Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Loads of great new wax arriving weekly @ Birdman Sound! All the latest releases from Cardinal Fuzz, Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, Riot Season, The Weird Beard, Dirty Filthy, Little Cloud, Feeding Tube and more!

Still lots of stuff slow to arrive due to shipping from certain places because of the pandemic 

and distros are often challenged by this and then there is a trickle down effect.  Having said that there is mucho to be constantly be excited by.  Tons of killer pre-orders in so some deadly stuff coming when ready to be shipped to us here!  A Mobile pop up will happen on Pretoria at Bank St. this Saturday, October 3rd from 10 am - 11 am.  Loads of wax to check out !  👽 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Records Records Records...


Lots of great wax in @ Birdman Sound!  We got the last copies we will see of new Riot Season releases from Taras Bulba(formerly Earthling Society, Shit & Shine and Sloath (III).  Incoming Riot Season double set from Acid Mothers Temple - The Ripper At The Heaveans Gates Of Dark(in soon ltd. copies available).  

We have the newest stuff and some killer new back catalogue just arrived from Little Cloud Records from Portland, OR.  2 killer Krautrock inspired corkers from Nest Egg, 2 LPs from Rick Bain & The Genius Position and slabs from White Shape, Los Mundos, Ancient River(top 10 LP for 2020!), The Magic Shoppe, The Reverends and Spindrift.

Still holding 1 or 2 copies of new Cardinal Fuzz and The Acid Test releases, however, last ever copies of new wax by The Left Outsides, White Manna, Acid Mothers Temple/PKExperience split LP and Zone Six.  Incoming Cardinal Fuzz releases next week from Prana Crafter, Elkhorn, Herbcraft and a couple of restocks (The Heads and Asteroid No. 4) and just in time for our 3rd Official Indoor Pop Up on Bank Street.  The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol (Berserkir II) should land here 2nd week of October!  Cardinal Fuzz releases November and December coming will blow your mind ! TBWNIS/Anunnaki split LPs on Cardinal Fuzz are soon delivered as well as "Unsemble" vinyl version (re-mastered) and with different artwork altogether by Brett Savage!  New releases anyday now also from The Weird Beard, Dirty Filthy, Black Editions and so much more, it's hard to keep up with!  The Birdman game is tight though, so, round my hood, those keen, are covered. 👽 

Mobile Pop Ups this Saturday, Sept 19th Pretoria @ Bank in angled parking  10 am - 11am and Kanata North Noon - 4 pm...maybe see ya, there!  Cheers...JW


Saturday  September 19th, 2020  10am - 11am

Saturday  September 19th, 2020  12 pm - 4 pm

Saturday September 26th, 21020   4 Vinyl Vendors  10 am - 4 pm 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Stuff @ Birdman Sound

Another awesome record from Heliocentrics!  A deep shit combination of Jazz-centric leanings, psychedelia and fluid improvisational moves!  Top selling band for us, since day #1 👽


A Stooge and a Radio Birdman guy make a sizzling RAWK album that will kick your ass!  Would you expect anything less?  Yeah Hup! 💣


New vinyl from overlooked Portland, OR band around for several decades!  An excellent blend of neo psych, shoegaze, pure pop and rootsy flourishes. I do hear a nod to Pink Floyd a bit as well, as that's what I read{:>)))) On Little Cloud Records.  A great listen this one!💗


Godlike and prolific (25+albums!) Norwegian space sprog dynamos Motorpsycho hand our noggins a  new double LP set to digest in 2020.  No dull moments with these fellas...ever!  💪


8 albums of innovative psych influenced music from these California lads since 2012. White Manna offer once again on their latest, a deep shit, improvised, hard krautrock influenced palette of tuneage that gives you something different with every listen!  Recommended !


Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Pop Up # 2 on Saturday September 5th

The afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 5th sees Birdman Sound mobile popping up at Small Pony  Barrel Works in Kanata North, 101m Schneider outdoors in the parking lot!  Will have a load of fine vinyl for sale, new & Used {:>))))  Our friends from the old neighbourhood; Meow! That's Hot and House Of Targ will be on hand with bottled hot sauces and Perogies (cooked while you wait) !  Weather is supposed to be great so if you can make it out, see you there...mighty fine micro breweries on site as well !  👽  

Birdman Mobile POP UP Saturday, September 5th.


Saturday, Sept. 5th  I will do a mobile pop up with a load of new wax in the angled parking across from the Clocktower brew pub on Pretoria @ Bank!  10 a.m - 11:00 p.m for pick up of special orders and browsing !  Hope to see you there !👽