Sunday, July 26, 2020

CHEERS ! 1st Official Birdman Sound Pop Up Huge Success !

Huge thanks to all that came out for the 1st official Birdman Sound Pop Up!  Somebody remarked that they had never seen so many people go through the shop on a Saturday...EVER !  In any event a load of great LPs were to be had and we saw nearly 50 folks pass through the digs and everyone found lots to snag!

Serge Rodrigue and Brian Tierney both had awesome records available aside from mine so the selection was super tight.  This event will be a regular monthly happening on the last Saturday of each month in the same location!  There will also likely be at least 1 or 2 other vendors tba!

 The outdoor patio was busy and provided some relief for those challenged by wearing a mask while indoors!  I must say that all folks who turned out were masked up and there were zero issues regarding safety protocol !  Impressive for sure! 
 The next Birdman Sound Pop Up will be Saturday, August 29th, in the same location at 591 Bank Street.  Major thanks to Arran for allowing us the use of her space at Studio B. !  If you ever need a hair cut Arran is the BEST ! 
Nice to see TBWNIS keys man and former Birdman Sound employee Jason Vaughan pop into the old hood yesterday for a troll through the wax !  Jason used to run the fabulous Artguise Art Gallery just across the street from Studio B and the old Birdman Sound!  Thanks again to everyone who came by and made the day a success!  BTW...Studio B is in the the same spot where the awesome Organized Sound Record Shop run by Linus Booth, Tony Daye and Andy Cant was located!  Solid history in our old block !  👽

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Fractured Nerves said...

Thank you for this... I picked up some top notch wax. Looking forward to the next one.