Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 24, 2009

Ginger Baker - Ariwo (Atco) LP
Lonnie Liston Smith - Cosmic Funk (Flying Dutchman) LP
Roland Young - Row Land (EM) LP
Funkadelic - Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow (Westbound) LP
Hot Rattlesnakes - French Sweet Sugar House (Prphase) CD
Exploding Meet - Real Darwin (Look For The Flare) CD
Arbouretum - Down By The Fall Line (Thrill Jockey) LP
Woods - Walk The Dogs (Troubleman) LP
Marissa Nadler - Loner (Kemado) LP
Jack Rose - Cross The North Fork (3 Lobed) LP
Spriguns - Lord Lovell (Acme) LP
Keith Cross & Peter Ross - Peace In The End (Decca) LP
Groundhogs - Cherry Red (Liberty) LP
Hairy Chapter - It Must Be An Officer's Daughter (Second Battle) CD
Radio Moscow - No Good Woman (Alive) LP
Flower Travellin' Band - Shadows Of Lost Days (Won-Sin) CD
Bardo Pond - Silver Pavilion (3 Lobed) LP
Beld - Return Of The Cloaked Soldier/French Quarter Nightstalker (indie) cdr

Brendan McNally & Amanda Abdel Hadi....Live Reading from "Up The Ottawa, Without Despair" a book by Brendan McNally

Overhang Party - One's Double (Mutant Music) LP
Jex Thoth - Luna Moth Speaks (I Hate Records) LP
Alice Coltrane - Galaxy In Satchadinanda (Impulse) LP

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 17, 2009

The Dream - Ain't No Use (Whon) LP
Grand Funk - So You Won't Have To Die (Capitol)
Bliss - Cry For Love (Void) LP
Status Quo - (April) Spring, Summer & Wednesdays (Earmark) Lp
Luv Machine - Corupt One (Rise Above) LP
Sun Dial - Open Your Eyes (Acme) CD
Dragonfly - Blue Monday (Eroe Prog) LP
Light Of Darkness - Movin' Along (Second Battle) LP
Paul Chain - Sign From Space Part 3 (Beard Of Stars) LP
Achim Reichel - Tanz der Vogel in den Widen (Zebra) LP
Flaming Sideburns - El Hombre del Casco Dorado (Nomad/Fandango) CD
Los Flippers - Pronto Viviremos Un Mundo Mucho Mejor (Guerssen) LP
Dragontears - The River (Bad Afro) LP
Trees - The Great Silkie (Sunbeam) LP
Sean Smith - Topinambour (Gnome Life) LP
Abstract Truth - Coming Home Baby (Shadoks) LP
Vilgot - Guantanamo (Kommun) LP
Magic Lantern - Vampire In Heat (Woodsist) LP
Fantasyy Factoryy - The Bleeding Rose Of Arania (Ohrwaschal)
Aron - Morgendis/The Darkest Knight (Orpheus) LP
Gas Giant - Green Valley (Nasoni) LP
The Ethics -In Between (indie) CD
Mother's Children - Something About You That I Like (Shang-A-Lang) 7"
Delivery - Miserable Man (Tapestry) LP
Green Mist - Roadside Graves (Bang) CD
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Second Life Replay (Yep Roc) CD
Grateful Dead - Dark Star (Warner) LP

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bird Is The Word...

Top Sellers...
Land Of Kush - Against The Day (Constellation) LP/CD
U.S. Music With Funkadelic (Westbound) LP
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Communion (Yep Roc) LP/CD
Jerusalem - S/T (Vintage/Rockadrome) CD
Plastic Crimewave Sound - Painted Shadows (A Silent Place) CD
Death - For The Whole World To See (Drag City) LP/CD
JT IV - Cosmic Lightning (Galactic Zoo Disc/Drag City) LP
Junior Kimbrough - First Recordings (Fat Possum) 10"
Six Organs Of Admittance - RTZ (Drag City) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez -Old Money (Stones Throw) LP
Vee Dee - Public Mental Health System (Criminal IQ) LP
Rose Kemp - Unholy Majesty (Aurora Borealis) LP

