Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 20th, 2012

Nackt Insecten - Suicide Overdrive (Blackest Rainbow) LP
Guru Guru -  Der LSD Marsch (Live 1971) (Lilith) LP
Gala Drop w/Ben Chasny - Broda (Gala Drop) LP
Mike Wexler - Prime (Mexican Summer) LP
Life On Earth - Let's Take A Break (AAO)
Circle - Here Come The Warm Jets (Hydra Head) LP
Arbouretum -  St. Anthony's Fire (Thrill Jockey) LP

Mark McIntyre - Slapped In The Face (Seductive Sounds) LP
Sylvester Anfang II -  Jam # 3 (Latitudes) LP
Sean Smith - I Know You're Tired, But Come. This Is The Way (SAAH) LP
TBWNIS - Sno-Cave Movement (Birdman Sound) LP
Yonin Bayashi - Omatsuri (Phoenix) LP
Northern Haze - Puigo (Supreme Echo) LP
White Hills - Three Quarters (Roadburn) LP
Moonrises -  Hollow Watcher (Logan Hardware) LP
23 Skidoo - New Testament (LTM) LP
Split Cranium - Blossoms From Boils (Hydra Head) LP
Iron Dogs - Burned Alive (indie) 7"
Twitch - Things / Pick Up Is Illegal on 401 (Supreme Echo) 7"
Ancestors - First Light (Tee Pee) LP
Crystal Haze - DNJ (Acid Nightmare) LP

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