Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 7th, 2009

NVH/Chasny - Yours In Black (Yik Yak) LP
Current 93 - Poppyskins (Juana) CD
Gong - Flying Teapot (Virgin) LP
Espvall/Batoh - Tourdion (Drag City) CD
Sunburned Circle - Yksi hirvi, miljoona metsastajaa (Conspiracy) LP
Faust - No Harm (Polydor) LP
White Heaven - Fallin' Stars End (PSF) CD
Eddie Hazel - I Want You (Warner) LP
Ax Genrich - Fundador (Sunhair) CD
Yellow #5 - Moon Man (Scat) LP
Birds Of Avalon - I Never New (Volcom) LP
The Human Bell - Outposts Of Oblivion (Thrill Jockey) LP
Cave - Gamm (Important) LP
Woods - Angel's Trumpet (Shrimper) LP
ST-37 - I Let It Slip Away (Noiseville) LP
JW Farquhar - My Bundle Of Joy (Shadoks) LP
MU - Eternal Thirst (Akarma) LP
Cheval Sombre - I Get Around (Double Feauture) CD
Black Sheep - Ernesto (Invada) LP
Baby Woodrose - Countdown To Breakdown (Bad Afro) CD
White Wires - Ha Ha Holiday (Going Gaga) LP
Gunslinger - Shellshocked (Rock Saviour) LP
Gates Of Slumber - Trapped In The Web (Profound Lore) CD
Valkyrie - Man Of Two Visions (Kreation) LP
Zoroaster - White Dwarf (Terminal Doom) CD
Sienna Root - Long Way From Home (Headspin) LP

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