Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Morning Cartunes....another day off...Aug. 15th, 2009

Guest Host : Mary Mackinnon

Cecil Taylor: That’s What: Live at Café Montmartre; Debut (LP)
Fred Frith: Elegy for Elias: Back to Life: Tzadzik, CD
Kemiallisett Ystavat: Tassa Maassa Kun Nain Makailen: Sunroof Split FatCat (LP).
Steve Reich: Violin Phase: ECM 1168 (LP)
Nash the Slash: Un Chien Andalou:Dreams and Nightmares: Cutthroat Records (LP).
Ultravox: The Wild, The Beautiful and the Damned: Ultravox!: Island Records (LP)
Laurie Anderson: Born Not Asked: The Man I Want to Share My Money With: Giorno Poetry Systems: 1981 (LP)
Spires that in the Sunset Rise: Spike Fiddle: This is Fire: Secret Eye (LP)
Papa John Creach: Time out for Sex: Filthy!: Grunt (LP)
Television: Venus: Marquee Moon: Electra (LP)
Amon Duul II: Stumbling over Melted Moonlight: Tanz der Lemminge: (LP)
Kinski: Masters of the Universe: Sonic Attack/Lords of Light Trensmat (7”)
Faust: Lauft: Faust IV: Virgin (CD)
Spiritualized: Luminescence: Compilation Vol I (CD)
Bardo Pond: Moonshine: Ticket Crystals (CD)
Steve Hillage:UFO Over Paris: Green: Virgin (LP)
Allman Brothers: Hot ‘Lanta: Live @ Fillmore: Capricorn (LP)
Led Zeppelin: Wanton Song: Physical Graffiti: Swan Song (LP)
King Crimson: Starless: Red: Island: (LP)
Dick Dale and the Deltones: Ho-dad Machine: Checkered Flag: Capitol (LP)
So So Many White White Tigers: We Shoot Arrows: S/T: Weird Forest (LP)
Mummies: Stronger than Dirt: Never Been Caught: Telstar (LP)
JBs: These are the JBs: Food for Thought (LP)
Amboy Dukes: Prodigal Man: Migration: Mainstream (LP)
Oneida: Each One Teach One: Jagjaguwar (CD)
HRSTA/Bee Gees: You’re a Holiday: Ghosts will come and kiss our eyes: Constellation (LP)
David Crosby: Traction in the Rain: If I could only remember my name: Atlantic (LP)
The Cherry Blossoms: Dragonfly: So Much Fire to Roast Human Flesh: Bastet (CD)
Blues Control: Rest on Water: Local Flavour: Siltbreeze (lp)
Dead Meadow: Sleepy Silver Door: S/T (CD)

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