Thursday, November 25, 2021

There Is Nothing Like An Enduring Record : Strobe-"Maya" 1992


Every so often a record comes along and it's just like "holy fucking shit" !  In 1993, I got a promo CD from distro by UK band Strobe; a group I'd not been familiar with.  I had no expectations, as promos in them dayz flowed fast and furious. I was 60 seconds into "Nameless Day 1" and was in LOVE!  Some dark, lopey,  psychedelic underworld emanations were flowing through the speakers which more than tickled the fancies regarding all what I love about music!  A challenging ebb and flow of sounds with some influences that you could not really pin down, free, easy, psych, a shard of ominous Gothic darkness, Krautrock early 80's UK alternative, and just fucking a solid original take on the whole combination thereof !  I of course wore the CD to a frazzle, spinning on trips in the car, ghetto blaster, at home, portable disc man, in the shop etc.  This album is multi-genre/non-genre specific and re-defining, much in the same way as Cosmic Invention's (another super "woody" sported for Batoh and company💕),  90's foray into the yester-world and the day after tomorrow in the 1990's and beyond !  Records like this do not happen often...bands like this don't come along everyday either!  Strobe's LP is right there for me alongside, the aforementioned Cosmic Invention, Flipper's 1st and 2nd LP's, Chrome (in general), Saccharine Trust, CAN (all), Miles Davis's 70's acid jazz period, Beefheart and The Stooges... as an addendum, a few years ago I posted about Strobe's "Maya" on social media and a number of weeks later by way of the mail, received 5 or 6 more subsequent CD releases by the band from either the groups manager of label owner!  ALL KILLER as well!  More recently(2017),  Dave Schmidt (aka Sula Bassana/ Sulatron Records, Germany) issued a wicked 1st time LP/CD entitled "Bunker Sessions", which is GODLIKE as well...go investigate this will not be disappointed...👽

"Vicious Circle"

"Nameless Day 1"


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