Saturday, May 22, 2021

Friday Afternoon Cartunes May 21, 2021


Mong Tong - Mystery (Gurugurubrain)

Jeffertitti's Nile - Stay on (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)

Ambassador Hazy - We Are The Pleasure Seekers (self released)

Sonic Boom - Just A Little Piece Of Me (Carpark)

Wasted Cathedral - Confidential Informant (Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud/Noiseagonymayhem)

Satomimagae - Numa (RVNGInt'l)

Dark Bird - And It All Ends Well  (Noiseagonymayhem)

Rick Bain & The Genius Position - Echo Hollow (Little Cloud)

Loop - Rocket USA (Head) 

The Locked ward - Moving At The Pace Of Valium (Nasoni)

Living Proof - Lizard For A Day / Here To There (self released)

Edgar Broughton Band - Love Gang (Nems)

The Dogs - John Rock 'n' Roll Sinclair (Dionysus)

Pandora - Space Amazon (Supreme Echo)

The Limit - Fleeting Thoughts (Svart)

Nervous Eaters - Shit For Brains (New Rose)

Subvert Blaze - Innocent (Alchemy)

Kungens Man - Rasfallan (Cardinal Fuzz/Adansonia/Kungens Ljud &Bild)

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