Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 31st, 2015

Oresund Space Collective - The Black Tomato Part One (SRP) LP
Eternal - Chrono-Naut [phase I-IV] (Rise Above) LP
Flipper - Talk's Cheap (Subterranean) LP
Bored - Final Solution (Desperate) LP
Pere Ubu - Heart Of Darkness (Rough Trade) LP
Scientists - Travis (Au-go-go) LP
Beasts of Bourbon - The Hate Inside (Bang) LP
Agnes Strange - Give Yourself A Chance (Wow) LP
Hits - Loose Cannons (Beast) LP
Cheater Slicks - Thinkin' Some More (Columbus Discount) LP

The Mike Gunn - Mr. Fog / Uptight (But All Right) (Fleece) LP
Bong - Time Regained (Ritual Productions) LP
Pharaoh Overlord - Solar Stomp (Svart) LP
Castor - In The Lap Of The Dragon (Lodge Facility) CD
Mainliner - Taitan (Riot Season) LP
Electric Magma - Slut Dust (Around Ahead) LP
Monobrow - Ancient Arctic Wanderer (Indie) LP
Satan's Satyrs - Thumper's Theme / Instruments of Hellfire (Trash King) LP
11 Paranoias - The Great Somnambulist (Ritual Productions) LP
Oak - Fallout (Electricity) LP
Deep Purple - Space Truckin'-Live (Warner) CD

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...Friday July 24th, 2015

Chelsea Wolfe - Halfsleeper (Outer Battery) LP
Boris with Michio Kurihara - Doce No 1 (Inoxia) LP
Tracker - Blower (Sulatron) LP
Dead Meadow - One & Old (Tolotta) LP
Garden Of Worm - Fleeting Are The Days Of Man (Svart) LP
Tombstoned - The End (Svart) LP)
Monobrow - Cicada (Indie) LP
The Machine - Caterpillar's Mushroom (Nasoni) LP

Sienna Root - The Road To Agartha (Headspin) LP
Mater Dronic - Cosmografias (Discos Juana Granados) LP
Earthling Society - Journey Into Satchidananda (Riot Season) LP
Yuri Gargarin - The Big Rip (Sulatron) LP
Knall - Arrive Before Start (Krauted Mind) LP
Stoned Jesus - Electric Mistress (Nasoni) LP
Causa Sui - Incipiency Suite (El Paraiso) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - The Man From Giacobinid Meteor Comet (Riot Season) CD

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 17th, 2015

Klaus Schulze - Stardancer (Metronome) LP
Oresund Space Collective - Rising Tides & Floating Nebulas (Kommun 2) LP
Dead Sea Apes - Knowledge & Conversation (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Hey Mother Death - Highway (Paper Bag) LP
Chicaloyoh - Long walk To The Blue Stones Desert (Faunasabbatha) LP
Sabbath Assembly - The Four Horsemen (Svart) LP
Circle - Aldebaran (Full Contact) LP
Pharaoh Overlord - Villaa (Full Contact) LP
Sendelica - Spaceman Bubblegum (Vincebus Eruptum) LP
Sundays & Cybele - Mystic Ocean (GuruGuru Brain) LP
Will Z. - Namo (Mega Dodo) LP
Mugstar - Radar King (Agitated) LP

Vibracathedral Orchestra - The Secret Base(excerpt) (VHF) LP
Electric Moon - Aerosoul (Sulatron) LP
Sula Bassana - Space Taxi (Deep Distance) LP
Caudal - Murk (Midira) 12"
Mark Carmody - excerpts from Tuesday Wednesday (DTK) LP
Organisation - Tone Float (RCA) LP

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 10th, 2015

Vibravoid - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Anazitisi) LP
Amnesia - Eternal Time (not on label)
Neil Campbell & Robert Horton - Utterly Free World... (Zum) LP
Tidsgaest - Tidsgaest (AFD.O) LP
Oren Ambarchi - Sagittarian Domain Part 1 (Editions Mego) LP
Faust - Knochentanz (ReR) LP
Can - Tape Kebab (Strange Fruit) LP
Night Flights - Corpse Strut (Agitation) LP
Neokarma Jooklo Trio - Elevation Of The Carpet (Conspiracy) LP
Hypnodrone Ensemble - Elliptical/Hyperbolic (Calostro) LP

