Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 15th, 2011

Wendell Harrison - Consciousness/Rebirth (Tribe)LP
Frank-O-Fest - Excerpt Side 1 (Father Yod) LP
ST37 - Section 37 (Lost Records) LP
Barn Owl - Voice Of The Other (Not Not Fun) LP
Wayne Rogers - Zero Freedom Now (Twisted Village) LP
BILL - Under Water (Klangbad) LP
Joshua Abrams - Abide In Sunset (Eremite) LP
Evan Caminiti - Woven Into The Moon (Handmade Birds) LP

Master Musicians Of Bukake - Prophecy Of The White Camel (Important) LP
Pari Zangeneh - Shekar Ahou (KS) LP
Rail Band - Jurukan (Superfly) LP
Donald Byrd - The Emperor (Blue Note) LP
Harmonia - Walky-Talky (Lilith) LP
Kool Aid(Alien Ballroom) - Da Funk (Agitprop) LP
Miles Davis - Turnaroundphrase (B 13) LP
Causi Sui - Waiting Call (El Paraiso) LP
Hills - Rise Again (Intergalactic Tactics) LP
Hawkwind - Magnu (U.A.) LP
Holy Cobras - Take My Soul (Telephone Explosion) LP
Primordial Undermind - Driftglass (September Gurls) LP
Herbie Hancock - Quasar (Warner) LP

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