Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rudy Can't Fail....

I've known Bob Snyder for god knows how long, likely since I arrived in Ottawa at some point in the mid 80's. Some know him by "Little Bob",his punk rock "handle" and it was though our mutual love for punk rock music "back in the day" that we met. Bob moved west for a period, but upon returning, we rekindled our friendship, again through a mutual love for the RAWK(Bob was a Resin Scraper fan of course!). Another common bond we shared was an uncompromising love for dogs and Rudy was Bob's pride and joy. Perhaps if you've been to Birdman Sound over the past umpteen years you know there might have been dogs encountered. Rudy made his appearances often on Saturdays with Bob(in tow) usually after a long trek from Hull where the 2 lived(and often sharing French fries). Our old guy, Connor(Hound extraordinaire) was a fast friend of Rudy's as well as their other mutual bud's occasionally in the shop; Rommel(Rottweiler) and Winston(Pug). When we got our pack trio a decade ago these 3 (Liam, Fiesty and Clio),always enjoyed Rudy’s company(especially the girls!). Rudy was often known to Birdman patrons to be wandering through a crowd, always so gentle and friendly, wagging his tail. Many fond memories are also recalled regarding “farm visits” as all aforementioned critters spent time there.

I knew there was something weird yesterday seeing Bob in a car(he currently doesn’t have one)outside Birdman(and the vet clinic)at 10 AM on a Wednesday. Honestly I felt sick at heart. At 11:30 AM or so, at 13 years of age, Bob said farewell to his best friend Rudy.

Rudy now joins Connor and Rommel(both a few years back) and Winston, just last summer, and are all now hopefully in a place, maybe together, running about on that endless green grass plain where a neverending supply of sunshine, bones, cool water and even French fries are in abundance. I had a nip of Scotch last night Bob and thought of Rudy. Carol and I are saddened by your loss and our thoughts are with you. As I post this now, I'll close the shop for a moment and regain my composure (for the 2nd day in a row). Big guys are not supposed to cry… see ya’ later Rudy, I will never forget you.

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