Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Morning Cartunes...August 16th, 2013

Al Cisneros - Ark Procession (Drag City) 10"
Toner Low - Phase 6 (Roadkill) LP
Mark Cunningham - Magnesia (Feeding Tube) LP
Al Doum & The Faryds - Elephant (indie) LP
Zaphire Oktalogue - Data Burst Over Bradford (Nasoni) LP
M. Mucci - Dangerous Summer (The Tall House Recording Co.) LP
Giobia - Kharmabomb (Sulatron) LP
Ensemble Economique - I Light My Cigarette, I See You There (Sound of Cobra) LP
The 15 Dead Minutes - Children Of The 303 (Trensmat) LP
Church Of Misery - B.T.K. / Lambs To The Slaughter (Rise Above) LP

Dead Sea Apes - Wilder Penfield (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Numinous Eye - Building Dreams (Nod & Smile) LP
Follakzoid - 9 (Psychic Ills RMX) (BYM) 12"
Mater Dronic - Endless (Discos Juana Gr) LP
Hellvette - G-365 (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Circle - And Far Away (Full Contact) LP
Hills - Frigorande Musik (Cardinal Fuzz) LP
Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin - Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord (Columbia LP

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