Thursday, July 16, 2020

Latest album "Unsemble" from The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

As global societies were in dramatic change mid March this year, TBWNIS went into hiding. Guitarist Bill Guerrero suggested to me that we remote record, each member of our ensemble on whatever recording devices may be on hand at home during lock down. Bill dubbed the project “Unsemble” and within an hour afterwards, I went into the basement @ Birdman Sound, turned on video on the android phone and laid down a 7.5 minute drum onslaught. I sent it to Bill and the rest of the chaps followed suit over the next few weeks. After sending Brett Savage of Dead Sea Apes the first rough piece and stand alone drum track, it was suggested by him that Christopher Laramee (Wasted Cathedral) be sent the drum track to use as a basis for an original piece of work for collaboration; hence “Unsemble” #5. Bill set about re-mixing tracks 2, 3 and 4 based strictly on track “Unsemble I”. This album marks a new chapter for The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol in our ever changing world. This Cassette version was ltd. to 50 copies on the UK label Misophonia Records 2020 👽

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