Monday, December 6, 2021

Birdman Sound 2022 Expansion !

Commencing January 1st 2022,  Birdman Sound is launching their "Rent A Sealed Record Collection"  offshoot!  Be a dumb fuck and impress your dumb fuck trendy friends!  Fun for all ages and a HUGE hit at parties and family gatherings (masked or NOT!)  

BirdmanThinksYourAsDumbAs will give you instant access (as seen in picture, to a sealed record collection and a spiffy Crosley turntable! You simply book the date and pay and we deliver !  For a limited time and introductory offer,  it's available just prior to the most bogus celebratory night of the year New Year's Eve,  for just $99.99 !!!  BOOK NOW !  It's easy and soon to become the  "BIGGEST THING" !  Get in on the ground floor so you can brag on social media about how you were the first to "go there"!   👽

What the stars have to say about the current situation in 2021....


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