Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...May 24th, 2013

Golden Earring - Eight Miles High (Polydor) LP
Cargo - Cross Talking (Psuedonym) LP
Faust - Livin' Tokyo (Klangbad) 10"
OM - Garden Of Gethsemane (Drag City) Dubplate #2...12"
ONO - Danger (Priority Male) LP
Jesu - Heart Ache (Avalanche) 12"
CAN - Paperhouse (UA) LP
Friedman & Liebezeit -130-9 (Nonplace) LP
Control Unit - The Fugitives (Backwards) LP
Church Of Misery - The Golden Dawn (Game Two) LP
Paul Chain - Sign From Space #4 (Beard Of Stars) LP
Sienna Root - The Road To Agartha (Headspin) LP

Los Natas - Humo De Marihuana (Nasoni) LP
Sky Saxon & the Vibravoid - I See Your Face (Anazitise) LP
Pyramidion - The Gargle Decree (At War With False Noise) LP
Miles Davis - Ife (Columbia) LP

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