Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...October 25th, 2013

Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra (A Recordings) LP
Nymph - Beyond (Northern Spy) LP
Agitation Free - we Are Men (MIG) LP
Murphy Blend - Past Is Gone (Missing Vinyl) LP
Pyramidal - Sons Of Light (Krauted Mind) LP
The Machine - Dopo (Elektrohasch) LP
The Janitors - A-Bow (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Montibus Communitas - Semilla (Cosmic Eye) LP
Wolf People - Hesperus (Jagjaguwar) LP
Shooting Guns - Go Blind (TRT) LP
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - It's All Lies (Esoteric) LP
Hot Lunch - Lady of The Lake (Tee Pee) LP

Paul Chain - Roses Of winter (Miotauro) LP
Kloven Hoofs - Bob Seger's Wake (Indie) cdr
The Oscillation - Descent (All Time Low) LP
Bad Guys - My Love Is Disgusting (Riot Season) LP
Josefus - Rock X (Shroomangel) LP
Abe Diddy & The Krautboys - The Score (Kozmik Artifacts) LP
Psicomagia - El Congreso Pt. 1 (El Paraiso) LP
Young Flowers - April '68 (Sonet) LP
Teeth Of The Sea - Responder (Rocket Recordings) LP

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