Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Different Food

Just in case yer wonderin' what the fuck turn's John' crank at this moment in time,here's my diet over the last 48 hours which arguably is far better than
cheese, chocolate and hamburgers...

Adrian Shaw & Rod Goodway - Oxygen Thieves LP
Bobby Beausoleil - The Music Of... Box Set LP
Gnod - S/T LP
Steve Reid - Nova LP
Litmus - Aurora LP
Thin Lizzy - Black Rose LP
Shogun Kinotoki - Vinonaamakasio LP
Sylvester Anfang - II LP
Orange Goblin - Healing Through Fire LP
Sedatives - S/T LP
Black Sheep - Kiss My Sweet Apocalypse LP
Six Organs Of Admittanmce - Luminous Night LP
Espvall/Batoh - Overloaded Ark LP
Armando Piazza - Suan LP
Chrissy Zebby Tembo _ My Ancestors LP
Ornette Coleman - Love Call LP
New Christs - Gloria LP

1 comment:

A. said...

That's an awesome playlist to have John. That Steve Reid album is particularly tight, it deserves to be more well known.