Myrrors - Mother Of All Living (Rewolfed Gloom) LP
Weird Owl - White Werewolf (A-Recordings) LP
The Kingdom Of Evol - Circles (Progress Productions) LP
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus - Frankie Teardrop (Rustblade) LP
Hey Colossus - Ain't No Love In The Mallet (Black Labs) LP
Heldon - Omar Diop Blondin (Wah Wah) LP
Klaus Schulze -  Echoes Of Time (Virgin) CD

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 3rd, 2015

Joshua Abrams - By Way Of Odessa (Eremite) LP
Felicia Atkinson - L'CEil (Shelter Press) LP
Mamathunes - The Thing (Backwards) LP
XAM - Coke Float (Deep Distance) LP
OVO - Nuda Per Satana (Backwards) LP
Caudal - Slow Bow (Consouling Sounds) LP
Chicaloyah - Jeune Fille (Shelter Press) LP
High Wolf - Exploratory Impatience (Leaving) LP
Sun Araw "Trio" XI - Avial Flue (Sun Ark) LP
Electric Orange - Polyzysten/Basslochner (Adonsonia) LP
Dead Sea Apes - Blood Knot (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Pharaoh Overlord - Black Horse (Sige) LP
Blown Out - Transgalactic World Eater (Golden Mantra) LP

Lamp Of The Universe - Trance Of The Pharaohs (Clostridium) LP
Zone Six - Cosmogyral (Deep Distance) LP
Carlton Melton meets Dr. Space - When You're In (Space Rock Productions) LP
Acid Mothers Temple.. - Pink Lady Lemonade (You're So Sweet) (Earworm) CD

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Friday Morning Cartunes...A Celebration of Ramadan...with guest DJ Hesham Attya June 26th, 2015

Pharoah ChromiumLowering The Mediterranean...Tankertrain Intro / Central Tchad Datch Heat WaveGrautag 
MuslimgauzeMadras Sitar BurnerMadras Sitar BurnerStaalplatt 
MuslimgauzeCoup D'EtatTabula RasaVOD 
Omar KhorshidLive In Australia 1981Kareit Al FenganSublime Frequencies 
Pari ZangenehIranian Folk SongsunknownKS 
Om KalthoumKawkb SharqIs Al RouhakSono Cairo 
SeldaS/TYaylalarFinders Keepers 
SeldaS/TAlmanya Aci VatanPharaway Sounds 
Master Musicians of JoujoukaS/TBrian JonesSol Re Sol 
Jerusalem In My HeartMo7it Al-Mo7itSpeak Of The Woman In The Black Robe /Constellation 
The Band Whose Name IS A SymbolPunks Twats & Urban Cowboys7 White Guys & An ArabBirdman Sound 
Al Doum & The FarydsS/TDustNouvelle Disques 
Le Trio JoubranA Rough Guide To Arabic JazzMasarRough Guides 
EmbryoAfricaMao In Afrique Pt. 2Materiali Sonori 
Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz BandEgyptian JazzRamadan In Space TimeArt Yard 
KarkhanaLive At Metro Al-MedinaUnder The Red Light Part 2Saggita 
MuslimgauzeSatyajit EyeAmritsarSoleilmoon 
Omar KhorshidLive In Australia 1981Alf Lelila We LielaSublime Frequencies 
Group DouehTreeg SalaamNabi El MohamedSublime Frequencies 
Kourosh YaghmaeiBack From The BrinkAkhm NakonNow - Again 
KoudedeGuitars From Agadez Vol.7Taghlamt (Caravan)Sublime Frequencies 
Erkin KorayElektronik TurkulerTurkuGDR 
John BerberianOud Artistry Of...Rast TaksimMainstream 
Salman ShukurOudFestival In BaghdadKlimt