Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pedestrians Use Other Sidewalk...

Here’s the crux of the situation and I hope you can help. It has become so dead down here due to the road construction over the past month that financially Birdman Sound is slipping away to oblivion. Turning 20 years old this coming weekend, seems more a time for sorrow than celebration!

I know, as has been the case since 1991 that summertime causes a general slowdown and that everybody spends less time indoors with their music and more time outdoors. Going on vacation, going to the cottage and generally just hangin’ out in the backyard is what folks do this time of year. Sadly, and I am going to state the obvious here, Birdman Sound exists on a 12 month basis, being here to present some of the most eclectic music on the face of the planet and let me tell you that costs money. There is of course, a handful of diehard weekly regulars that keep the ball in motion but the reality is that a huge amount of music lovers appear to have fallen off the face of the planet!

I really just want to remind everyone that despite it being summer and coupled with the fact that I have NO FUCKING Road running by my front door, that Birdman Sound is here 6 days a week and packed to the gills with the most eclectic, critically analyzed and expertly handpicked music selection in the nation’s capitol. Every week there are new arrivals and this week is no exception…! From Mississippi Fred McDowell to Jackie-O Motherfucker and music from Java to Mali, Ethiopia to Iceland , we got it! Do you love Music ? Are you a critical thinker? Are you bored with the cultural pablum you get hand fed everyday ad nauseum by people who are about as deep as a puddle of dog piss ? Ask yourself these questions and consider supporting an entity that has always been driven to make you happy by fighting the aforementioned.

Birdman Sound needs and appreciates your support, I hope to see you soon.

“What Are You Doing To Participate”? (Young Lions Conspiracy)

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