Thursday, March 14, 2013

News From the Front...

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night despite inclement weather (for us this is usual!) We had a blast and hope you did also...Thanks to Pressed for having us and David Jackson for an inspiring opening set! We sold a lot of records last night at the gig and a quarter of the run is gone just since Saturday!!
Our next gig is in Wakefield, Quebec (Kaffe 1870) on April 20th with our guests Dead Wrestler...see you soon...

TBWNIS...(photo by Ryan Kjrr)

the band whose name is a symbol-"scrappy little jaw" is also now out on ltd.
edition vinyl and is our 7th record...very heavy stuff!

the 8th Ottawa Community Record Show is Sunday April 7th and will be full of
solid dealers and great wax as per usual.....St. Anthony's Hall off Preston
right below the Queensway......

Record Store Day is April 20th and I've been busy trying to acquire stuff that
pertains to what we do here at Birdman....if there's something you know of
specifically get yer requests in NOW and hopefully I can comply.....alot of this
stuff is real ltd. and Canada gets treated like "the fifth tit on a cow" in
terms of allocation....there truly is NO RESPECT in this business anymore......

New items (and many) arrive this Friday @ wax from Purling
Hiss, Ensemble Pearl (SunnO/Boris/Ghost) super group) and OM's new 12" EP
I know for sure......should also see the new Big Boys deluxe reissue, The Men, Holy
Drug Couple, and more Endless Boogie as well as 2 new double LP comps of
krautrock from Universal Sound.......

as always we appreciate and need yer continued support!  Shop independent, Shop
Local and thank You in advance......


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