Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...March 22nd, 2013

CAN - Millionspiel / Waiting For The Streetcar / When Darkness Comes (Mute) LP
Acid Mothers Temple - Cometary Orbital Drive To 2200 (Nod & Smile) LP
Majutsu No Niwa - Night Cruise (New Vague) LP
Ensemble Pearl - Painting On A Corpse (Drag City) LP
Plankton Wat - The Dark & Silent Hills (Sound Of Cobra) LP
OM - Ababa Dub (Drag City) 12"
Montibus Communitas - Semilla (Cosmic Eye) LP
Ayahuasca Dark Trip - Astral Sunset  (Cosmic Eye) LP
Bardo Pond - Destroying Angel (Fire) LP
Master Musicians Of Bukkake - Eaglewolf (Important) LP
Cyclopean - Weeks (Mute) 12"

Oresund Space Collective - Consumed By The Goblin (SRP) LP
Hellbender - Supergiant (Otherness) LP
QOPH - The Weirdness To Come (Nasoni) LP
Diagonal - Capsizing (Rise Above) LP
Holy Drug Couple - Out Of Sight (Sacred Bones) LP
Purling Hiss - Water On Mars (Drag City) LP
Tangerine Dream - Madrigal Meridian (Virgin) LP

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