Monday, July 25, 2022

Pop Up Shop, Saturday July 30th, 2022

There will be no multi-vendor pop up shop, this month's end. The last Sunday falls before a holiday Monday and traditionally this weekend is always total SHIT regarding retailing of anything!  Trust me, I felt the pain for 29 years in the old brick 'n' mortar on Bank St. so I well know of which I speak! Glad that albatros is dead and gone these last 2 years!  Summer is tough going in the record business, it always has been.

Insane amounts of vinyl flowing into the shop these last few weeks/months and more on the way as usual.  Buying more than selling in all honesty!  Come on out Saturday morning and grab some new sides, it's the most ecclectic and finely curated selection anywhere in these parts, you won't regret it, although your wallet might!  Hope to see you soon...👽

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