Birdman Favourites...
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba - Segu Blue (Out Here) LP
Life On Earth - A Space Water Loop (Subliminal Sounds) LP
U.S. Music With Funkadelic (Westbound) LP
Group Bombino - Guitars From Agadez (Sublime Frequencies) LP
Miles From India : A Celebration Of The Music Of Miles Davis (Four Quarters) LP
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Bird Head Son (Heavenly Sweetness) LP
Rose Kemp - Unholy Majesty (Aurora Borealis) LP
Vee Dee - Public Mental Health System (Criminal IQ) LP
Sean Smith - Eternal (Gnome Life) LP
Sunburned Hand Of Man - A Grand Tour Of Tunisia (3 Lobed) LP
Kebnekajse - S/T (Subliminal Sounds) LP
Leadfinger - Rich Kids (Bang) LP
Sun Araw - The Phynx (Not Not Fun) LP
Begushkin -Kings Curse (Locust) Lp
The Kings Of Frog Island - S/T (Elektrohasch) LP
Land Of Kush - Against The Day (Constellation) LP
Weird Owl - Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed (Tee Pee) LP
Chatam Singers - Juju Claudius (Damaged Goods) LP
Black Merda - Force Of Nature (Vampi Soul) LP

Anticipated and Nearly Here...
Wooden Shjips - Dos (Holy Mountain) LP
Pontiak - Maker (Thrill Jockey) LP
Mighty Baby - Live In The Attic (Sunbeam) LP
Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - When Sweet Sleep Returned (Tee Pee) LP
Heads/White Hills - Split (Rocket) LP
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Cryptomnesia (indie) LP
Crippled Black Phoenix - 200 Tons Of Bad Luck Invada LP
Booker T. - Potato Hole (Anti) LP

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 10, 2009

Bob Belden - All Blues (Four Corners) LP
Teruo Nakamura - Unicorn Lady (Soul Brother) LP
Blue Mitchell - Beans & Taters (Mainstream) LP
Kebnekajse - Lekskands Skanklat (Subliminal Sounds) LP
The Soulbreaker Company - Elliptic Turns (Alone) LP
Begushkin - Convict's Lament (Locust) LP
Mythical Beast - Cycle/Circle / Black Walls (Not Not Fun) LP
The Devil's Blood - Voodoo Dust (Van) LP
Hawkwind - The Golden Void (UA) LP
Quest For Fire - Strange Waves (Storyboard) CD
The Cherry Valence - World Of Trouble (Estrus) LP
Circle - Sacrifice (Ektro) CD
Blood Ceremony - Return To Forever (Rise Above) LP
Floh De Cologne - Wir Brauchen Keine Millionare (ZYX) LP
Plasticland - Alexander (Pink Dust) LP
Bevis Frond - Wild Mind (Reckless) LP
Persian Rugs - What's A Girl Supposed To Do? (Screaming Apple) 7"
Booker T. - Pound It Out (Anti) CD
Black Merda - Stop The War (Vampi Soul) CD
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Full Moon (Luv & Haight) CD
Brethren Of The Free Spirit - Into The Dust Of The Earth (Important) LP
Amon Duul - Snow Your Thurst Sun Your Open Mouth (Ohr) LP
Mother's Children - Dance To The rock 'N' Roll Band (Shang-A-Lang) 7"
Vee Dee - Wall Of Fire (Criminal IQ) CD
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - The Ego Delusion (Yep Roc) CD
Leadfinger - Rich Kids Can't Play Rock 'N' Roll (Bang) CD
The Kings Of Frog Island - Welcome To The Void (Elektrohasch) LP
ST 37 - Thirst (Noiseville) LP

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 3, 2009

Tony Allen & The Afro Messengers - No Discrimination (P-Vine) LP
Mor Thiam - Ayo Ayo Nene (Jazzman) LP
Mulatu Astatke - Netsanet (L'Arome Productions) LP
Mack Sigis Porter - Miles To Go/Back Home (Shadoks) LP
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba - Sinsani/Lament For Ali Farka/Segu Blue (Out Here) LP
Sorry Bamba - Porry (Stones Throw) LP
Geraldo Pino & The Heartbeats - Heavy Heavy Heavy (Sound Way) LP
Manu Dibango - Mwasa Makossa (Atlantic) LP
Ofege - Ofege (Academy) LP
Osibisa - Phallus C (Decca) LP
The Peace - Get On The Way (Indie) LP
BLO - Chant To Mother Earth (Shadoks) LP
Peter King - African Dialects (Strut) CD
Orlando Julius - James Brown Ride On (Vampi Soul) CD
Question Mark - Be Nice To The People (Shadoks) LP
Amanaz - Khala My Friend (Shadoks) LP
Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker - Let's Start (Capitol) LP
Sir Victor Uwaifo - West African Safari (Sound Way) CD
Lonnie Liston Smith - Footprints (Flying Dutchman) LP
Pandit Prannath - Raaga Bhoopali (Mississippi) LP
Sabu Martinez & Sahib Shihab - The Distorted Sioux Indian/A Memo To Art Blakey (Mellotronen) LP
U.S. Funkadelic - Rat Kiss The Cat On The Naval (Westbound) LP