Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Friday Afternoon Cartunes May 14, 2021


Astral Army - Interstellar Shortwave; Cherrystones "GG Top" Edit (Mental Experience) 

Anguish - A Maze Of Decay / Wumme (Rare Noise)

Rocket Robert - Star Flight (Got Kinda Lost)

Maxine Funke - Right Scene Well (Feeding Tube)

Tidsgaest - Evighedsglimt (Afd.O Records)

Dark Bird- Down With Love (NoiseAgonyMayhem / Cardinal Fuzz)

Mikami Kan - Emperor Of Half The Globe (Black Editions/PSF)

Bob Bryden & Long Day Journey - Flower Balm (LA Records)

Wipers - Return Of The Rat (Jackpot)

Nervous Eaters - Loretta (Penniman)

Twinkeyz - 1000 Reasons (SS Records)

The Mirrors - Maggie, Molly & Mary (Cardinal Fuzz / Feeding Tube)

Matt Valentine Preserves - The Look I Love (Feeding Tube)

Elevator To Hell - Scene To Scene / Onwards And Away  (Blue Fog)

Sky Furrows - The Mind Runs A Race And Falls Down ( Tape Drift/Skell/Philthy Rex)

Firefriend - 666 5th Ave (Little Cloud / Cardinal Fuzz)

The Tubes - White Punks On Dope ( Great American Music Company)



Unknown said...

Great to hear you again John

The Birdman said...

Cheers !