At The Moon Before You Were At The Moon (Indie) LP
Gurumaniax - Spaceship Memory (Bureau B) LP
Throbbing Gristle - Convincing People (Mute) LP
Robedor - I Thought You Were The Devil (Important) LP
Thule - Daga (Pancromatic) LP
Janus - Gravedigger (Harvst) LP
Love Cry Want - Love Cry (Weird Forest) LP
The Orkustra - Gypsy Odyssey (Mexican Summer) LP
Quicksilver Messenger Serice - Who Do You Love (Vinyl Lovers) LP
Fox - Suzie S. Kalator (RD) LP

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 9th, 2010

Sunn O)) - Big Church (Southern Lord) LP
Bevis Frond - Right On(Hippie Dream) (Woronozow) LP
Hawkwind - To Love A Machine (Dark Peak) CD
Magnus Pelander - You Have Got No Friends To Turn To (Svart) LP
Jex Thoth - Warrior Woman (I Hate Records) LP
James Blackshaw - Part 2 (Young God) LP
Trembling Bells - Did You Sing Together? (Honest Jon's) LP
MV & EE - Summer Magic (Ecstatic Peace) LP
Jack Rose - Calais To Dover (3 Lobed) LP
Mother-Unit - Fingerprint-Chemistry (Stickman) LP
People Of The North - The Vastest Island (Brah) LP
BELD - Dearly Departed (demo) cdr
Ufomammut - I (Supernatural Cat) LP
We - On The Verge To Go (Rodeostar) LP
Don Cherry - Omejelo (BYG) LP
The:Egocentrics - Bright Dawn Of The Soul (Nasoni) LP
Acid King - Blaze In (Kreation) LP
Black Rainbows - Himalaya (Longfellow Deeds) LP
Heavy Winged - The Hum Of The Universe (3 Lobed) LP
Amon Duul II - Live In Jericho (Vinyl) LP

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 2nd, 2010

Sean Smith - Topinambour (Gnome Life) LP
Human Bell - The Singing Trees (Thrill Jockey) LP
M. Mucci - The Culprits (Tall House Recording) LP
Woods - Death Rattles (Woodsist) LP
Trad Gras Och Stenar - Punkrocker (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Circuit Rider - Billy Bad Billy (Indie) LP
Funkadelic - Free Yor Mind And Your Ass Will Follow (Westbound) LP
Roy Brooks & the Artistic Truth - Eboness (Jazzman) LP
Steve Reid Ensemble - For Coltrane (Soul Jazz) LP
Ornette Coleman - (Atlantic) LP
Vibracathedral Orchestra - The Bad Serpent/A Mirrored Pyramid (VHF) LP
Decoy - Crossroads (Bo'Weavil) LP
Talibam! with Alan Wilkinson - Sound Is A pound (Bo'Weavil) LP
the band whose name is a symbol(9-piece version) - Raga Quotation (Live 2010) cdr
My Sleeping Karma - Brahma/Parvati (Elektrohasch) LP
Circle - Rykmentti (Fourth Dimension) LP
Pharaoh Overlord - Tutankharmony (Klangbad) LP
Icecross - Solution (Dodo) LP
Bushman's Revenge - Professor Chaos (Rune Grammofon) LP
Terumasa Hino - Merry-Go-Round (CBS) LP
Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa -Greedy Man (Decca) LP
Beak - Ham Green (Invada) LP
Janus - Bubbles (Harvest) LP
CWT - Steam Roller (Missing Vinyl) LP
Josiah - Dying Day (Elecktrohasch) LP
Rush - Working Man (Moon) LP