Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Platter Matters @ Birdman Sound


There are zero dull moments ever at Birdman Sound!  It's been a lifetime journey of discovery and connecting the dots in the pursuit of higher elevation.  Until we become dust, this trip never ends.  Loads of sides in and more arriving.  Old and new releases comfortably nestle side by side in the shop and the energy felt in the space is cosmic, without even a single sound to be heard, you literally can feel it and it feels good. 

Here's a rundown on some recent arrivals...live a little and check out the samples provided for each...who knows, something may just become the perfect soundtrack of your life...👽

Carlos Nino & Friends - More Energy Fields, Current (International Anthem Recording Co.)

Total zoner, deep space, jazz-mystica and a chilled trip to the stars.  Nino leads a cast of players including guests like the legendary Laraaji and Shabaka Hutchings.  Late night or early morning an album of subtle strength and majestic beauty.  💕


Angel Bat Dawid and Tha Brothahood - Live (International Anthem Recording Co.)

A stellar double Live LP set from Dawid and her band; primarily recorded in Berlin, Germany late in 2019.  Deeply emotive with a super sonic sound stage through all 4 sides (8 members, including 2 drummers)!  A modern spiritual jazz trip that will impress the old guard and should turn on a new generation of acolyte's without question!  The fire and energy is spellbinding.  Wow!💕


Jeff Parker - The New Breed (International Anthem Recording Co.)

Long awaited repress of fabulous modern out-jazz soul sounds from multi-instrumentalist and Tortoise member Jeff Parker! Originally released in 2016.  Oh so good !!!  💕


Jamie Branch - Fly Or Die (International Anthem Recording Co.)

Back in stock here and a fave @ Birdman Sound!  Chi-Town Trumpeter Jamie Branch knocks it out of the park with the first volume of "Fly Or Die".  Explosive free jazz from the wicked modern underground Chicago jazz scene!  YOWZA !💕


Craven Faults - Enclosures (Leaf Label Ltd.)  

Finally repressed and back in stock and a fave from late 2020!  2nd proper full length from Yorkshire, UK Kosmiche mystery project Craven Faults.  The entire body of prior released work to date is exemplary and if Berlin School style deep space electronics is your trip then take it as it's front seat magic!  One of the great ones from 2020. 👽


The Bobby Lees - Skin Suit (Alive Records)

Young, vital and in yer' face garage punk 'n' roll from Woodstock, NY.  Their 2nd LP appeared last year and turns our crank as much as Amy & The Sniffers with regards to "new breed"!  Fun and just fucking RAWKIN" !💗👽


Sonic's Rendezvous Band - Live, Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, 01/14/78 (Alive Records)

Released officially first in 2007 from TOP SHELF Detroit supergroup (MC5/Stooges/Rationals). One of a number of essential in yer face LIVE LPs from a band who only ever officially released 1 7" single ("City Slang"💗).  Re-stocked here at Birdman Sound for the first time in awhile!  Motor City Madness at it's most explosive {:>))))! 


Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City (Bomp Records)

Re-stocked and an all time top seller at Birdman Sound.  Iggy's 1977 Bomp LP and a monster fave of ours since debut!  Not a lot to be said that ain't already over these many decades.  Just a KILLER! 💣


The Hypstrz - Hypsterization (Bomp Records)

A total blaster we first heard when released in 1980 on the GREAT VOXX record label.  Minneapolis, MN, band led by the Batson brothers.  A smokin' R&R album with loads of searing over the top covers of past nuggets!  Just an ultimate barn burning load of energized fun as R&R was meant to be.  Re-stocked here for the first time in awhile and a historical top seller {:>))))


Pandora - Space Amazon (Supreme Echo)

Total killer proto punk / hard rock scorcher from the bowels of NY circa 1974! Future members of  The David Johansen Band, Twisted Sister, Black Widow and more.  Sizzling balls out rocker, TOP SHELF!  Awesome package which includes bonus 7" and massive book insert.  Ltd. Edition and fully authorized.  Do not miss this!  Pull the trigger now! 💣💕👽 


People - Ceremony-Buddha Meet Rock (Life Goes On Records)

Recent ltd. repress (finally) of exceptional Japanese deep psych ultra rare fave from 1971!  Godlike guitar work of Kimio Mizutani!  A clear winner here.  Just re-stocked again and highly recommended from our perch here at Birdman! 💕👽


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