Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...March 14th, 2013

Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly  (Rough Trade) LP
Buffalo Killers - Children Of War (Alive) LP
The Loons - Loneliest Person (Fruits De Mers) LP
Beasts Of Bourbon - Save Me A Place (Hybrid) LP
Thin White Rope - Yoo Doo Right (Frontier) LP
Opal - Magick Power (Rough Trade) LP
Dream Syndicate - Days Of Wine & Roses (Slash) LP
Nomads - I'm Not Like Everybody Else (W.G.On) LP
Monster Magnet - Nod Scene (Glitterhouse) LP
Status Quo - Big Fat Mama (Vertigo) LP
Coloured Balls - That's What Mama Said (Sing Sing) LP
Dead City Rebels - Kings Of The Street (High Society) 10"

Resin Scraper - Looking Glass (test pressing) LP
Yardbirds - Over, Under, Sideways, Down (EMI) LP
UIC - Strange Sin (Fringe) LP
New Race - Crying Sun (WEA) LP
New Christs - We Have Landed (Bang) LP
Radio Birdman - Man With Golden Helmet (WEA) LP
Endless Boogie - The Savagist (No Quarter) LP
Bad Guys - Bore (Riot Season) LP
Johnson Noise - Blind (Nasoni) LP
Samsara Blues Experiment - Center Of The Sun (World In Sound) LP
La Patrulla Espacial - A Traves De La Noche (Nasoni) LP
Monobrow - Store High In Transit/Communing With The Infinite (Meatlocker) LP
Linus Pauling Quartet - Improvise Now (September Gurls) LP
Miles Davis - Prelude (Part 1) excerpt (Columbia) LP

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