Friday, April 27, 2012

Cool Tunes....@ Birdman Sound

Wow…what a crazy week! Record Store day was huge ! Thanks to everyone and all for makin’ it a success, especially the bands and the folks who caught the show. Mega fun! Same thing goes for the record show on Sunday, last! 700 people through the doors and happiness expressed amply from both sides of the tables!! Crazy shit indeed! Drove all day Monday through torrential rain(freezing rain as well) to New Brunswick. Saw some incredibly rare shit down east in terms of records. Sealed, rare 60’and 70’s, psych and prog stuff. Reminded me of the glory days of huntin’ the department store cut out bins, yippee! This pic is me crackin' the seal on a 44 year old LP...still smelled great! The record is pretty rare...American Blues(pre-ZZ Top) with Frank Beard and Dusty Hill. It's their 2nd and best album called "Do Their Thing" on the great(then) UNI label. Books for a bunch and I paid $8.99 !!!, just 2 days ago! SCORE !!!!

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