Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comments From The Peanut Gallery....

You release an album because as an artist you want to share your love with other people. Sometimes the love is's what some folks have to say about "the band whose name is a symbol"...

“Punks, Twats & Urban Cowbys” Feb. 2012

***"your new LP is outstanding! played it 3 times already" Matthew (Ottawa)

***What was that track you played just now? Ha! TBWNIAS. no wonder I liked it….Mary (Ottawa)

“TBWNIS Vs. The Purveyors Of Conspicuous Authenticity” Apr. 2011

***“Hey John, i picked up the LPs from the post office today. Four sides! I wish I could formulate some words to describe my impression, but my frontal lobe no longer functions properly. I really hope I can catch a live show sometime. Just incredible, especially Versus The Purveyors of Conspicuous Authenticity” Thanks a lot! Cheers….Jason (Port Elgin, ON.)

***Hi John,
The new record is very good. Maybe more psychedelic and droney.
We really like it. Is there any new release?
Michael-Antonios (Greece)

***J'aime ben le band à John.
Il me semble qu'ils commencent à être très ambitieux aussi avec des tounes plus compliquées
et on s'en fout que ça va passer par dessus la tête de 95 % du monde.
Le set de samedi était malheureusement trop court.
La prochaine fois faut vraiment que ce soit pas une premiere partie.
Laurent (Montreal)

Holw cow. The TBWNIS LP is k-i-l-l-e-r. If we hadn't talked about Krautrock and Sky Saxon this morning, then you'd never have mentioned it! I'm glad you ceased being modest for that instant. This is a serious album, and I dig it. I can see how you'll work in the oud. I look forward to hearing more about the krautrock influences; for now, I just hear Alice Coltane, and assorted heavyness, but that's me! Yours,Inderbir (from Carleton Architecture School, Ottawa)

photo by Andrew Carver

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