Monday, January 3, 2011

Free Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll !!!!

Fuck that weak shit loser... and now that I got your attention, the best album of 2010 is
Electric Wizard's "Black Masses" !!! YOWZA !
Better late than never...thanks ATH! While we're on the topic of best albums of the year(I know I already posted my top 30), a bunch of stragglers finally arrived. Moon Unit's "Hell Horse and Heady Stratus" on Blackest Rainbow is a fucking monster as well! I also have to add these forgotten gems....Dragontears "Tune In, Turn On Fuck Off" on Bad Afro, Mother-Unit "Brain-Massage" on Stickman, Voice Of The Seven Thunders LP on Holy Mountain, Samsara Blues Experiment's "Long Distance Trip" on World In Sound and Rotor's 4th album on Elektrohasch aptly titled "4".

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