Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 21, 2009

The Fourth Way - The Sun & The Moon Have Come Together (Harvest) LP
Embryo - Entrances (Brain) LP
GNOD - track 2 (Gnod/Pariah Child) LP
"the band whose name is a symbol" - Proglodyte (Birdman Sound) LP
Sean Smith - Prompter Of Conscience (Gnome Life) LP
My Sleeping Karma - Ahimsa (Elektrohasch) LP
RaTX - Money Will Roll Right In (Drag City) LP
Birds Of Avalon - Your Downtimes Up (Volcom) LP
Alice Cooper - Lay Down & Die, Goodbye (Warner) LP
Blue Oyster Cult - Before The Kiss A Redcap (Columbia) LP
Abramis Brama - Kylan Kommer Inifran (Transubstans) CD
Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye Of The Watcher (Tee Pee) CD
Thy Grief Eternal - On Blackened Wings (Rise Above) LP
Orange Goblin - Cities Of Frost (Mayan) LP
New Christs - Try Something (Impedance) LP
Yes Men - What's Wrong (Stolen) LP
Linus Pauling Quartet - Roll Out The Bong (September Gurls) LP
Burning Saviours - Dark Lady (Svart) LP
Six Organs Of Admittance - Bar-Nasha (Drag City) LP
H.Espvall/M.Batoh - Little Blue Dragon (Drag City) LP
White Hills - My Girl Soars Blind (indie) LP
Sedatives - Cannot Calm Down (Deranged) LP
Zoroaster - Spirit Molecule (Terminal Doom) CD
Sylvester Anfang - Satan Likt.../ Na Regen Komt... (Aurora Borealis) LP
Miles Davis - Yesternow (Columbia) LP

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