Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Morning Cartunes...April 13th, 2012

Earthling Society - A Song For John Donne (Nasoni)LP
Burnt Friedman - Memai (Nonplace) LP
Mugstar - Serra(Distant Sun I) (Agitated) 12"
Sula Bassana - The End Of The World (Nasoni) LP
Heben/Reid/Gustafsson - Morning Prayer (SMJZ) LP
23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes To New Guinea (LTM) LP
Material - Reduction (Cherry Red) 12"
Mick Karn - Tribal Dawn (Virgin) LP
O.R. Lopez & J. Frusciante - 0 = 2  (ORLP) LP
Life On Earth - Let's Take A Break (Subliminal Sounds) 10"
Echo & The Bunnymen - Rescue (Korova) LP
Mike Wexler - Spectrum (Mexican Summer) LP

Jon Porras - Candlelight Mirage (Thrill Jockey) LP
Universal Congress Of - Certain Way (continued) (SST) LP
Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Sunshine Suit (Eclipse) LP
Dirty Ghosts -  Shout It In (Last Gang) cdr
Eye - Usurpers (Kemado) LP
Pink Mountain - V / The Red Lion (Sick Room) LP
Checkpoint Charlie - Die Gerschichte Vom Frirzie (Schneeball) LP
Gong - Flying Teapot (Virgin) LP

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