Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Morning Cartunes...July 29th, 2011

Roy Brooks - Basketball (Sagittarius) LP
Nomo - All The Stars (Ubiquity) LP
Akeeb Kareem - Awa Na Re (Hot Casa) LP
Musi-O-Tunya - Dark Sunrise (Now Again) LP
Mahmoud Ahmed - Abbay Mado-Embwa Belew (L'Arome) LP
Anak Bayan - Ang Probinsiyana (GDR) LP
Expo 70 - Hypnotic Brain Cloud Float (Aguirre) LP
Spacemen 3 - Rollercoaster (Fire) LP
Pharaoh Overlord - Revolution (Svart) LP
Vibravoid - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Anazitisi) LP

Lamp Of The Universe - Freedom To Godliness (Clostridium) LP
Castor - Mist Across The Meech (Lodge Facility) cdr
Jacks - Marianne Sweet Dandelion) LP
Edibles - Tranced Encounter (DNT) LP
Seven That Spells - Towards The Planet Of Love (Beta - lactam Ring) LP
Castor - In The Lap Of The Dragon/Champs Des Loup... excerpt (Lodge Facility) cdr
Drugi Nacin - Na Mom Dlanu (SL) LP
Sproton Layer - In The Sun (New Alliance) LP
Blues Creation - Sooner Or Later (SL) LP
Chick Corea - Is (Blue Note) LP

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